Online Shop

Temarim Books is the new name of the Online Shop managed by Elim Ministries. Our vision is the distribution of paperback books, e-books, teachings, music and other resources that may assist the growing community of Messianic and Torah-loving believers in South Africa and abroad. We are in the process of extending this service to include a great variety of resources that have previously not been readily available to everyone.

Temarim is the Hebrew word for “palm trees” – used, among other places, in Exodus 15:27 where it is reported that the people of Israel came to Elim, where there were twelve fountains of water and seventy palm trees (“temarim”), and that they camped there by the waters. We are hoping that the “leaves” of the books at Temarim Books will be to many people like the leaves of those palm trees that provided shade, rest and refreshment to the people of Yahweh!


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