Torah Study Groups

There is little doubt that we are currently witnessing a world-wide phenomenon of Torah-loving and Torah-studying groups, coming into existence at a rate and a scale that is truly astonishing. In South Africa alone, there is hardly a town or a city or a municipal area where one will not find at least one such a group. We are not talking about Jewish communities or any of the traditional forms of Judaism, or Christianity for that matter. This is about believers in Y’shua the Messiah, among the nations of the world, who have all made the “surprising” discovery that the Torah is part and parcel of their lifestyle and belief as followers of Messiah.

This blog post is an effort to create a platform where existing or new TRACE (Torah-Reading-And-Commandment-Embracing) GROUPS may be discovered and where individual believers may come into contact with such a group within their own area. Perhaps this platform may even encourage some to get together with others and start a new group (or groups) from scratch. Remember, two or three people are enough to be able to take hands and study Torah together! If you’re involved with such a group – big or small – or would like to share with, or learn from others, PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS and help us to kick start the process of “tracing” Torah lovers – not only in South Africa, but also abroad.

To get your group listed, use the comment form below, or email if you wish, and send us (1) a descriptive name of your group (like “Family Brown”, “Pretoria South”, “Impala Street” – any name that describes your group), (2) the day and time of the week when your group assembles, (3) Optional: the exact address (Google recognizable) where your group assembles, (4) a name, contact number and email address that may help those who wish to visit and (5) a website address, if applicable. Click on the existing pointers on the map below to get an idea of what we are looking for. We shall publish your group’s detail on our interactive map soon after hearing from you, so that our database of TRACE groups may grow and become as comprehensive as possible.


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  1. John says:

    Please do not hesitate to make use of this platform to share or communicate your feelings, questions, opinions, fears, convictions, etc. with regards to the renewed interest in the Torah, in our present time. Tell us about your area’s Torah study group – the materials you are using, the hindrances you are facing, the positive outcome of the process of studying the Torah. Surely there are many others who would like to know …

    • Sonia Ohlsen says:

      Shalom there,
      I moved to Baberton,a girl friend of mine in Cape Town where i came from want to become part of a Torah study group in Worcester. I counselled her and she want to know more. Can you please email me a number of someone in Worcester?

    • Roxanne says:

      Goeie dag,


      Ons is ‘n jong familie met ‘n baba en nog een oppad in Hout Baai – is die naaste Torah Study in Fishhoek?




      • John says:

        Ek is nie tans bewus van ‘n groep in Houtbaai of nader aan jou as Vishoek nie, Roxanne.  Kom loer gerus by ons in een Shabbat.  Ons dienste is altyd 4 nm, behalwe eerskomende Shabbat, wanneer ons (weens buitegewone omstandighede) om 10 vm bymekaar kom.

        • Roxanne says:

          Dankie John

          Ek gaan probeer die naweek. Nou eers die boodskap gelees want Ek soek nogsteeds :-)

      • John says:

        Jy is baie welkom!  Ons diens in 4 nm by Risiweg 40 in Vishoek (soos normaalweg).

        • Cherise Lubbe says:

          Hi. Please can you advise where a group is in Centurion. Thank you so very much and have a blessed evening. Cherise

    • Hilde says:

      Hi there,

      I’m looking for a Messianic Jewish congregation in Roodepoort to attend services and to possibly serve through the music of the congregation.

      Hilde Ebersohn

    • Jan Posthumus says:

      Het julle n groep in Centurion ,en kan jy my moontlik laat weet asb.

    • Ryan Levin says:

      Hi John

      I am a Messianic Jew. I submit to KTC(Kings To Christ) ministries. An international Messianic ministry headed up by a Jewish Apostle. I would like to start a fellowship in my area (Centurion). How would I go about doing this?

      Please advise


      • John says:

        If you contact me via email (see details under “Contact us”) we can chat about this. Keep in mind that we are not affiliated to any organization and located in the Cape Town area, with little knowledge of the Messianic environment in Gauteng.

  2. Vernit & Sonyah Holder says:

    Torah Study Group

    Weekly meetings held at 28 Van der Stel Str.
    Wed. 07h00 – 21h00
    Shabbat Torah Study to be announced.
    Weeklikse byeenkomste by 28 Van der Stel Str.
    Woens. 07h00 – 21h00
    Sabbatstudie sal aangekondig word.

    We supply Scriptural graphics & reading materials.
    We do talks, prayer ministry & have a place of separation for those in need of prayer, ministry, rest & consecrated separation.

    Ons verskaf Skriftuurlike grafika & leesstof.
    Ons bied praatjies aan, gebedsbediening, & het ‘n plek van afsondering vir diegene wat gebed benodig, wil rus, en in gewyde afsondering wil verkeer.

    We are situated in 28 Van der Stel Str., Tulbagh

    • Vernit & Sonyah Holder says:

      QODESH BOLAND Torah Study Group
      Due to activities in Tulbagh, we have our meetings on various days and NOT necessarily on Wednesdays every week. Please contact us before arriving or send your cell number and we will let you know about dates & times.

    • Vernit Holder says:

      Shalom John, Hierdie is net om in te lig dat daar nie meer in Tulbagh byeenkomste is nie.
      Ek is tans op toer na Bloemfontein en Johannesburg.
      Sal laat weet wat gaan vir wat.

      Groete en seënwense.

  3. Derech haTorah Word Study Group says:

    Roodepoort, West Rand area
    We alternate our meetings on Shabbat/Yom Rishon
    Shabbat – 10:00 to 13:00 – Old Testament studies
    Yom Rishon – 09:00 to 13:00 – New Testament studies
    Shabbat and Yom Rishon afternoons (after study meetings) – Hebrew reading class – we’re learning Hebrew by reading Scripture – 14:00 to 16:00
    Facilitator: Ria Wilson – 084 521 7350

    • Ria Wilson says:

      I would like to make corrections to our meeting information, please. We now meet:

      Every Shabbat 14:00-17:00: We are currently studying the book of Y’chezqel.
      New Hebrew Basics class will start on Thursday, 15 August from 18:30, every Thursday evening for 15 weeks.

