The Psalms in Song

We are in the process of creating a database of songs based on the Biblical Psalms that may be accessed, downloaded and sung by individuals, families and groups anywhere in the world. The words of these songs are original and fresh, but they remain firmly grounded within the text of the 150 Psalms in Scriptures. The melodies that we have been using so far, are existing but lesser known melodies in the public internet domain, not subject to any copywrite restrictions. The songs based on the Psalms are all in Afrikaans but, in time, we plan to publish general songs in English as well, based upon various Scriptural themes. This is an ongoing project and comments and/or additional ideas will be welcomed!

Psalm 1
Psalm 10
Psalm 17
Psalm 19
Psalm 23
Psalm 27
Psalm 34
Psalm 40
Psalm 51
Psalm 92

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