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Some of our resource material is available in Afrikaans, some in English. We shall gladly send an English translation to those who send an E-mail requesting an English version of any of our materials listed below. Please allow for a period of two weeks after you have sent your request for a translation. In the list below we have translated the titles (only) into English but please note that the letters [E] and [A] are indicators of whether a particular study (in its entirety) is available in English or Afrikaans or both languages. You are encouraged to draw any of these materials from our website and use it as a study or ministry resource and even distribute it to others. Please refrain from making changes to the contents of any of the materials without contacting us first.

List of earlier Resource Articles

Some thoughts on Christian baptism, January 1999, [A]
Is the Sabbath still set-apart in Yahweh’s eyes? January 2001, [A]
Is the Sabbath still set-apart in Yahweh’s eyes? January 2001, [E]
7 reasons why we keep the Sabbath on the 7th day, February 2001, [A]
The name of the Almighty – what difference does it make? March 2001, [E]
Is “Jesus” the name of our Messiah? April 2001,[E]
The role of children in the assemblies of believers, August 2001, [E]
The role of children in the assemblies of believers, August 2001, [A]
What happened to the law? September 2001, [A]
What happened to the law? September 2001, [E]
Loving Yahweh with everything we have, September 2001, [A]
The law and the new covenant,September 2001, [A]
Who are the “least in the kingdom of heaven”? October 2001,[A]
Learn from the fig tree, October 2001,[A]
America, us and the events of September 11, October 2001, [A]
A new look at Col 2:16-17, November 2001, [E]
Our walk before Yahweh (1), November 2001, [A]
Our walk before Yahweh (2), November 2001, [E]
The truth about Christmas, November 2001, [A]
The truth about Christmas, November 2001, [E]
Little known prayers in the Old Testament, December 2001, [A]
The proper understanding of the church and the new covenant, February 2002, [A]
The Unadulterated milk of the Word? February 2002, [A]
The falsification and loss of the Name of our Father, March 2002, [A]
The idols modern man unwittingly embraces, March 2002, [A]
Are we promoting grace as an excuse to reject the law? March 2002, [A]
The unfortunate mispresentationof the Name of the Son, April 2002, [A]
The forth commandment and the resistance against the seventh day, April 2002, [A]
Have you ever celebrated one of Yahweh’s feasts? April 2002, [A]
The one Baptism of Apostolic Times, April 2002, [A]
The Scriptural concept of Death, May 2002, [A]
What the Scriptures reveal concerning the “Last Days”, August 2002, [A]
Messiah and Anti-Messiah – What is the difference? November 2002, [A]
The one appearing to be in the seat of Elohim, December 2002, [E]
Yehudah, the Utmost for the Highest, December 2002, [A]
Ephrayim, the forgotten fruit is added again, December 2002, [A]
A Reminder to Remember, January 2003, [E]
The Menorah – Part 1, January 2003, [A]
The Menorah – Part 2, January 2003, [A]
Why we should not expect a rapture before the end-time tribulation, February 2003, [A]
Born again … or not yet, March 2003, [E]
The process of spiritual birth, March 2003, [E]
The festivals of the month Abib, March 2003, [A]
On which day should we celebrate Passover? April 2003, [A]
The importance of the name of the Almighty, April 2003, [E]
What is on our Father’s agenda in these last days? April 2003, [E]
Questions concerning the Last Supper, May 2003, [E]
The seven deceptions of Rev 2 and 3, May 2003, [A]
The beauty of our Father’s favour, May 2003, [E]
What does it mean to say “I believe”? Part 1, May 2003, [E]
What does it mean to say “I believe”? Part 2, May 2003, [E]
The way of faith, June 2003, [A]
The importance of the New Moon, June 2003, [E]
Do we still need headcoverings today? June 2003, [A]
The relevance of the prophet Shemuel for today, June 2003, [A]
Yahweh’s process of Restoration, July 2003, [E]
Clean and unclean Foods, July 2003, [A]
Open Letter to Missionaries and Ministers, July 2003, [E]
The Significance of Valleys in Warfare, August 2003, [E]
What does it mean that Yahweh is our Father?, August 2003, [A]