  4. John says:

    Someone sent me an email and asked: “I do not have a Torah Study Group organized but would like to, as for now just my wife and I study together. I would like to get one started here. Should I send in my information even though we don’t have a group at the present time?”

    In response, my answer was: “By all means! The whole idea is to list every single house where Torah is studied and where others are welcome to join in.”

    If you have only started with your Torah journey and would like others to join you on certain days, please let us know! Numbers are not the issue, it is all about tracing the manner and scale in which the Torah has effected individuals’ lives and letting others know that they are welcome to become part of this process.

  5. Engela de Beer says:

    Shalom ek sal graag inligting wil he van torah groepe in pretoria en omgewing wat elke sabbat byeen kom? Geseende dag Engela 0823776696 of 0813112420

  6. John says:

    Hou gerus hierdie ruimte dop, Engela. Ek glo jy sal spoedig ‘n groep opspoor wat in julle omgewing byeenkom.

  7. At the Foot of the Covenant Ministries
    22 Portulaca Street
    Mobile: +27 82 650 3405 (Craig Stevenson)
    Fellowship Times:
    5th day Evenings (Wed Evenings) – Family Fellowship and Prayer 19:00 – 21:00
    Erev Shabbat (Fri Evenings) – Sabbath Service 19:00-21:00
    Shabbat Day (Sat Mornings) – Worship 10:00-11:00 – Weekly Torah Readings 11:00-17:00 (Bring and Share Lunch)

    For more info please see website: – for audio Scriptures, Torah commentaries, sermon notes and much more…!

  8. Charles Boardman says:

    Tyd: 11:00 tot 12:30
    Adres: Hendrik hop Straat 7

    Telefoon (061) 25 2560

    • Abraham says:

      Vrede dienaar van di lewende Koning.ek ht n bietjie op di Elim webside rond gekrap en u wonderlike foto herken.ek sal u ng persoonlik bel ma my seeninge wat ons o u spreek is bemiedbar(numerie) 6-24,25 en 26.geniet u dag groet u vrou en ons lifelike groep.Yahweh seen.

  9. RobWentzel says:

    Shalom aan alle Torah liefhebbers.
    Ek en my vroutjie studeer afgelope 9jaar die “ou pad’
    Daar is in ons harte ‘n bekommernis om te registreer en dit word in Openbaring 12:17 weergee …>>En die draak was vertoornd op die vrou, en hy het weggegaan om oorlog te voer teen haar ander nakomelinge wat die gebooie van Elohiem bewaar en die getuienis van Yahshua hou.
    Dink net hoe maklik dit vir die draak gaan wees as “haar ander nakomelinge” gerigistreer is in elke dorp. :neutral:

  10. John says:

    Ek deel jou bekommernis oor die oorlog wat teen Torah-gesindes gevoer word, Robert. Ons vra nie dat iemand registreer nie. Ons probeer dit vir mense van vlees en bloed makliker maak om groepe op te spoor waar die Torah ernstig opgeneem word, want (anders as die Draak van Openbaring 12) weet hulle nie altyd waar hierdie groepe bymekaar kom nie! :glad:

  11. RobWentzel says:

    Hallo John
    Ek dog dan die vervolging is iets wat gebeur gedurende die 3.5jaar verdrukking ?

  12. John says:

    Robert, ek dink nie die ware gelowiges sal ooit sonder vervolging wees nie. Soms voel dit vir my kompleet of ek en die mense rondom my NOU, op hierdie oomblik, binne-in die drie en half jaar (of “X” jaar) periode van eindtyd vervolging is. Seker nog meer rede om uit te vind wáár ander gelowiges hulle bevind en wát ‘n mens kan doen om in hierdie dae nie heeltemal alleen op die geloofspad te wees nie, of hoe? :4?:

  13. Sandra Fowler says:

    Ek’s van Bloemfontein, ek doen die afgelope 4 jaar + op my eie by die huis navorsing op soek na die waarheid, het wel ‘n paar vriende en vriendinne wat ook soek en met mekaar deel, ons kom nie op ‘n spesifieke dag by mekaar nie. Van ons sien mekaar by die werk en ruil inligting uit, bespreek onderwerpe, deel DVD’s en bid vir mekaar. Van ons korrespondeer via e-mail.

  14. mercia says:

    hello john
    ons het verhuis na knysna toe. Hier is nie dalk n groep waantoe ons kan gaan om meer te leer oor Yeshua en die feeste. ons het eers di jaar begin met die ou manier en sal graag meer wil weet. Ons kyk ook dvd en proebeer op ons eie voort gaan maar ni altyd moontlik ons het ni al die antwoorde. My nom is 074 758 8296

  15. John says:

    Hi Mercia, ek sal besonderhede per epos vir jou aanstuur. Ons hoop om spoedig besonderhede van groepe in Knysna en omgewing ook op hier te kan bekendstel. Sandra, dankie vir jou bydrae oor Bloemfontein. Ek neem vrymoedigheid om solank ‘n nota op ons kaart te plaas sodat belangstellendes met jou kan skakel.


    Ons bly op ‘n plaas tussen Hartenbos en Oudshoorn. Ons loop al etlikke jare die pad en kom oorspronklik van Middelburg. Ons is nog maar self vreemd in die omgewing en sal graag ander Torah gelowiges wil ontmoet.
    Kontak 0827707797 / 0827751391

  17. Ane says:

    Shalom, ek sal graag inligting wil he van Torah groepe in Mosselbaai en omgewing wat elke Shabbat byeen kom? Seen vir julle, Ane

  18. Pam says:

    I am a Yahuwan. I study alone at the moment and depend totally on the RUWach Qaduwsha to teach me.

    • Netzarim Torah studiegroep, Beachweg 78, Nahoon, Oos-Londen. says:

      Shalom John! My wife and I shall be travelling around the Southern Cape region and would like to know if there are Torah study groups that we could meet with especially on mid-week days.We shall be in Sedgefield and will be visiting Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, George and Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay.

