Believing isn’t easy

“It has become more difficult to believe the straightforward message of the Word of Yahweh, than ever before in the history of mankind.”

Some people may question a statement of this nature and may perhaps ask: “What do we know about the condition of belief during the times gone past – the time of the Sinai Wilderness; the time of the Babylonian Exile; the time of the Roman Persecution of believers; the time of the Middle Ages or the time of the World Wars?” How can we be so certain that it is more challenging to persevere as a believer today, than during all these troublesome periods of the past?

Yes, it is true. We have no one among us, today, who can speak on behalf of those faithful believers who faced and survived these (and other) catastrophes and devastating events. We have no idea what it was like to live and to believe in those days, while being surrounded and engulfed by circumstances that are almost completely unknown to modern man.

We do, however, have access to several clues in Scriptures that the final days before the coming of the Messiah, will indeed be extremely wayward and testing, and that many factors, related to the spirit of apostasy that will be most characteristic of the last days, will make it particularly difficult for believers to remain anchored in their values and their convictions.

The prophesies of Scriptures that believing would become more difficult during these last days, are slowly but surely coming to fulfillment. What are we talking about? Not only is the Scriptural account of the creation being questioned, but Yahweh, as the Creator, is reduced to a size that man feels he can handle. The authenticity of Y’shua as an historical person is being questioned. Supernatural events like Y’shua’s resurrection from the dead is branded as “myth” and as a fraudulent invention in the minds of the early disciples. Scripture has lost its position as being the norm for what is right and what is wrong – the only criteria in our modern society is whether or not it feels good, and whether or not anyone is offended. The universal quest that all religions and beliefs are to be viewed as identical and of equal importance, has introduced an attitude towards belief of “everything goes” and a natural resistance towards the use of the Pre-messianic and Messianic Scriptures to prove that anything is valid or right or true. People who are secular in their thinking and opposed to Scriptural belief, are no longer “staying in the closet”, like they used to do before. No, they are open and frank about it, and most of the times even aggressive and offensive. And they’ll soon make minced meat of anyone who is “ridiculous” and “naive” enough to still take seriously the Word of Yahweh.

Please share with us your experience in this regard …

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