The quest for the Original Scriptures

There’s a new translation of the “Original Scriptures” of the New (or Renewed) Covenant being circulated among Messianic and Torah observant believers. It is called “The Word of Yah – the King’s Covenant”, also referred to as OSE1 and the compilers claim that this work is translated, among others, from 1st century manuscripts called Restoration Original Scriptures found in the year 2002 near the Euphrates river. According to the compilers, these manuscripts are the only confirmed New Testament texts written in the Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic languages and are to be regarded as up to 100% perfect original texts of the written Word of Yah. More information about the “Original Scriptures” may be found at

Most serious believers today will be extremely exited about the prospect of having access to the most original Scriptures, at last, especially with regards to the “New Testament”, seeing that up till now we had to rely mainly upon relatively late Greek versions of the original texts. In my own heart there was a great deal of anticipation when I started looking at OSE1 – an anticipation that changed into disappointment, as soon as I dug a little deeper and tried to come to grips with the mindset behind, and the outset and text of this translation that has started gripping the imagination of many serious believers. Although the claim is made that this is “the best translation of the Original Scriptures in published English history”, together with a guarantee that “the main core message is 100% accurate and textually irrefutable”, there are some serious contradictions, obvious mistranslations, numerous careless assumptions being made and countless questions that remain unanswered.

This is not an effort to discredit the OSE1 translation or its American based compilers. Instead, it is an honest attempt to try to provide truth seekers with an informed evaluation of this translation (and the many teachings that go along with it) – a work that will most certainly be applauded and welcomed with open arms. The book contains many truths that serve as confirmation of what some of us have known for some time but here are some of the many worrying factors that have clearly surfaced for me, after some measure of study and investigation.

  1. Based on 2 Chron 7:14 (“a people who are called by my Name”) the true believers in the Almighty and his Son are exclusively called the “Yahuwans”. Not only is this designation “Yahuwans” confusing and never found once in the Scriptures that we have had access to up till now, but it is also based on a very limited understanding of the words “called by my Name”. I am all for restoring the Name above all names, but the rest of Scriptures prove that this is not exactly what is meant by “called by my Name”. The temple in Solomon’s time was also called by the Name of Yahweh – without receiving a name that literally contained the Father’s Name. So was the ark of the covenant and so also some of the gentile nations, according to Amos 9:12. The primary meaning of being “called by the Name of Yahweh” is “belonging to Yahweh” or “chosen by Yahweh” or “set apart to Yahweh” – not necessarily receiving a name or designation that literally contains the Name of the Almighty.

  2. Based on the odd way in which the Messiah’s Name is written in some of the early Greek manuscripts, OSE1 comes to the conclusion that the Name of the One who was born in this world some 2000 years ago, is YAHUW. The compilers go as far as saying that “most Ahlenic (that is: Greek) manuscripts did correctly retain the Saviour’s transliterated name, YAHUW …” Fact is, this word, YAHUW, as Messiah’s “name”, will not be found in one single Greek manuscript that is publicly available today. Contrary to the claims of OSE1, the shorter forms like IHY, IY or IU that are found in early Greek manuscripts, are abbreviated and contracted forms of the Greek word “Iêsous” and NOT shorter forms that were derived from, or pointing towards, the word “YAHUW”. Scholars are well aware of these abbreviated forms or “nomina sacra” – they were used to “conceal” the Name of the Messiah (which the Greek minded church fathers believed to be “Iêsous”), much the same way the Jews had concealed the Name of the Almighty – since before the birth of Messiah. The practice was to use the first two Greek letters, or the first and the last letter, of the word “Iêsous”, or even three letters of this word or any title used for Y’shua (like “kurios” or “christos”) and then to mark this shorter form with a horizontal line above the word, eg.  ΚΣ (first and last Greek letters of “kurios”), ΧΣ (first and last Greek letters of the word “Christos”), ΙΣ (first and last Greek letters of the word “Iêsous”), ΙΥ (first and last Greek letters of the genitive form of the word “Iêsous”), ΙΗ (first and second Greek letters of the word “Iêsous”) or ΙΗΥ (first, second and last Greek letters of the genitive form of Iêsous). To say that these forms prove that the Messiah’s Name is YAHUW is absolutely without any proper ground and cannot truly be taken seriously.