  19. Hardus de Klerk says:

    Ons is n groepie van vier op die oomblik wat op donderdae en op Shabbat bymekaarkom. Ons is in Kimberley,die Noord Kaap.Ons begeerte is om Vader te dien met n rein hart en skoon gewete, sonder die tradisies en oorlewerings van mense. Ons sal graag in verbinding wil tree met ander gelowiges in die omgewing.

    Ons kontak nommer is 078 460 5479 of e-pos

    Groete u broer in Messias

  20. James & Mandi van Zyl says:

    Shalom John
    Heerlik in die Lae veld – Barberton.
    Ons is n groepie in Barberton wat gereeld op Woensdae vanaf 18h00 tot 21h00 bymekaar kom vir Torah studies, Shabbat op Vrydag aande en hou ook al die feeste. Ons groepie is Ithamar Discipleship.
    Nooi hartlik almal uit wat saam ons Abba YHVH wil dien. Ons het ook n Ithamar Gift Shop waar Messiaanse aandenkings beskikbaar is, soos bybels (Tanakh – Hebrew and English), Ceramic scripture pottery, Shofars, T Shirts met Israel logos, en n hele klompie ander items direk van Israel af.

    Shalom Le-hitra ot
    James / Mandi vam Zyl

  21. Dirk Campbell says:

    Ons is ‘n klein groepie in Okahandja, Namibia wat om 09h00 op shabbat bymekaar kom vir Torah studies. Ons het vanjaar vir die eerste keer die feeste gehou. Sal graag van ander in die omgewing wil hoor. Seêninge aan die Messiaanse beweging. O’ ja, ons is die Nasareners van die Weg.

  22. Remnant Assembly of Yahuweh says:

    Shabbat mornings at 10h00 in MC Fick Hall at c/o Joubert and Frederick Street in Parow Valley.

    Christo Hammond
    (073) 648-1751
    (021) 906-0305

  23. Christo says:

    Sal jy asseblief die groepie gelowiges in Kimberley se plek en tyd van samekoms op jou webwerf se Torah-onderhouers plot soos hieronder aangedui. Hulle is ‘n wonderlike groepie van so 4 manne en 7 vroue wat elke 7de dag om 09h30 byeenkom onder leiding van Geoff Ettwein. Die adres vir die plek van samekoms is as volg:

    Harrisstraat 1, Beaconsfield, Kimberley.

    Baie dankie vir julle gebede en bydrae vir die tog na Kimberley; dit was ‘n reuse sukses, insluitende ons besoek aan die plaaslike groepie. Ons het ook ‘n geleentheid gemaak om by ‘n biskop van ‘n taamlike groot gemeente te gaan Shalom sê en terselfdertyd die Goeie Nuus oor te dra . Hy kom gereeld Kaap toe en wil weer met ons kontak maak om die geloof verder beken. Hy sal sy eie navorsing ook maak.

    Groete daar by julle.

  24. Yolande Maritz says:

    Ek woon in Hendrina Mpumalanga en is op soek na “n Tohra studiegroepie naby my?

  25. Elna says:

    Shalom, ek wil graag uitvind of daar enige Torah Groepe in die Boksburg omgewing is … ElnaSelfoon  :  0823260426Tel (w)   :  011-8710394E-Pos   :

  26. Lydia Jacobs says:

    Ons woon in Trafalgar KZN langs Sanlameer, naby Margate en salgraag ‘nTorah Studiegroep wil ontmoet in ons omgewing.  Is daar iemandnaby? Groete Lydia

  27. Hannah Dehaan says:

    Ek sou baie graag met ander Torah liefhebbers in Klerksdorp wou kontak maak.0825086799/

  28. John says:

    We have received the following email:

    Shalom.I am a Nazarene disciple led by Apostle Norman Willis from Carlifornia
    USA.I have started a fellowship in BRAKPAN EKURHULENI GAUTENG SOUTH AFRICA. We
    start at 11h:00 am for Torah Shabbat Message; 14h:00pm its Shabbat Nazarene
    Study Lessons and 15h:30 music programme Sunset we have a short Torah service
    closing the Shabbat.No racism even in disguise form is welcome.People not
    comfortable with any race PLEASE DON’T COME.Contact Zolani Mashinini
    @0724290057.Shalom.Brother Zolani Mashinini.

  29. Elsabe Brand says:

    Heneni Torah groep
    6 De Oude, Synagogue straat, Kimberley
    Ons is ‘n groepie van 4-5 vrouens, verskillende ouderdomme en kulture, wat op Shabbat van 9-11h00 bymekaar kom.
    Elsabe Brand

  30. Charl says:

    I left the established church because of the wrong use of The NAME, and of its criticism of of the Hebrew Roots Movement. In my opinion, using the names G-d and L-rd is a compromise.
    I am looking for a Torah group in the East of Pretoria which does not compromise the Name of Elohim and which teaches pure Torah. Many thanks.
    Charl @ 0833104616

    • John says:

      I notice on the map that there is a group in your area. Please feel free to contact them and/or let us know if you find more groups.

    • Orrianne Hall says:

      Shalom Charl,
      We are a English speaking family in Pretoria East and study the weekly Torah portion. We are in Covenant with YHVH and because of this fact we are striving towards full Torah observance and implementation of all the relevant Covenant Instructions of Torah. The Temple has not yet been established in Jerusalem and some of the Torah Instructions concerning The Temple service are not for this time, this is a very condensed guideline to how we study and live, you are more than welcome to join us. Orrianne Hall 084 503 8102

  31. David Joseph says:

    We live in the south of Johannesburg and would like to Find a group to fellowship with on Shabbas.My contact Number is 0716226946.Please if you could help.
    May Yahvah Barak you with Shalom

    • Beryl Akermann says:

      Hi David. I am moving hopefully to one of the Southern Suburbs as soon as I have found accommodation and would like to link in with a Messianic Group who is like minded in following Yahweh. I dont know many people in that area at all.
      If you know of any groups please let me know.
      Shabbat Shalom.