What is Yahweh saying to his end-time people (Yermeyahu 31)?, August 2003, [A]
The message of Ibrim (Hebrews) 7, September 2003, [E]
The Meaning of the Name Yaaqov, September 2003, [E]
How Words may contribute to the Distortion of Truth, September 2003, [A]
Important Dimensions of the Truth, October 2003, [A]
Yaaqov’s Struggle in Bereshit 32, October 2003, [A]
Christianity in Crisis, October 2003, [E]
Seven important dimensions of Yom Kippur, October 2003, [E]
The proper timing of a weekly or annual Sabbath, October 2003, [A]
Good News in the Genealogy from Adam to Noah, November 2003, [A]
Yahweh’s Righteousness in the Psalms, November 2003, [A]
Events surrounding the Birth of the Messiah, December 2003, [E]
Not known, not accepted, not honoured, December 2003, [A]
The spirit of Esau, April 2004, [A]
Our Father’s Favour, May 2004, [E]
Wake-up call, May 2004, [A]
Mi Kamochah, July 2004, [E]
Meaningful characters in Scriptures, July 2004, [A]
The meaning of the appointed times, September 2004, [A]
The fourfold meaning of Yom Kippur, October 2004, [A]
Yeshayahu in context, October 2004, [A]
Calling on his Name, October 2004, [A]
Believers in the death of Messiah, November 2004, [E]
Fearless in the fear of Yahweh, November 2004, [A]
The subtle deceiver, November 2004, [A]
Yermeyahu in context, November 2004, [A]
How should we know? November 2004, [A]
The Beauty of the Olive Tree, December 2004, [E]
His Right Hand over us, December 2004, [A]
True Joy VS the spirit of Christmas, December 2004, [A]
Sabbath or Sunday? December 2004, [A]
Blessed be Yahweh, January 2005, [A]
Blessed be Yahweh, January 2005, [E]
The many faces of Deception, January 2005, [A]
What it truly means to Live, January 2005, [A]
Be glad for it is Impossible, February 2005, [A]
No longer as it was before(1), February 2005, [A]
No longer as it was before(2), February 2005, [E]
Can a leopard change its spots?, March 2005, [A]
Much more than a Job’s Comforter, March 2005, [A]
Our Love for Yahweh, March 2005, [A]
My Best for Yahweh, March 2005, [A]
Pesach or Easter?, March 2005, [A]
The Richness of the Torah, April 2005, [E]
Do not trust in Princes, April 2005, [A]
Another Look at the Deliverance of Yahweh, April 2005, [E]
Relief after the Drought, April 2005, [A]
Walk in the Ways of Yahweh, April 2005, [A]
Mothers’ Day, May 2005, [A]
Do you know the fulfilment of the Word? May 2005, [A]
Mainline or Remnant? How Scriptures view the Believers of the Endtime, May 2005, [A]
The Sun, the Son and the Men, May 2005, [A]
Seven Important Questions concerning the Law, June 2005, [E]
The heart of Hypocrisy, June 2005, [A]
The trap of Falsehood, June 2005, [A]
The Mountain and the Valley, June 2005, [A]
I shall not be Ashamed, July 2005, [E]
EliYah for Today, July 2005, [A]
Are you ready for a double portion? July 2005, [A]
The importance of small things, July 2005, [A]
The correct pronunciation of the Names, August 2005, [A]
Ministers of peace and the sword, August 2005, [A]
Relating to the Father and the Son, August 2005, [E]
The Four greatest Powers known to Mankind, August 2005, [A]
Popular statements not supported by Scriptures, August 2005, [A]
Towards a better understanding of Galatians, September 2005, [E]
Did Avraham know Yahweh’s Feasts? September 2005, [E]
The So-called Ephraim Error, September 2005, [E]
In what things will He find us?, September 2005, [A]
Let us Rejoice!, September 2005, [A]
The Things we Chose to do, September 2005, [E]
How can we Restore the House of Yahweh? October 2005, [E]
Is the One who introduced the Feasts, still serious abouth these Days?, October 2005, [A]
Beware of the spirit of Jerobeam, October 2005, [A]
Father and Son in Combination, October 2005, [A]
Behold the Man, October 2005, [A]
See and Believe, October 2005, [A]
See, His ways are perfect, October 2005, [A]
The King is coming for Children, October 2005, [A]
Show us Your Wisdom (1) November 2005, [A]
Show us Your Wisdom (2) November 2005, [E]
Compromise equals Problems, November 2005, [A]
Our deep sources of Wisdom, November 2005, [A]
I shall not forget Your Word, December 2005, [E]
Our World is Upside Down, December 2005, [A]
Shabbat: The big Picture, December 2005, [A]
Do you realize it’s the final hour? December 2005, [A]
A Psalm for the unknown Future, January 2006, [A]