  3. While it must be recognized that there is a degree of uncertainty with regards to the proper pronunciation of YHWH, the Name of the Almighty, and that the form “Yahuwah” cannot be ruled out altogether, the compilers of OSE1 have come to the outright conclusion that “Yahuwah” is the only valid pronunciation and “irrefutably His restored Original Name”. The reasons given, however, are very far from conclusive. Firstly, they argue that 100 prophets’ names carry “Yahuw”. What they do not mention, however, is that some of these same prophets, like YermeYahu, are at times also called with the same name, ending in “Yah” and NOT “Yahu” or “Yahuw” (thus the alternative form: YermeYah, eg. 1 Chron 12:10; Ezra 1:1; Neh 12:1; Jer 28:5).

  4. Still on the same subject of the pronunciation of the Father’s Name, they take the argument from the features of the word “HalleluYah” and state that this word carries all the “letters-sounds of YAHUWAH”. They fail to mention that the first part of the word (“Hallelu-”) has the singular meaning of “praise” or “bring praises to” and is NOT intended to say anything about the Name of the Almighty. It is only the second part of the word (“Yah”) that refers to the Name of the Almighty and this shorter form of his Name allows for both forms “Yahuwah” or “Yahweh” or, for that matter, any other form starting with the letters “Yah-”.

  5. Another argument that they use is that “Yahuwah” corresponds with the tribe of Yisrael they refer to as “Yahuwdah” and if you “pull out the d (from Yahuwdah) you get Yahuwah, not Yahweh.” An argument like this is almost too far-fetched to take seriously – not mentioning the fact that the tribe’s name is Yehudah, not Yahuwdah – as can be seen quite clearly when looking closely at the Hebrew text of Gen 29:35 where this son of Ya’acov received his name.

  6. Elsewhere their reasoning is that the second and the fourth letters of the Tetagrammaton (YHWH) are the same, therefore the sound of the first part of the Name (Yah-) should be the same as the sound of the second part (-wah). An argument like this, however, is not consistent with the dynamic nature of a language like Hebrew. There are literally hundreds of valid examples in (both modern and ancient) Hebrew where the same letters or letter-combinations are pronounced differently in different words, depending on various grammatical factors. To mention just a few: “avad” (destroy) and “oved” (destruction). “zachar” (remember) and “zecher” (remembrance). “allah” means “turpentine tree”, but “alleh” (spelt with the same three consonants as “allah”) means “this”. By the way, here we can see that the word ending “-eh”, (as in “Yahweh”), although not as common as the ending “-ah”, is not completely unusual in Hebrew. Other forms like this are “yapheh” (beautiful), “machaneh” (army), “machazeh” (vision), “chazeh” (breast), “chozeh” (seer or prophet), “aveh” (desire), “baleh” (old), ge’eh (proud), “hareh” (child), “chayeh” (lively), etc.

  7. There is a tendency (almost an obsession) in OSE1 to force the Name of the Almighty (or at least part of his Name) into many common Hebrew words and names which, almost certainly, have not contained the Name originally. The book refer to the Messianic believers as “MeoshiYAns” (with “meoshi-” their rendering of “Maschiach” or Messiah and the letters YA referring to the Name). To my knowledge this is totally without any Scriptural ground. We have already referred to the form “YAhuwdah” instead of Yehudah. Other examples are “IbreUW” instead of Aramaic, once again with the letters “-UW” referring to the Name, “AbraYA” instead of Hebrew, “YAsarel” instead of Yisraél, “YArushalem” instead of Yerushalayim, “YAom” instead of yom (for “day”), “shamaYAim” instead of shamayim (for “heaven”), “AmaniYA” instead of Amein and “YAsaac” instead of Yitschaq (for “Isaac”). Notice the capitalised “YA” or “UW” in each of these forms, both of which represent the Father’s Name. Although the compilers warn specifically against adding to the Word of Yah, or taking away, it seems that they are doing exactly that, by manipulating words and concepts to reflect the Father’s Name, based on the erroneous view that everyone and everything that is associated with Yah, should literally have his Name in theirs.

