Our main event categories are Shabbat meetings every week, New moon meetings every month and the specified Feast days every year, all according to the Scriptural commandment with regards to what is sometimes referred to in Scriptures as the “appointed times of Yahweh”.

Believers in the vicinity of Cape Town are welcome to attend any of our scheduled events. We have also been running a Skype service with great success for a number of years now and, since the outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have extended our Skype service to include not only the Shabbat meetings, but all the other meetings on our annual calendar. If you are not yet on our Skype contact list, please contact us on or before the day on which the meeting is due to take place, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. If you want to join us via Skype, you need to be ready and prepared by the scheduled time of the meeting, say 4pm or 7pm, so that we can make the Skype call to you from this side as soon as we are all set and ready. As the slogan goes: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!” To increase the personal element in this venture, we would like to spend a minute or two to have a few words with internet participants as we begin with the services – not to embarrass anyone but purely to establish personal contact and to allow both the local assembly and the internet participants to at least hear a voice (or voices) on the other side and to have the sensation that some sort of unity exists between these two groups of people approaching the same Elohim – simultaneously and single-mindedly, but from two different locations! More detail here.

While COVID19 is still with us, we are limiting the number of physical attendees to all our meetings here in Fish Hoek. At this time, each one planning to visit any of our meetings, as an individual or as a family, needs to make an online booking, after which an email will be sent to you automatically containing your details, together with the time and the place of the meeting and added detail with regards to the COVID19 compliance of the meeting. These emails should preferably be kept on your cellphone, just in case, on your way to that particular meeting, you run into a roadblock and need some form of explanation of what kind of meeting you are about to attend.

On our website you may also find a calendar for this year, which you may use in any way you like. Those of you who are living in other areas and provinces of South Africa and Namibia, may want to find out about like-minded people and groups in your area, with whom you would like to come into contact. We have been collecting information in this regard for a number of years now and you may go to this page to learn more. Please let us know if you can provide us with event details of other similar groups that we have not yet listed.