  32. David Joseph says:

    We are looking fro a study group in the south of Johannesburg,My contact Number 0716226946
    Please if you could help we would be grateful.
    May Yahvah Barak you with Shalom

  33. Riccardo De Klerk says:

    Good Day. My name is Riccardo. I live in Mitchell’s Plain and currantly attending the United Reform church of M/Plain (Dutch Reform). I’m 40 years of age and am in search of a bible believing church. Please help?! 084 522 7677 or 021 371 4574

    • John says:

      Hi Riccardo

      Nice to hear from someone so close by. Most churches believe they are “Bible believing” but, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. There is a growing number of people today who, like yourself, have a keen desire to return to the Biblical or Scriptural lifestyle and belief. The reason why the majority of these people are looking out for a bible believing church, is exactly because they have seen and experienced things in their own churches that are not in line with what is taught in Scriptures. Please contact us again or pay us a visit – all details with regards to our services, etc, may be found on this website. At the moment I do not have any details of a fellowship in your immediate vicinity that I can recommend unconditionally.

  34. Sias Fourie says:

    Hello John.
    Ek noem nou maar jou naam, ek bly op die oomblik in Marina Da Gama, maar trek binnekort na Gordonsbaai. Stuur asb maar vir my ook die begin items.
    Jy weet nie dalk wanneer die vertaalde aens vanaf Aramees na Engels hier in Suid Afrika beskikbaar sal raak nie, ek sal graag daarvan in die hande wil kry.

    • John says:

      Lekker om weer van jou te hoor, Sias. Ek sal graag persoonlik per epos met jou wil kontak maak, maar net vlugtig in antwoord op jou vraag oor die “AENS”. Ek lei af jy praat van die AENT, The Aramaic English New Testament. Heelwat mense in Suid Afrika het ‘n kopie van hierdie baie insiggewende boek, maar sover ek weet moet mens dit maar van oorsee af bestel – of een van dié plekke. Miskien is daar iemand wat hier lees wat meer besonderhede het.

  35. Sanette says:

    Ek wil graag by n groepie aansluit in die Uitenhage/Despatch omgewing.
    Ek het op n tyd met n Madeleine kontak gehad, ek dink sy daar in die Kaap area gebly, maar ek het van werk verander en als het verlore geraak.

  36. Barend (Ben) Stander says:

    Baie interessant om al die pos te lees. Leer alke dag meer en bly steeds soekend na die waarheid van die Woord.
    Shalom alaykhem

    • Barend (Ben) Stander says:

      John en wil graag Woord en Getuies bestel en wil ook weet of dit in engels beskikbaar is. Dan wil ek ook DVD’s bestel wat jy sal aanbeveel wat my en my vrou sal laat groei in die waarheid, ook musiek om te speel wanneer ons met die skrif besig is.
      Laat weet my wat jy aanbeveel

  37. Schalk van Niekerk says:

    Schalk’s Torah studiegroep. Pendoringstraat 75, Rustenburg, Noordwes. Kontak Schalk van Niekerk by 0764723356 of vonkpos

  38. Riaan says:

    Goeie môre,

    Is daar dalk enige studie groepe in die Lichtenburg omgewing?


  39. francois says:

    Ek prys ABBAVader vir hierdie web tuiste wat ek gevind het ek is ook al deur baie beledigings. Maar soek net YHWH se wil in my daar dalk iemand in Carletonville omgewing wat die selfde glo?

  40. Casper says:

    Goeie môre,

    Ek en my vrou is opsoek na n studie group/peroon in PTA-Oos as daar dalk iemand is.


    • Arita says:

      Hi, ek wil net hoor of julle al ‘n groep gekry het, want ek verhuis een van die dae en wil ook iewers inskakel.


  41. Henry Stewart says:

    Ek sal baie graag met n Torah groepie in Gansbaai/Kleinbaai omgewing wil kontak te maak wat moontlik elke Erev Shabbat asook op Shabbat hulle byeenkomste het of selfs enige ander tye sal ook goed wees aangesien ons moontlik later in die jaar daarheen gaan verhuis. Ek sal dit baie waardeer indien enige iemand dalk kan help.

    Mag YHWH se seën op julle rus.


  42. Lucia says:

    Hi there. I live in Klerksdorp NW, south africa. I would ike to know where I can find a study group near Irene Park. Many thanks. Lucia.

  43. francois says:

    Soek hebrew root of torah gelowiges in carletonville kontak francois 0722338041

  44. John says:

    Someone asked recently whether there are any groups or individuals in the Beaufort West or Graaf Reinet area, interested in studying the Torah. If you read this and know about such people, please let us know!

  45. Dome Sonnekus says:

    Ek woon in die Paarl, waar kan ek aansluit by ‘n Hebrew Roots groep?

    Domé Sonnekus

    • John says:

      Hi Domé

      Het nie op die oomblik besonderhede oor ‘n groep in die Paarl nie, maar ek stuur vir jou ‘n epos met die name van twee of drie persone in Paarl omgewing, met wie jy gerus in aanraking kan kom.

      Beste wense


  46. George Rmoshebi Mpai says:

    I staying in Randfontein and interested in studying the Torah. How can I access a group on the west rand?

  47. Manie Immelman says:

    Is daar iemand in Klerksdorp wat my kan help met”Hebrew”. Ek is tans besig om dit te bestudeer want ek sal graag die Bybel wil lees in Hebreeus. Op die oomblik is dit soos n berg voor my want sekerlik is dit n onbegonne taak om als by jouself te probeer doen. Ek het al n bietjie woordeskap wat ek gereeld oefen en ook die alfabet neer geskryf. Ek het al die Bybel bestudeer en verstaan Daniel se profesiee en Openbaring is awesome. Dit is hoekom ek Hebreeus wil leer want dit sal die Bybel letterlik laat lewe.