We have not even begun to touch on the actual text of the Messianic Scriptures (or “New Testament”) contained in this translation. Hopefully this, and other comments (regarding numerous other questionable statements made in OSE1), can be attended to as a follow-up of this first contribution. What is extremely problematic, however, is that the translation of OSE1 is not based simply on manuscripts that are known and available to everyone. According to the compilers, they have access to an unknown number of manuscripts that have been discovered only recently and are not yet in the public domain. This makes a proper evaluation extremely difficult. One can only hope that these newly discovered manuscripts will be shown and made available to researchers as soon as possible, in the interest of the integrity and truth of Yahweh’s Word. It should also be added that no matter how extraordinary the scope and magnitude and reliability of any new document shedding light on the translation of Scriptures, the core message of Scriptures as we have come to know it, and the truths established by study and research over many years and centuries, cannot be undone by one, single discovery. The value of these manuscripts, if they truly exist and prove to be what the OSE1 compilers claim them to be, will be to be placed alongside other manuscripts and to use all available resources in combination to translate Scriptures as correctly and as closely to the true originals, as possible.

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154 Responses to The quest for the Original Scriptures

  1. Jan Lamprecht says:

    Dankie vir jou navorsing oor hierdie sg vertaling.
    Past. Jan Lamprecht

  2. Jan Lamprecht says:

    Hoop om meer van julle te hoor.

    Past. Jan Lamprecht

  3. Rob H says:

    Thanks for you observations. There are many “teaching” that not always agree with scripture … but here is “Scripture” is not insync with the teachings of Torah.

  4. Victor says:

    Thank you very much for the balanced view John.

    Recently I have been given one of these NT Translations.
    The lady that gave it to me was VERY excited about this and promoted this as a great new revelation.
    Well I’m kinda sceptical about these things and told her I will look at it, and I’ll be open minded about this, but not so much that my brain will fall out.

    When I started reading it, my “spider senses” started tingling already on page 4. That’s the first page where they started explaining things 0__o
    They are very much taken with numerology.
    “It is also the Written Original Scriptures of 77 Books …”
    77 Books, hmm 777 probably seemed a bit too much. Well what books are these 77?
    They don’t say but they do admit (in the back) that the 77th one is being written, by us…

    “Why is so important in the Original Scriptures?
    Our Creator says so 7777 times….”
    Again a number plucked from who knows where. But it looks impressive.

    Something I REALLY would like to know from them is where do they get these outlandish etymological information from?
    It’s as if they threw out Hebrew and Greek as we know it, and made up a whole new language with their own meaning and expressions.
    Its hard enough for people sitting in the traditional church to come to grips with the more Scriptural Names, but this really is something way out there.

    “‘Christian’ literally means ‘little king’.”
    Really? It seems these people have a total disregard for languages and pluck things from their very fertile imaginations.
    We could have laughed about this if it wasn’t so serious.

    As John mentioned in point # 5 about the use of YAHUWdAH in explaining the pronunciation of YAHUWAH.
    When people revert to this argumentation it shows that they most definitely do not have a clue how the Hebrew language works.
    The Names of YHWH and Yehudah are from two very different root words in Hebrew, and to nonchalantly claim that if you only remove the daleth (the door) that you would have the right pronunciation remaining, may sound nice, but is simply false.

    Another thing to point out.
    I know there are people that claim that “Jesus” originate from a pagan name, and means “Hail Zeus” or like these people claim, “son of Sus”
    I have been guilty myself of promoting the Hail Zeus thing, but after further study, I found it was totally devoid of truth.
    I have not found one single recognized Dictionary, Lexicon or Encyclopaedia that links the name “Jesus” with a pagan origin.
    Every recognized source admits that “Jesus” have a Hebrew origin.

    Why do they feel the need to promote their “truth” through lies?
    There are many other things that can be mentioned.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here please.
    Do we have 7000 ancient manuscripts of the TaNaK?
    They claim there are 5,700 “early” NT Manuscripts.
    (As far as I’m aware of there are only a few hundred ancient mss of the TaNaK.
    There are currently over 5800 Greek NT mss [but they aren’t all early. We have several thousands of other early versions though, like Latin, Syriac, Gothic, Ethiopic, Armenian etc.]
    I really wonder where these people get their information from.

    Lastly about the translation itself.
    There seems to be mixed methods of translation.
    Some parts seem to be translated in the Formal Equivalence method, but other parts seem to be almost paraphrase, in other words VERY LOOSE.
    That is not a good way to translate the Word.

    Well Shabbat Shalom and may Father protect us, and lead us in His Truth.

  5. John says:

    Thanks a lot for all the comments so far. In our Shabbat meeting yesterday we looked into this matter as an assembly and also had a very insightful discussion afterwards. The notes (in Afrikaans) of this meeting may be found here. Because we consider this translation, and the impact it will have on believers in the Messiah, as a matter of great importance, we shall continue to post comments and encourage readers to keep on sending their contributions.

