Books and CD’s

There is a large variety of materials available in Softcover book, E-book, CD and DVD format, which may be ordered directly from us. Please go to the “Online shop” section on our Interactive page to have a good look at these materials and follow the directions there on how to place an order and do your payment. Orders within South Africa should not take longer than three or four days, before delivery. Click here to see a selection of one of the categories of books that may be ordered from us.

We have saved up a large database of the majority of Shabbat (and other) teachings, here at Fish Hoek over a period of 23 years. To access the text of any of these teachings, click here for older teachings and here for more recent teachings. The audio recordings may be ordered from us as part of a data CD or data DVD – ten teachings of your choice on CD or sixty teachings of your choice on DVD – both in MP3 format. More details here.