  48. julie truter says:

    Dear John, I have moved to Hermanus and would like to join a Messianic Group. If you know of anybody in Hermanus will you inform me. Thanks Julie

  49. Annemarie de Villiers says:

    Goeie dag, Ek en my man, Charl, woon in Gordonsbaai (Harbour Island). Ons wil graag weet of daar iemand in ons omgewing is wat ook poog om die “TRACE” pad te stap. Ons stap al geruime hierdie pad alleen, sedert ons van Pretoria verhuis het. Kontak: 0832679745 of 0735759001. Baie groete, Annemarie de Viliiers

  50. Vincent says:


    We are a messianic fellowship group based in Rynfield Benoni. Our fellowship is called, Edat beit Shalom, we are at 5 Newby street, Rynfield. We get together on wednesday evenings from 7 pm – 8 30pm, we are currently studying the book of Kings and we also get together on Shabbat (Saturday) mornings, from 9.45am – 12pm, where we are studying the book of Romans.

    Our Fellowship is based on the fact that Torah is G.d’s instruction and that Yeshua Ha Mashiach(Jesus the Messiah) taught us to keep it. So we are a Torah based Bible study that focuses on setting the Bible in context, culture and place, so we can understand and then follow His instructions as talmidim (disciples) should.

    If anyone feels they need help in this area, we would be more than happy to help.

    Please contact,
    078 458 1950

  51. THE BRANCH (Netzarim Community), 78 Beach Road, Nahoon, East London. Rodney and Magdalene Petersen says:

    Yirmeyah 31:31-34, Romans 10 and Ephesians 2 reveals that the New Covenant is with Yisrael and those who are grafted into the Olive Tree which is the Covenant Community of Yisrael and includes Ephraim and Yehudah.

  52. Netzarim Torah studiegroep, Beachweg 78, Nahoon, Oos-Londen. says:

    Netzarim / “followers of The Way”
    As enige iemand dalk wil inskakel vir Shabbat- of ‘n weeksdag- byeenkoms is julle welkom om ons te skakel. Ons kan Woord deel, aanbid, onderwysinge kyk of doen en sommer lekker gesellig oor ‘n beker koffie wees! Ons is tweetalig.
    Wees geseënd.
    0846654336 (Rodney) 0437427048 (Magdalene/Rodney) 0795270629 (Helene)

  53. Hein Zentgraf says:

    Shalom John

    We have a Shabbat Torah study group in Meyerton, gathering weekly at 10:00. Anybody is welcome, as we all have teachable spirits and hunger for the Word. Please contact me on 0837745609 for further details and directions. We have people joining us from Nigel and have had other believers from as far as Lydenburg. :lol:


  54. Ammie Todd says:

    Hi! So bly vir hierdie site. Is daar dalk n groep in die Paarl?

  55. Riaan Stroebel says:

    im desperately looking for a study group in East London, let me know if theres any, am willing to drive 50km in any direction if necessary


  56. Magda Beukes says:

    Ek is so opgewonde en baie dankbaar…. Ons is met vakansie hier in vishoek en kan nie wag om hiernatoe te trek en deel te word van n wonderlike familie nie. Shalom aan julle en geniet n wonderlike dag verder… :))

  57. Magda Beukes says:

    O ja en waar kan ek gaan om n paar dingetjies te koop- was gister in winkel maar onsuksesvol??

  58. ann saotoe says:

    Hi, my daughter will be studying at Stellenbosch next year. How do we hook up during school holidays in Mowbray. Visit profetiesewoord [URL nie langer beskikbaar nie – JW] for more info on our local ministry. We fellowship at sister church El Shammah, Roodepoort

  59. Oswald Hayward says:


  60. Lillian Denise Bell says:

    I’m looking for a Torah Study group in Uitenhage.

    • John says:

      Sorry for answering so late – we’ve been out of town for the last week or so. If anyone reads this and knows about any form of current Torah activity in and around Uitenhage, PLEASE let us know! In the meantime we shall put up a notification on our Torah map …

  61. Suzette Broekman says:


    I phoned the number in Pretoria and the services is on a Sunday. Why is this? What about Shabbat on a Saturday?

    • John says:

      Hi Suzette

      The name of our fellowship is Elim Ministries, Fish Hoek. We do not have a branch in Pretoria and our services are always on Shabbat (Saturday).

  62. Amelda van Heerden says:

    Het jy dalk vir my navorsings dokumente oor Galasiers en al die ander skrifte wat hul die christene wil gebruik om te se ons is nie onder die Torah nie asb John?

    • John says:

      Hi Amelda

      Jammer ek antwoord so laat. Die onderwerp wat jy aangeraak het, is ‘n wesenlike een en ons het in die verlede dikwels daaroor gepraat en geskryf, maar nie juis in die vorm van een of twee dokumente wat die hele onderwerp dek nie. Ek wil jou aanraai om soekwoorde (in Afrikaans en Engels) in die “Search Box” op ons webblad in te sleutel en te kyk wat daar uitgeskop word. Jy kan woorde soos “galasiërs” en “galatians” probeer, maar ook “onder die wet”, “romeine 14”, “rein en onrein”, “unclean foods”, “die wet vervul”, ensovoorts. Hoop dit help so ‘n bietjie …

  63. Lucky Buyaphi says:

    Shalom. I’m looking for a fellowship group that I can join every Shabbat. I’m from Alexandra JHB, and anyone near Alexandra can let me know. My Contact number 071 4937 097 / 081 471 6166 Shalom

  64. Vernit Holder says:

    Hallo John,
    Sal jy asb die Tulbagh groep afhaal. Ons is nie meer daar nie, maar ek is nou in Die Strand. Kan op my selfoon gekontak word 084 661 8734

    Vernit S. Holder

  65. Jessica says:

    This is an amazing site, thank you! I am looking for a torah group / people to fellowship with in Pietermaritzburg / Durban area? We do have a small informal group in Pietermaritzburg, where we meet usually every second Monday, but it would still be great to connect to other believers of Yahusha in the area! Even in ballito, as I’m often there on weekends.

    • Ruan Nothnagel says:

      Hi Jessica


      Do you still have the study group in Pietermaritzburg? Did you find another in pmb/dbn? We are in pmb and interested to find a fellowship..

  66. Marie says:

    Shalom to you,
    I live in Amanzimtoti, near Durban and am desparate to attent a Messianic church or join a group,  can you help in any way, feel so lonely in my faith.
    Thank you,

    • John says:

      Not aware of someone at the moment, Marie, but hopefully someone close to you will take notice of this urgent request and come into contact with you, soon.