    I would like to have a closer look at the text of this translation, starting with the book of Matthew (MattitYahu), to determine whether this work is indeed, as the compilers claim it to be, a translation that “does not change the Inerrant Original Word of Almighty YAH.”

    Here is the OSE1 translation of Mat 1:1 “This is the book about the coming of YAHUWAH (YAH-UUU-AH) through YAHUW (AHlenic-IHY, IY, or IU) the Long Awaited MeoschiYAach (Eternal Loving King of The YAHUWans/YAsarel), the son of DaUWid (lover of YAHUWAH), the son of AbrAHam (The Father of The Nation is The Most High YAH)”.

    Let’s ignore for the moment the comments in brackets. The compilers say that they have put “Original Scripture words”, together with “editorial interpretations” in brackets. Since we do not have access to these “Original Scriptures” we cannot make a fair judgement about these. It is our assumption that the part of the text that is NOT in brackets, is their translation of the same manuscripts that are used in most of the other available translations. Let us now look at the Greek text (together with a word-for-word translation) that is generally considered to be the most reliable gound text for Mat 1:1:

    Biblos (the book of, or, the register of) geneseos (the generations of) Iêsou (Y’shua) Christou (the Messiah) uiou (the son of) dawid (David) uiou (the son of) avraam (Avraham).

    Even those who cannot read Greek will easily see that the translation of OSE1 contains numerous words and ideas that are not part of the Greek text. Firstly, there is no trace of the word “coming”. Neither is there any hint to the presence of the word “Yahuwah” or any of the equivalents for the Father’s Name that are often used in New Covenant Scriptures. So in the very first line of this OSE1 translation we already have a huge problem: It speaks of “the coming of Yahuwah” while nothing of this is present in the Greek text! My question is: Just how “original” are these “Original Scriptures” and where have the translators found the authority to make such a drastic change to the text?

    We have already commented on the “name” YAHUW for Y’shua – so let’s leave the issue for the moment. As far as the rest of this first verse of Matt 1 is concerned, we all agree that the Messiah was “long awaited”, but there is nothing in the Greek text of this verse that says anything to this effect – so why add the words “the Long Awaited MeoschiYAach” to this text – without even bothering to put this in brackets? Is this not exactly what is meant by the warning that no one should add to the words of Yahweh, or take away from it? A serious translation of Scriptures is not the place to add all kinds of words or phrases or ideas that come across as “logical” or “nice” or even “true” but, allas, do not appear in the original text!

    We have now looked into one verse of this translation alone – the very first verse – and already a number of problems and related questions arise. It is my humble opinion that this is not a translation in the true sense of the word, but, as Victor has stated in his comments above, rather a paraphrase, teeming with the authors’ own interpretations, additions and peculiar ideas and almost certainly a potential source of great confusion.

  6. John says:

    The more one reads OSE1, the more it becomes clear that the translators have randomly chosen what name to use for the Messiah in every different context, whether it be YAHUW, YAHUWsha, YAHUW-husha, or even YAHUWAH. In the Greek texts that are available currently, no such distinction is made, at all. Once again, the question begs: On what authority are changes like these made to the text that forms the basis for the Word of Yah? Let us look at a number of examples, from the book of Luke:

    Luke 2:11 (Greek text): hoti etechthe humin (that for you is born) semeron (today) soter (a saviour) hos estin (who is) Christos kurios (Messiah the Master) en polei dawid (in the city of David).

    OSE1 translates this very same verse almost beyond recognition: “For there is born to you, this day in the city of DaUWid, a Savior, who is the Eternal King of The Family of YAH (MeoschiYAach) of YAHUWAH The Master.” Notice that the original text contains not a single trace of the concepts “Eternal King”, “Family of Yah” or “YAHUWAH”. Furthermore, as this translation stands, it does not make sense at all. The words “The family of Yah of YAHUWAH the Master” are clumsy and confusing, to say the very least.

    Luke 2:21 (Greek text): kai hote eplesthesan hemerai okto (and when the eight days were fulfilled) tou peritemein auton (for his circumcision) kai eklethe to onoma autou Iêsous (they called his name Y’shua) to klethen hupo tou angelou ([the name] that was called by the messenger) pro tou sullemphthenai auton (before he was conceived) en te koilia (in the womb).

