Determining the New Moon

TK, Location Unknown

Please would you tell me how Tuesday the 27th September is determined for the visible sighting of the new moon? What source are you guys using? Do you have exacting details of the festival and how it was opened by the High Priest in original biblical times when it was first instituted? Do you believe that the manifest truth of this festival is indeed the Rapture of the Body of Christ?


We take as a point of departure the expected first visible sighting of the new moon in Israel, as it was done during the time of the earthly ministry of Y’shua of Nazareth. Some of the sources for this is mentioned on our calendar, here. We observe the feasts primarily because it is a Biblical commandment but also believe that each one of them holds a profound prophetic significance that includes past, present and future events. I do not agree with some of the beliefs regarding the so called rapture. It would take too much time to discuss it here. You are welcome to type the word “rapture” into the search block on our website and take a look at some of our articles in this regard.