  67. Lizandi says:

    goeie middag John,

    ek wil graag uitvind van n Torah groep in Pta Doornpoort Montana area as daar een is?

    my ma en broer het 5 maande terug by een in welkom aangesluit en dit wat hulle my vertel is mind blowing ek wil so graag ook deel wees en leer van die waarheid.

    kan jy my dalk help groot asb?



    • John says:

      Jy sal hierbo sien dat daar in die verlede ‘n paar groepe naby aan jou bymekaar gekom het.  Ek plaas jou bydrae hier met die hoop dat groepe of individue wat op die oomblik in jou omgewing is, sal reageer.  Baie sterkte op hierdie nuwe, opwindende geloofspad!

  68. Rob says:

    “….We are not talking about Jewish communities or any of the traditional forms of Judaism, or Christianity for that matter. This is about believers in Y’shua the Messiah, among the nations of the world, who have all made the “surprising” discovery that the Torah is part and parcel of their lifestyle and belief as followers of Messiah….”

    Ek vind dat groepe nader aan die Jew-ISH beweeg, en dat indien jy nie Jesayah 53[Isaiah53] in hul ” TORAH PARASHOT FOR THE SCRIPTURAL YEAR” kry nie …….dan moet jy weet !

    Pas op dat julle nie van die een sloot na die ander oorhel nie.

    Groete in ons Messias naam Yahshua.

  69. Jeffrey Le Fleur says:

    Is this ministry for whites only?

  70. Louise Nelson says:

    Shalom. Our family have been celebrating Sabbath for a few years. We watch teachings every Sabbath. Eager to meet others in Ballito.

    • John says:

      Hi Louise.  Good to hear about Sabbath-keepers in Ballito!  I trust that someone in your area will read this and make contact.  In the meantime, please feel free to make use of whatever you find useful on our site.  Also keep in mind that we have a standing invitation for believers to join us via Skype, every Shabbat  at 4 pm.  This has developed into something very special over the past couple of years and is a wonderful opportunity to join hands with like-minded believers from many different locations in our country, and even abroad.

  71. Abraham Humbilemo says:

    Vrede bru John en di hele Fishhoek gemeente.ek is Abraham van Namibia.Ons groepie hie in Luderits weet ni hoe om vi jle dankie te se oor di woord en getuienisse wat ons verniet ontvang ht ni.Ons is n klein groepie wat alles in di naam van ons heemelse Vader(Yahweh) doen.Ons het ons verlede jaar in Windhoek by bru Charles hle gn vereenig.(doop)in di wonderlike naam vn Yahshua ons verloser.Ons groepie kom drie keer per week bymekaar.Woensdae,Vrydae en op di shabbat.Ons sal op hierdie nuwe skriftuurlike jaar ook op die nuwe maan byeen km.Ons is so bly om met ons broers en sister in di Messias van Windhoek te komunikeer,ons kan ni wag om ons familie in Vishoek te ontmoet ni.ons hoop en vertrou om gou mekaar te sien.Ons stem saam met alles wat jle doen.ons hou ook van di manier hoe jle di vrae van almal hanteer.Mag di Almagtige jle met vele jare spaar en nog meer help om di waarheid te verkondig.John sister Nella is te kostelik.Onthou ons bid vi jle,(Numeri 6-24,25,26.)Yahweh seen.

  72. ANSIE KRUGER says:





  73. Jedidiah Kruger says:

    Ek sal graag inligting wil he van torah groepe in Uniondale/ knysna en omgewing wat elke sabbat byeen kom? Shalom Jedidiah 072 482 0223

  74. Welcome Binyamin Bene says:

    Hi John, am looking for a Messianic fellowship closer to Soweto; have just moved in from East London. Will appreciate your assistance. My contact is 0633 33 4583

    YaHuWaH bless you

  75. Andele says:

    Goeie dag

    Ek is woonagtig in die Gauteng Oos Rand in Boksburg en is asb dringend opsoek na ‘n Torah studie groep

    Hoop julle kan help sal dit baie waardeer


    Andele Snyders



    • Christel Myburgg says:

      Ek weet nie of jy al reggekom het nie – ons is ñ klein groepie wat in Sunward Park saamkom. Ons huiskerk se naam is Light of Life.

  76. John says:

    Ons het die volgende e-pos van Dawid Herbst in Bloemfontein ontvang:

    Ons sal graag wil registreer op jou webwerf as gemeenskap wat ondersteuning en groei bied vir gelowiges wat die verbonds pad stap in Bloemfontein. Ons bied al die nodige afgesonderde byeenkomste aan van Shabbat dienste 10h00 op Saterdae en die Feeste.
    Ons dienste is in Afrikaans, Engels en Hebreeus en alle rasse is welkom. Ons bied voor die Feeste studies aan in voorbereiding om die meeste van elke oomblik te maak. Dit is aangenaam om te verneem daar is so baie ander wat ook die waarheid soek en saam die weg wandel.
    Dawid / Ouderling   0731601774   E-pos:
    Charl / Ouderling   0825551920
  77. Petrus says:


    Ons is ‘n jong gesin en is op soek na ‘n groep in die Stellenbosch omgewing om by in te skakel?



  78. Geraldine Visagie says:

    Is daar dalk n groep hier in Pietermaritzburg?

  79. Brenda says:

    Is daar dalk in Pta of Midrand ‘n groep?

  80. Nikolaas Skeyer says:

    Luderitz Group

    Shabbat services: 16h00,

    Place: Erf 1352; Build Together, Luderitz,

    Contact number: 0813570926,

    Weekly Studies about the Word:

    4th Day (Wed) and 6 day (Fri): 18h00

    Place: G19: Erf Jakkalsdraai;

    Contact number: 081 4363886


  81. Sanet says:


    Is daar dalk ‘n groep in Zeerust?


  82. Karien Richards says:

    Shalom almal!