    Once again, OSE1 has used a great deal of freedom in their translation: “After eight day were fulfilled for the circumcision of the Child. His Name will be called YAHUW-husha which was given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb. At the right time it would be revealed. He was YAHUW.” Notice the words “At the right time it would be revealed. He was YAHUW”. None of these are present in the texts that we have and OSE1 have clearly fabricated the idea that the Messiah is both YAHUW-husha and YAHUW.

    In Luke 2:27 and 3:21 the Messiah is called YAHUWsha. In Luke 1:31, 2:21 and 2:43, He is called YAHUW-husha. In the majority of other places in Luke He is called YAHUW. But in Luke 8:28, 10:22, 13:2 and 24:36 He is outrightly called “YAHUWAH” – and each of these variations without a single trace of textual evidence. How confusing and misleading is this?

    I have noticed that a great number of people have visited this blog over the past few days, without taking part in the discussion. Once again, we would like to hear your views and encourage a much wider participation in this discussion. Please let us hear from you – whether in Afrikaans or English – it does not matter how small or insignificant your contribution may seem!

  7. John says:

    Let us take a look at the First letter of Yahuchanan as presented by OSE1 to find out whether this translation is indeed free of any theological or doctrinal bias.

    1 Joh 2:22a Who is the liar but he who denies that YAHUWAH is our beloved King and Savior? (Greek text: Who is the liar but he who denies that Y’shua is the Messiah?)

    Here we see that Y’shua is simply called YAHUWAH, without any explanation.

    1 Joh 2:22b The Anti-MeoshiYAch denies that YAHUWAH is the Father and the Son (Greek text: The Anti-Messiah denies the Father and the Son)

    By no means an insignificant addition to the original text! Nor here, neither anywhere else in Scriptures is it ever required of believers to acknowledge that YAHUWAH is the Father and the Son!

    1 Joh 2:23a Whoever denies that YAHUWAH is the Son, the same does not have YAHUWAH the Father (Greek text: Whoever denies the Son, the same does not have the Father).

    To deny the Son is most definitely not the same as denying that “YAHUWAH is the Son”!

    1 Joh 2:24b You will remain consistent in YAHUWAH the Son and the Father (Greek text: You will remain consistent in the Son and in the Father).

    It looks like the translators of OSE1 have no problem in inserting the Name of the Father wherever they feel fit, irrespective of what the original text suggests.

    1 Joh 4:2 Every spirit who confesses that YAHUWAH our beloved King has come in the flesh as YAHUW … (Greek text: Every spirit who confesses that Y’shua the Messiah has come in the flesh …).

    The OSE1 compilers seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that Scriptures never once declare that the Father has come in the flesh, only that the Son, or the Messiah, has come in the flesh.

    1 Joh 4:12 No one other than YAHUW has seen YAHUWAH … at any time (Greek text: No man has seen Elohim at any time).

    Another classic example of blatantly adding to the Word of Yah, in order to accommodate a certain theological viewpoint.

    1 Joh 4:15a Whoever confesses that YAHUW is YAHUWAH … (Greek text: Whoever confesses that Y’shua is the Son of Elohim). See also the OSE1 version of 1 Joh 5:5

    Once again: To confess that Y’shua is the Son of Elohim or the Son of Yahweh, is not identical to the confession: Y’shua is Yahweh or (using the language of OSE1) YAHUW is YAHUWAH!

    1 Joh 5:1a Whoever believes that YAHUW is YAHUWAH … (Greek text: Whoever believes that Y’shua is the Messiah).

    No further comments are needed, as far as this first letter of Yahuchanan is concerned. It has now become more than clear that those responsible for the OSE1 translation have a very definite pre-conceived idea of the identity of the Messiah and they are not ashamed of chopping and changing the text of the New Testament in order to reflect their own view and their own distinct message, very similar to the way the early champions of the Trinity doctrine have done, with devastating results. In my own mind I have no hesitation in sending out a clear warning to all who are serious about the integrity of the Word of Yah, that looks (and, indeed, words) are deceiving and that OSE1 is most certainly not what it claims to be.

  8. ShalomAH! (Eternal Peace of YAHUWAH) to all my fellow AbraYA (Seed of AbrAHam) brothers and sisters.
    ‘May Almighty Loving YA, The Eternal Loving King of The YA’sarel bless you.’

