How to join us via Skype

Joining us via Skype is extremely simple. If you have never “Skyped” with us before, please send us your request to do so, via email, Whatsapp or SKYPE message to Elim Ministries with Skype name “elim7012”. You will easily find us on your own Skype platform. Once you have connected with us via Skype and have indicated that you would like to join us for a specific meeting, we shall add your Skype name to our Skype group for that meeting. At the scheduled time for that meeting to start, we shall phone the entire group (AUDIO ONLY) and briefly welcome each participant on Skype. You are requested not to phone us – we shall phone you. You are also requested to keep your phone/computer on MUTE and that you only select UNMUTE when we address you personally or when you have something to share with the group.

We are looking forward to hearing from you on Skype soon!