Becoming Involved

As we have stated elsewhere, we would not like to fall into the same pattern as many other websites that have become no more than disguised money-making devices. We are extremely grateful for the way Yahweh has provided in our financial needs over the past 25 years. There were numerous times when we witnessed in awe how accurately and timely our heavenly Father had provided in all kinds of needs and demands.

The work of Elim Ministries takes place on a variety of levels, and reaches the lives of many Messianic and Torah-honouring believers throughout South Africa, and even further abroad, as may be seen on many of the pages of this website. Your financial contribution will be used (1) to maintain and continue this work, (2) to enable us to keep our website up to date, (3) to develop new ways and materials to impact more lives and (4) to increase awareness of what many people have already recognized as one of the most significant periods of global Scriptural restoration in recent times.

Any kind of financial assistance will be highly appreciated, no matter how insignificant it may seem. You may choose your own method of contributing or depositing money into our account. If you prefer to do an Electronic Funds Transfer (or EFT) towards the work of Elim Ministries, please mark your contribution very clearly with the word “DONATION”. For bank account details, please click on Banking Details (here, or in the menu above).

Thank you so much for your continued support!