    Thank you Gatekeeper John Wahl, for introducing The DebariYAHUW to all ‘YOUR FOLLOWERS’, AND openly REJECTING IT. Just as you stated correctly in your LETTER OF REJECTION of THE NAME OF YAHUWAH to me. I am The Anointed and Appointed Warrior of EL YAH, First NabiYA of Restored YAsarel in His Great Latter Day Restoration of HIS TRUTH, before YAHUWAH, the Risen YAHUW returns in 1 Sabbath Cycle, which He did declare to me and other YAHUWans World wide, LAST YEAR clearly in a Vision and prophecy revelation. BUT only to YAsarel. YAsarel, where YA Rules and is Exalted, The Kingdom Nation of YAHUWAH, represented by all 12 tribes of AbrAHam, YA’saac & YA’acob EXACTLY as HIS 70.AD QadUWsha DebariYA PREDICTED WOULD HAPPEN, SO FAR DID HAPPEN and HAlleluYAH and BARUWK HA’TA BA’SHEM YAHUWAH!!!

    By the Fruits of their spirit, you will know the Root of Each Tree! Tell me John, how many years have you and the Messianic Jews, had your scriptures and all the bibles and words YOU DID STUDY in this world and teaching it and following it and believing all it says blindly, from your forefathers?

    About the same amount of years, that The Roman Empire Circe had their own Magical Arts Bible with only 66 of the 77 Books written by YAHUW-The-Savior through His NabiYA YAHUWchanon and ShemiYAon KephAH, killed in 70AD in The Great Persecution. The Holy Scrolls of Blasphemy, also written and twisted to read IeSous, where it used to say, YAHUW CRU and THEOS, or G-d where it used to say YAHUWAH Almighty ELOAH-YA-IM, right? Even if you don’t believe it, I DECLARE THE TRUTH TO YOU NOW in YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha!

    IF YOU NOW REPRESENT, against me, All THE Messianic and Judaism JEWS AND ALL MODERN HEBREW TEXTS AND WRITINGS ever written IN THIS SPIRITUAL WAR AGAINST YASAREL to GIVE BACK THE SPIRITUAL LAND TO THE ONE WHO DID BUY IT WITH HIS OWN LIFE AND BLOOD, WHOM I was CHOSEN TO REPRESENT, AND LETS just put bishop Tutu at the head to REPRESENT ALL THE ROMAN AND GREEK SCRIPTURES, Scrolls, Codexes AND ALL THE CHURCHES, denominations, doctrines and man-made false beliefs, which his scriptures gave birth to all other Religions under christos, until today…, Right now, they control how we all should keep Sabbath and on which day YAHUWAH’s Week should Start and End.


    Let all those who falsely believe that you are FREE NOW, rattle the bishop or John Wahl’s chains then today! And if you are humbly honest and truly in the darkness today, and admit that you need guidance into Truth and Light, come and speak to me, face-to-face and either pay me for that Word of YAH, which you REJECTED IN PUBLIC, AFTER TAKING IT FROM MY and YAHUWAH’s Kingdom For FREE without Asking or Introducing yourself properly, OR BRING IT BACK AND GO YOUR MESSIANIC WAY, BROTHER. We, YASAREL, really owe you nothing.

    We do not need to defend YAHUW or YAHUWAH or HIS DEBARIYAHUW to YOU at all, because YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha is with us and He dwells WHERE HIS NAME IS EXALTED and He is The Finger of EL YAH. We really don’t need the approval of any man or religious leader in any high places. NOR do we need ALL THE RABBIS IN THIS COUNTRY to endorse The Word of YAHUWAH! We have The Truth already, AND HE SAYS, that EVERYONE who is against YAHUWAH, the Risen YAHUW, in Africa today, ALREADY serve the prince of darkness, and are already bound and captive by The Kingdom of Myths, which IS SET against Him since they all WROTE HIS NAME OUT OF THEIR BOOKS OF FAITH, before He Ascended to AbbAH in 33 AD.