Why the New Moon is a time of going up to the place of Assembly, January 2006, [E]
Confused but not Lost, January 2006, [A]
The Danger of Humanism, January 2006, [A]
The seven Seals, January 2006, [A]
More than Circumcision, February 2006, [E]
The Prospect of His Throne, February 2006, [A]
The Eternal Good News, February 2006, [A]
Unavoidable persecution, February 2006, [A]
Well known blessings in Scriptures, March 2006, [A]
Well known blessings in Scriptures, March 2006, [E]
Eternal, hidden Truths, March 2006, [A]
We can learn from them, March 2006, [A]
Israel, land of significance, March 2006, [A]
Israel, Microcosmos of the Millennia, April 2006, [A]
With heart and mouth in the New Covenant, April 2006, [A]
From foreigner to Throne bearer, April 2006, [A]
The Psalms, summary of Scriptures, May 2006, [E]
Tehillim 22 to 24, May 2006, [A]
The Crisis of the Code, May 2006, [A]
Do not set aside your set apartness, May 2006, [A]
Seven Important Principles, June 2006, [E]
YermeYahu, Y’shua and us, June 2006, [A]
What does Yahweh mean to you? June 2006, [A]
Do you know the One whose Name you confess? June 2006, [A]
Men of Elohim, July 2006, [E]
Men of Elohim, July 2006, [A]
Walking without wavering, July 2006, [A]
Walking in his ways, July 2006, [A]
Tehillim (Psalm) 124, July 2006, [A]
What are we looking forward to? July 2006, [A]
Perfection, August 2006, [E]
What can this be compared with? August 2006, [A]
A witness in the hearts of children, August 2006, [A]
Words of dignity and truth, August 2006, [A]
How can our prayers be more pleasing to Yahweh? September 2006, [E]
Salt of the earth, September 2006, [A]
Convulsions of the enemy, September 2006, [A]
What certainties do we still have today? September 2006, [A]
The meaning of Yom Kippur, September 2006, [A]
What is the meaning of our freedom in Y’shua? October 2006, [E]
The feast of Fruit, October 2006, [E]
Things unheard of, October 2006, [A]
What does it mean to trust in Yahweh? October 2006, [A]
Treason of a very high order, November 2006, [E]
How do we measure worth? November 2006, [A]
What makes our Elohim unique? November 2006, [A]
Idolatry in action 1, November 2006, [A]
Lies of the Enemy, December 2006, [E]
Idolatry in action 2, December 2006, [A]
Sheep and shepherds, December 2006, [A]
The power of Knowledge, January 2007, [E]
Righteousness according to Yeshayahu 58, January 2007, [A]
The cost of preciousness, January 2007, [A]
Call on Him in times of trouble, January 2007, [A]
The Mysteries of Elohiem 1, February 2007, [E]
The Mysteries of Elohiem 2, February 2007, [A]
Humility, February 2007, [A]
When affliction is needed, February 2007, [A]
The virtue of Affliction, March 2007, [E]
Who are we, anyway? March 2007, [A]
Learn from Y’shua about humility, March 2007, [A]
Age old manifestations of disobedience, March 2007, [A]
Not according to the flesh March 2007, [A]
Pesach 2007 April 2007, [E]
Pesach, Plants and the Plan of Yahweh April 2007, [A]
Do not lose your focus April 2007, [E]
Titanic battle for truth April 2007, [A]
More than enough proof April 2007, [A]
Key of Knowledge 1 April 2007, [A]
Key of knowledge 2 May 2007, [E]
The importance of Belief May 2007, [A]
On being Set Apart May 2007, [E]
Not too difficult, May 2007, [A]
How do we handle worries? May 2007, [A]
We shall do and we shall listen June 2007, [E]
To keep the faith June 2007, [A]
Who will not praise Him June 2007, [A]
Weasels, words and truth June 2007, [A]
This is the day July 2007, [E]
Inspired by the Word July 2007, [A]
Dawid’s Gibborim July 2007, [A]
Jealousy July 2007, [A]
Are we hearing properly? August 2007, [E]
Like a burning fire August 2007, [A]
A worthy King August 2007, [A]
Psalms of Solomon August 2007, [E]
Things we should always remember September 2007, [E]
That which can never be forgotten September 2007, [A]
Questions that can change your life September 2007, [A]
From Yom Kippur to Derech Kippur September 2007, [A]
Our ultimate reason for joy September 2007, [E]
A mindest focused on eternity October 2007, [E]
Good works from a changed heart October 2007, [A]
When the night dawns upon you October 2007, [A]
Halloween and us October 2007, [A]
