Xhosa Scriptures

A group of co-workers have started work on an improved Xhosa Translation approximately 8 years ago. The first edition of this translation has recently been completed. It is known as “Izibhalo” and is also available at Elim Ministries. The vision with this (ongoing) project is to work towards a Xhosa translation with the names and titles of the Almighty and his Son rendered as correctly as possible, and also with various mistranslations being corrected and the results of recent textual studies (of all the original source documents and manuscripts) being applied. This bundle promises to be a huge injection of knowledge and encouragement for the fast increasing number of Xhosa-speaking believers in South Africa. Please contact us or visit our Online Shop to order your copies of Izibhalo! If you would simply like to contribute financially towards this ongoing project, please refer to the banking details on this page.


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