    If you cannot handle to hear or see The Truth of HIS NAME, which is The First Gate to Eternal Salvation, then why do you even open your mouth against HIS WORD TO INSULT HIM? How DARE YOU think you are clothed, when YOU ARE SPIRITUALLY NAKED before me, YAHUWAH and all YAsarel? There is ONLY ONE UNFORGIVABLE SIN, TorAH from DebariYA 6:6 Shortened Version for little children in English…# 3. You shall not treat The Name of YAHUWAH Almighty Loving YA of All Creation as unimportant, for YAHUWAH CANNOT HOLD HIM SINLESS, who treats HIS NAME as UNIMPORTANT. If you reject YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha,you will not be forgiven this sin against HIM, not in this life, nor in the life to come! All other sin against men, when you repent, will be forgiven you.

    We, expect a WRITTEN APOLOGY from you for saying, what you had no right to speak, without reading that whole Book, from page 1 to page 501 first. A spiritually mature seeker of Truth, would have remained silent, to the very end and humbled Himself in Prayer to ELOAH-YA-IM, and asked for His guidance and another 2 witnesses, to Establish correctly, if this indeed is The Truth, The Way and The Light, which He has sent into this Dark world to save us from Lawlessness, before He returns.


    The Healer can only heal, those who are in need for a physician, but you all seem to be so healthy, and in no need for anyone to guide you or help you in His AHab. I forgive you for your blasphemy, but I am only the messenger of EL YAH, and I am ready, willing and able, to help you to see the very light, which you are not able to see, from the angle where you are standing, my brother.

    I love you enough, to give you and your group a chance, to hear what YAHUWAH has to say to you. If you come to hear YAHUWAH speak to you and answer all your questions in an orderly way, HE is Faithful to answer you, through me, and I will not belittle you or insult you at all. Even if you should remain in your current position of belief thereafter.

    Come, all you who are weary and heavily burdened, lied to and deceived and sick and tired of being thrown back and forth by the doctrines of men, and find your Shabbat Rest, in The Good Shepherd YAHUWAH.
    You are welcome to use my e-mail address above, and I shall help direct your path to Him, YAHUWAH is Willing, if you are.

    I was also in darkness and lawlessness once, and I do not look down upon anyone, who are my equal. Only Ha’MeoschiYAach THE ETERNAL (MESSIAH) Beloved KING of YA’sarel. (there were many messiah’s, but only ONE is Eternal!) That is what the O is for Owlam, meaning The Eternal One! Baruwk Hubow HaShem Ha’MeoschiYAach! AmaniYA! (I trust YAHUWAH Completely!)(We believe in YA,YAH,YAHUW,YAHUWAH) This is why we carry our Father’s Name as YAHUWans or part of it in our own names! We Honor and Splendor of YAH YAHUWshua (The ONE who will Save, The Promised One!)

    There was No other Name, given to MoshAH, by which a man can be saved! YAHUW is TorAH Living! The perfect unconditional love of YAHUWAH Almighty, because He laid down His life for all the sheep! The other messiahs were hired hands, to see who are the Sheep and who are the Goats! Your sister in YAH,
    BaruwkiYA, NabiYA DeborAH, Warrior of YAH, YAsarel South.

    • John Wilson says:

      I will NOT dispute with you about Orginal Scriptures or not. I just tell you about the Truth, if you have ears open for the Truth, NOT some man’s fables.

      1) Long hair so called ‘Jesus’ of ‘universal christianity’ is diabolical lie and deception of Constantine doctrine from year 325, NEVER true biblical ‘Jesus’ ( Hebrew YASHUWAH the Messiah)
      2) All religious images in any form graven, molten, painted etc… (including: hexagram star, cross, crucifix and this pagan false Messiah long hair so called ‘Jesus’ represent abominable idols and tools of diabolical deception).
      3) True and correct name of the Almighty Elohim is YASHUWAH.
      4) The Almighty Elohim revealed in the flesh is called Son of Elohim and His name is YASHUWAH the Messiah (the Anointed)

      John Wilson

  9. John says:

    Shalom DeborAH,

    I am truly grateful for your response, for this surely should bring some balance to our discussion – having access to the views of someone who has first hand knowledge of OSE1 and is a distributor of “The Word of Yah – the King’s Covenant” to the people of “YAsarel South”. I must admit, however, that I am a little perplexed by what you have said, and especially the personal tone of some of your statements.

    I have stated clearly that it was never my aim to discredit OSE1 or the people behind (or those in favour of) this translation. As far as I know, I have never communicated with you personally. Yet, you make the statement that I have sent a letter of rejection of the Name of YAHUAWAH to you. If you are referring to the initial email that I have sent out to all the people on my personal address list, and in some way or other you got hold of this email (an email with the exact same wording as the launching article above, entitled “The quest for the Original Scriptures”), I strongly object to the accusation that this is a letter of rejection of the Name of YAHUWAH.

