Shalom everyone

There is still some degree of uncertainty among believers with regards to matters relating to the calendar and the dates of the Biblical feasts for the coming year. This writing is to confirm that an inspection of the barley fields in Israel, this past week, by a team coordinated by Devorah Gordon, who is vastly experienced in these matters, have concluded that the barley in Israel is not even close to the stage of ripeness known as “aviv”. To us this is a clear indication that a 13th month should be added to the 12 months of the previous year and that the first day of the new Scriptural year is expected to be on Sunday 3 April 2022, based on the estimated new moon pattern for Israel. This means that Pesach will be on Shabbat 16 April and that the first day of Unleavened Bread will be on Sunday 17 April.

I realize that not everyone is following the same calendar that we do, but I believe that the information with regards to the state of ripeness of the barley in Israel will be a matter of interest to many of you, as it is known from Scriptures that the first month of the year and harvest-ready (that is: Aviv-stage) barley go hand in hand (see Ex 13:4; Ex 23:15; Ex 34:18; Lev 23:10-11 and Deut 16:1 – notice that the direct translation – “Aviv” or “Abib” or “Aviev” – has been retained in translations like The Scriptures and Woord en Getuienis).

The dates of all the Scriptural feasts for this year may be seen on this calendar. Please feel free to download and make use of this calendar, in any way you prefer.

May Yahweh bless you and keep you!

John Wahl
Fish Hoek