Shabbat Teachings

We have kept record of our Shabbat teachings since January 2001. In the Shabbat Teaching sub-menus (above) all written teachings of the specific years indicated, may be viewed. Older teachings may be viewed here.  Please feel free to utilize these notes for your own use, or share them with others. Audio recordings of the most recent Shabbat teachings may be accessed and downloaded from the sub-menu containing the most recent teachings, free of charge. All other Audio recordings may be ordered from us. Due to bandwidth restrictions, we are unable to make more of these audio recordings available online. If you would like to order any of these teachings in audio format (CD or DVD), please go to our Online shop page for more information. The written material found in these pages represent our views on a great variety of topics, related to Scriptures, but should not be treated as a “Statement of Belief”, as such. Please keep in mind that each of these teachings originated within the context of a local assembly of believers and was aimed, first and foremost, at the needs and the level of growth and spiritual understanding of this local assembly.

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