    Ons is ‘n groepie wat al vir ‘n hele paar jaar bymekaarkom elke Shabbat, maar het nou eers hierdie webblad ontdek.  Ons is in Potchefstroom.  Ons kom gewoonlik elke Shabbat om 17:00 bymekaar, sing bietjie saam, bespreek die parasha (& haftarah & evangelies) vd week, en kuier dan nog rondom koffie en oorbly-challa lekker saam!  Kontak my by 0823 777 681 vir meer besonderhede.  Studente wat vlg jaar Puk toe kom, is ook welkom om my te kontak.

  83. Helen Burroughs says:


    We are a family of five, (three daughters 9, 13 and 16) looking for Torah fellowship in the Blouberg or Helderberg area. We are currently in Australia and moving back to Cape Town early next year. Where we settle will be dependent upon finding fellowship, preferably where there are some young people.

    If anyone knows of another fellowship in the Cape Town area where there are young people we would look at that area too. Any advice appreciated.



  84. Lecile says:

    Halo Daar. One is tans in Sedgefield nany Knysna. Is hier dalk Torah studie groeppe hier round?

    • John says:

      Ons weet van groepe in George, maar sal solank jou navraag op die kaart plaas sodat andere dit hopelik kan sien en reageer. Stuur gerus ‘n email as jy graag besonderhede oor die George groepe wil hê.

  85. Mrs Gillian White says:

    Hi do you know of any fellowships in the Jo’burg area.  We live on the West Rand, so it would help if you know of any in that area.


    • John says:

      There are a few groups in that area, as indicated on the map above. Please feel free to come into contact with those contact persons. It will be good to receive feedback from you in this regard.

  86. Marianna Becker says:


    Ons het ‘n informele Torah groepie  wat Saterdae 9H30 bymekaar kom in

    Upington. Ons behandel die Parsha van die week en gesels sommer oor dit wat Vader op ons harte lê.

    Kontak ons gerus by 0832712918


    • John says:

      Ek staan verstom oor hoeveel van hierdie soort groepies daar spontaan oor die afgelope jaar op elke denkbare plek in Suid-Afrika ontstaan het! Ons sal julle besonderhede op die kaart aanbring.

  87. Giselle says:

    Hi daar,

    Ons is opsoek na n groep in Middelburg Mpumalanga. Is daar iemand wat kan help.


  88. Henry J van Vuuren says:


    Ons gesin wil graag kontak maak met ander kinders van YAH wie in Worcester woon.

  89. Tommie says:

    Hi daar. Kan u help. Ek bly in Hartenbos. Ek wil graag weet of jul in George of Mosselbaai so groep het. Wil graag by so groep aan sluit.


    • John says:

      Hi Tommie. Ek sal per epos vir jou detail stuur van mense in George met wie jy in verbinding kan tree. As ons van nog mense in daardie omgewing hoor, sal ons hulle van jou vertel!  Sterkte!

  90. Zeta Birch says:

    Our group is called Beit Eden  We are at 1 Badenhorst street Riversdale Cape Contact person is Christo Crafford  082 824 6833  We meet at 5.30 on a Sunday evening and Prophetic bible study–usually the Torah portion on Saturday morning at 10am

  91. Willie du Toit says:

    Hallo Almal

    Ek is tans hier op Vyeboom tussen Grabouw en Villiersdorp. Ek het ingeskakel by Gerhardus hulle op Vredenburg toe ek daar gewoon het. My pad met Almagtige YaHWeH is n afgesonderde pad en wil uitvind of daar kinders van YaHWeH in die omgewing is

  92. Zeta Birch says:

    Desperately looking for a group in  Kimberley or Douglas

    • John says:

      We have added your request on our Torah Study Group Map.  There are already two or three entrees for Kimberley on the map and you may want to come into contact with these people (their details may be seen by enlarging the map and clicking on the pointers in the Kimberley area).

  93. J P d'Hotman says:

    Shalom all,

    Does anyone know of a Sabbath keeping group or A Torah study group in the Port Shepstone area

  94. Neville says:



    I order a book and a cover. How can I keep track, and ensure you guys got my order.


    • John says:

      Ons het jou pakkie so pas weggestuuur. Die opspoor nommer is TCG7515356 en kan op The Courier Guy se webblad gevolg word.  Daar behoort egter nie probleme te wees nie en jy behoort jou pakkie voor die einde van die week te hê.  Seënwense!

  95. DR Frans Greeff says:

    Good to see so many Torah Groups. We are in Krugersdorp.

  96. Christel Myburgg says:

    Ons is ñ klein huiskerkie in Sunward Park Boksburg – Light of Life. Kontak persoon: Christel Myburgh. 0828241711

  97. Magrie says:

    Goeie dag,

    Daar is so baie wat ek het om te leer en weet eerlik waar nie hoe om te begin nie. Ek is van plan om jul Bybel aan te skaf. Ek is jammer as my vrae dom is maar om mee te begin.

    Hoe lees mens die Bybel? Bebin jy voor en lees reg deur?

    Ek het nou tot insig gekom dat die sabbat om ‘n Saterdag en nie Sondag is. My dogter se werk vereis van haar om Saterdae te werk, hoe nou gemaak? Dis wat die industrie waarin sy is vereis.

    Ek het gesien dat daar baie feeste is waaraan ons moet deelneem, ek weet niks hiervan af. Waar kan ek meer inligting kry in verband hiermee asb?

    Is daar dalk groepe wat bymekaar kom in die Centurion area? Soos ek reeds genoem het voel ek oorweldig en het baie om te leer.

    Ek en my man was wel groot gedoop, ons was jare lank deel van die AGS/Methodist kerke. Ek wil dinge reg doen, Vader is groot en het my man gered natat hy 7 keer geskiet was in 2000. Ek wil seker maak dat ons alles moontlik doen soos van ons verwag word. Baie dankie vir al jul plasings, ek gaan deur alles werk.

    • John says:

      Hi Magrie

      Ek is bly jy het hier geskryf! Ek gaan kortliks probeer antwoord, maar jy is welkom om agterna wéér te reageer.

      Om die Skrif van voor af te lees, is ‘n goeie idee, veral as mens voorheen nie juis uit die Ou Verbond gelees het nie. Jy sal sien dat ons hier op ons webblad ook ‘n Torah leesrooster plaas wat mens as riglyn kan gebruik.