Who are we and what do we believe? I November 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? II November 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? III November 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? IV November 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? V December 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? VI December 2007, [E]
Who are we and what do we believe? VII December 2007, [E]
Bigger than your enemies December 2007, [A]
The challenges we are facing January 2008, [E]
Life before the face of Yahweh January 2008, [A]
The meaning of suffering January 2008, [A]
The ones who truly belong to Yahweh February 2008, [E]
The state of a nation February 2008, [A]
The message of Hoshea February 2008, [A]
A good buy February 2008, [A]
The former and the latter rains March 2008, [E]
Y’shua, Son of Elohim March 2008, [A]
The meaning of Colossians 1 March 2008, [A]
Proper or not? March 2008, [A]
Y’shua, the word that became flesh March 2008, [A]
The power of words April 2008, [E]
Y’shua in the form of Yahweh April 2008, [A]
Remove all leaven April 2008, [A]
Humility April 2008, [A]
Humility April 2008, [E]
Unleavened Bread and Yahweh’s strong hand April 2008, [E]
A Time of counting May 2008, [E]
House of Yahweh May 2008, [A]
The Trinity – an updated study May 2008, [A]
Not from this world May 2008, [A]
Xenophobia May 2008, [A]
Doers of the word May 2008, [E]
Life in Abundance June 2008, [E]
Shavuot – a radical Message June 2008, [A]
Light in Darkness June 2008, [A]
Trustworthy witnesses July 2008, [A]
How lovely are your tents July 2008, [A]
Returning from Recoil to Recall August 2008, [E]
My Spirit in your innermost being August 2008, [A]
The dangers of alcohol August 2008, [A]
Yokes upon people’s necks August 2008, [A]
Where do we find our strength? August 2008, [A]
Danger from both sides September 2008, [E]
In what do we trust? September 2008, [A]
The voice of Yahweh calling October 2008, [E]
Voices and sounds October 2008, [A]
The attitude of our hearts October 2008, [A]
Message for the Eighth Day October 2008, [E]
The beauty of the Truth October 2008, [A]
A Fool and his Ways November 2008, [E]
Foundation of Truth 1 November 2008, [A]
Foundation of Truth 2 November 2008, [A]
Foundation of Truth 3 November 2008, [A]
Foundation of Truth 4 November 2008, [A]
Remember the events of December December 2008, [E]
Confusion about Christmas December 2008, [A]
Don’t loose perspective December 2008, [A]
The complete blessing of Yahweh December 2008, [A]
You are my Expectation January 2009, [A]
Spending without reservation January 2009, [A]
Restoration par exellence January 2009, [A]
How do we get to our Destination? January 2009, [A]
Come near and be satisfied February 2009, [A]
Deception with widespread consequences February 2009, [A]
Who shall ascend on your mountain? February 2009, [A]
When Yahweh appears in my pain February 2009, [A]
Why do we bless our children? March 2009, [A]
Counting in a heavenly manner March 2009, [A]
The choices that we make March 2009, [A]
Heritage unto eternity March 2009, [A]
The symbolism of bread April 2009, [E]
Leaven, sin and pure hearts April 2009, [A]
Prepared like Daniel April 2009, [A]
To live with purpose April 2009, [A]
Law and Mercy (1) May 2009, [E]
Law and Mercy (2) May 2009, [A]
Y’shua and unclean foods May 2009, [A]
The peace of Yahweh May 2009, [A]
More than just a feast May 2009, [A]
Strength from within June 2009, [E]
To be strong in many ways June 2009, [A]
To be fulfilled in many ways June 2009, [A]
May Yahweh do what pleases Him July 2009, [A]
We can learn from this man August 2009, [E]
What is right in Yahweh’s eyes August 2009, [A]
Standing when many are retiring (1) August 2009, [E]
Standing when many are retiring (2) September 2009, [E]
Standing when many are retiring (3) September 2009, [E]
I give them in your hand September 2009, [A]
Balance between lack and abundance September 2009, [A]
Neither Jewish nor Christian October 2009, [E]
Not like our fathers October 2009, [A]
What is truly useful October 2009, [A]
True followers of the Messiah (1) October 2009, [E]
True followers of the Messiah (2) November 2009, [E]
True followers of the Messiah (3) November 2009, [E]
True followers of the Messiah (4) November 2009, [E]
To be prepared November 2009, [A]
No more Excuses December 2009, [E]
Feast of Renewal December 2009, [A]
The amazing disbelief of this people December 2009, [A]

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