Questions, questions…!

Nobody should doubt the fact that scores of people are turning their heads nowadays to have a look, at least, at what the new buzz about the “Messiah”, the “Shabbat” and the “Torah” is all about.  And a significant percentage of these are not only turning their heads.  They’ve already made a complete turn about, back to the Scriptural pattern, and have found this change of direction, and change of mindset, to be a turn for the better!  We can already see this paradigm shift, just by looking at the traffic to this site and the kind of questions being asked – both on the Blog page and via email.

Understandably, those who come to this new understanding and appreciation of the Scriptural roots of belief in Messiah, will have a great number of questions in their own minds and hearts.  These kind of questions need to be answered.  Few people will be so naive as to take a “leap of faith” into a way of belief that is without a proper foundation, or even worse, that is just a repetition of the deception of the past.

The questions that are being asked, however, are not only coming from the side of those who have adopted, or plan to adopt, this new “Messianic” or “Scriptural Roots” way of believing.  Perhaps even more questions are coming from the side of those who are standing on the outside, some of them feeling sorry for the poor bunch who allowed themselves to be “deceived”, others feeling guilty for once again being confronted with the fact that they are not really following Scriptures, and a few others feeling jealous and envious for not being fulfilled and satisfied in what they themselves are doing, church-wise and belief-wise.  There are also those ones on the outside who are asking questions because they are genuinely interested and serious about the Word and thus eager to find out more.

Let us start sharing our own questions, and the questions of those on the outside, with one another!  I am sure that we can help one another a great deal in this regard.  Even if we don’t find answers to all questions, at least there will be a combined sense that we are not the only ones asking (or hearing) certain questions and objections.  I would like to encourage all visitors to this site to take part in this discussion – you can even do so anonymously, if you like!

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