      Die Shabbat-en-werk probleem is nie maklik nie en jy kan gerus gaan kyk onder “E-mails received” hierbo na vorige soortgelyke vrae en die antwoorde daarop.

      Hier is ook heelwat inligting oor die feeste op ons webblad.  My voorstel is dat jy woorde en begrippe soos “huttefees”, “Pesag”, “Shavuot” en “Yom Kippur” in die “Search Box” hieronder invoer en dan die artikels lees wat voorgestel word.

      Ek het nie persoonlike kontak met groepe in Centurion nie, maar op die kaart hierbo is daar besonderhede van sommige gelowiges naby aan Centurion met wie jy in aanraking kan kom.

      Meeste van ons het in die verlede gemeen die groot vraag rondom die doop is bloot of dit besprinkeling of groot doop moet wees. By nadere ondersoek sien ‘n mens egter dat dit ook belangrik is in wie se Naam ‘n mens gedoop word. Dit is duidelik dat die formule van Mat 28:19 (“in die Naam van die Vader en die Seun en die Heilige Gees”) nie die gebruik van die vroeë gelowiges verteenwoordig nie en dat almal in die Handelinge periode “in die Naam van Y’shua die Messias” gedoop is.

  98. Sonia says:

    Any Torah study groups in Brackenfell or Durbanville, Cape Town? SS

  99. Mike Goldstein says:

    Shalom am a Torah observant missionary in Giyani Limpopo. Would like to connect up with fellowship with others. I teach kids via Torah and am a child evangelist

  100. Nelisiwe Mngonyama says:

    where in Pietermaritzburg

  101. Hein Visser says:

    Shalom akhi

    Ek en my vrou is hard opsoek na Torah broers en susters in Mosselbaai omgewing.   Kan jy ons dalk help.



    • John says:

      Shalom Hein. Ek plaas julle besonderhede op die kaart en sal vir jou ‘n epos stuur met ‘n kontaknommer van iemand in George wat dalk beter sal kan help as ek.


  102. Trudi Tharratt says:


    Please let me know if you have found a group?




  103. Trudi Tharratt says:


    Looking for a group in the Port Shepstone area…..



  104. Abram Abrahams says:

    Shalom achi John

    Alle seeninge van Abba Yahuah

    Ek luister graag of ons gelowiges het in Richardsbay KZN

  105. Lilian says:

    Hi John

    My name is Lilian,Please help me find the Assemblies  of  YAHVAH around Midrand or Johannesburg.I am now working this side and I cannot find people who goes or believe in Yahshua.My number is 0846627221

  106. Annatjie Smith says:

    Ons is op soek na ‘n groep wat die Shabbat en feeste onderhou en vier. Ons bly aan die oosrand, Gauteng.

    • John says:

      Kyk ‘n bietjie na die kaart hierbo vir kontak besonderhede van persone wat naby aan julle bly.  Laat weet gerus as ons op enige manier van hierdie kant af kan help!

  107. Cheran says:

    Please can you help us with a shabbat group in Krugersdorp. We trying to find a group we may attend.

  108. Ettiene says:

    Middag John.

    Hoop U kan my help.

    Ek will vreeslik graag met Torah studies begin van die heel begin af .Ek weet nie waar om te begin nie maar voel ek het  n konneksie met die studie.Ek woon in Kempton Park en werk in Benoni.




    • John says:

      Dis ‘n groot leemte dat daar nie baie opsies ten opsigte van formele skoling/opleiding in die Torah met ‘n Messiaanse perspektief in Suid Afrika is nie.  Persoonlik sou ek nie aanbeveel om hierdie soort opleiding of studie-hulp by ‘n Yeshiva of suiwer Joodse instansie te gaan soek nie.  Tot my spyt kan ek dus nie vir jou ‘n bevredigende antwoord of oplossing gee nie.  Jy is egter baie welkom om so ‘n studie self aan te pak en soveel keer as wat jy wil, op ons nommer druk om te help met moontlike knelvrae.  Sterkte!

  109. Jeff says:

    Hello greetings in the name of Yahweh.  i have come across this and its interesting to me, the teachings seems to resonate with my spirit .. I am in kenya, and want to meet a group for more study.. Kindly link me with a contact. Thank you.


  110. Albert says:


    I am looking for a group in Table View, Cape Town area. Fish Hoek is a little far to travel so a group closer to Table View will be great. Desperately looking for fellowship again with those who are worshiping in truth.

    Kind regards


  111. Rabbi Henry Swart says:

    Ons bedien Davar/ Woord oor Africa. Ons in Upington area.


  112. Lily says:

    Shalom, my name is Lily I am looking for brethren in Yahvah around Joburg/midrand.Pls contact me 073 386 0363.Thanks

  113. Amelia says:

    Goeie dag

    Ek wil net hoor, ek het op ‘n stadium goed op julle website gekry oor goed waarvoor mens kan bid in die maand van Elul maar ek kry dit nie nou nie, kan julle my miskien help om dit net weer op te spoor.  baie dankie

  114. John says:

    Ek is nie seker waarna jy verwys nie – die enigste artikel met direkte verwysings na die maand van Elul wat ek kon opspoor, was hierdie een.

  115. Berdine says:


    Is daar enige groepe in die Welkom area?

  116. John says:

    Berdine, ek sal persoonlik op jou navraag antwoord.

  117. Jaco Kriek says:

    Torah Study Groups
    Good day,

    With regards to the study groups could you kindly list our group ion the Vollgraaffsig area, Groblershoop District in the Northern Cape.

    Thanking you in advance

    Kind regards

    Jaco and Liza

    (1) a descriptive name of your group

    Jaco Kriek

    (2) the day and time of the week when your group assembles,


    (3) Optional: the exact address (Google recognizable) where your group assembles,

    Vollgraaffsig, Groblershoop District, Northern Cape

    aswell as greater Upington District

    (4) a name, contact number and email address that may help those who wish to visit and


    Cell 072 692 4368

    (5) a website address, if applicable.


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