The Hebrew mindset of Scriptures

In our posts so far, and the comments on these posts, it has become clear, within a very short period of time, that there is a genuine need among Messianic believers to start talking (and BLOGGING!) about the things that have now become a new priority in their lives. I am truly excited about this! We need to acknowledge that, having become part of a kind of belief that is not always welcomed and embraced within our local communities, we owe it to ourselves to strengthen our roots in the Word of Yahweh, as much and as frequently as possible, by interacting with others who share our convictions.

I suspect that one of the most important changes that must have taken place in the lives of many people who visit this site, is the shift from a Greek or Western mindset, back to a Hebrew mindset, when looking to understand and apply Scriptures to their daily lives. I have no hesitation in saying that the majority of us have most probably been taught in the Greek en Western way of thinking by the churches and fellowships that we had been part of for a great portion of our lives. So now we have come to realise that we need to approach Scriptures in a different way. Because, if we don’t, we may fall in the same traps as before and soon find ourselves in just another labyrinth. Within this labyrinth we might feel like we are moving forward, but in reality, we are going nowhere, slowly.

William Barrett, in his book, “Irrational Man”, explains that one of the most fundamental differences between the Western, Hellenistic mind and the Hebrew mind is found in the area of knowing vs. doing and that the Hebrew is concerned with practice, whereas the Greek is concerned with knowledge. Of course, this is by far not the only difference between these two mindsets. Please send in your comment if you have identified a specific area of change in your own approach to Scriptures, since certain hidden or forgotten truths of Yahweh’s Word have become clear to you. Share it with others, even if it is only about one particular verse that you are now seeing in a new light!

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