    A copy of the translation in question was given to me as a gift, not by you or any of the other distributors, but by a friend and fellow believer, who wanted me to look at it and give my opinion about it. During that same time period, some more fellow believers also approached me for my opinion and I also noticed (through emails, etc.) that there was quite a buzz going on among believers in Messiah, in general, (NOT “my followers” as you have put it) with regards to this book. Against this background I have decided to investigate some of the claims being made in OSE1 and make my findings known to those who might also have an interest in this matter.

    When a translation of Scriptures, containing untested claims, doctrines and assumptions, is made public and introduced as the “Original Scriptures”, then it is in the interest of all Scriptural believers to gain some perspective and to come to some kind of objective evaluation of a work of this nature. This is what I have tried to do, making my own findings known to others, knowing that many have very little knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. I must admit, I have not read “from page 1 to page 501 first” – just as (I believe) you have not read everything on this website before you contributed here and said things about me and others like me, that are not even remotely true.

    I agree with you, none of us need to defend the Word of Yah. He will do so Himself and is the Guarantee, in Himself, that this Word will never be destroyed. The problem is with us human beings who are called to echo and to proclaim (and sometimes even translate) this Word as faithfully as possible. Being human beings, we can make mistakes. We can even hamper or twist or (wittingly or unwittingly) change the everlasting Word of Yah. In this respect we sometimes need others to bring perspective and to ensure that we are not replacing the words of Yah with the ideas of men.

    Against this background I am urging the translators of OSE1 to look at their translation once again and to explain why the aspects that many of us have already pointed out so far since the introduction of OSE1, that do not agree with the available ground manuscripts, are NOT in fact “ADDING TO THE WORD OF YAH OR TAKING AWAY FROM IT”. You are most welcome to send more comments, just a small request that we all try to keep our contributions as compact as possible :glad: .

  10. Victor says:

    Shalom again.

    @NabiYA DeborAH
    Since you made a few strong remarks towards John, and everyone that share his views, would it be too much to ask if we may see some of the documents you have discovered?
    I certainly know viewing the “originals” in the Himalayas would be asking for too much.
    But you have most certainly made numerous photocopies of these ms, and have them in digital format?

    I’m sure YAHUWAH wouldn’t mind if you shared some of these findings with fellow believers in Messiah.
    But I could be wrong.

    Would you also please be so kind as to exactly list the names of the 77 books you claim to be the
    “77 Books written by YAHUW-The-Savior through His NabiYA” or would that be too much to ask?

    Also would you please be so kind as to point us to where you got the idea that there are 7000 ancient manuscripts of the TaNaK (OT)?
    I am certain OT scholars would be thrilled about the new mss findings.

    Would you explain a little bit of your translation methodology, is it formal equivalence, dynamic equivalence or a mixture of both?

    Lastly, would you please be so kind as to give the sources for where you get your etymological information from?
    I am almost certain it is not from any recognized dictionary, lexicon or encyclopaedia.

    thank you kindly

  11. Dear John and Victor,

    Seeing that this is The Final Spiritual Battle between ‘unbelievers’ and ‘believers’ over the Authenticity of YAHUWAH’s Name,YAHUW-The-Savior’s Name and His Original Words as it is Written down by YAHUWchanon 180 years before the Scriptures you hold as Truth, and YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND AbraYA/YAHUWdi/Aramaic, and seeing that The King’s Covenant is The ONLY Chosen English Translation which YAHUWAH chose to BLESS you with, through His AbraYA Translators of HIS CHOOSING, which OSE1 you all have had access to already, but yet you still do not believe it is directly ordained by The Father YAHUWAH or HIS SON YAHUWAH, The Risen YAHUW, and you demand to see, what you are clearly NOT able to see or understand, EVEN IF YOU DID SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES today, and SEEING IT, will NOT be able to GIVE YOU FAITH in Him, which you clearly LACK TODAY, to be ordained to see it in the future either. To you UNBELIEVERS of today, YAHUW-The-Savior IS THE LIVING WORD OF YAHUWAH, and He will return to you soon,in His Father’s QadUWsha Name, YAHUWAH ETERNAL BELOVED KING OF YASAREL, Ha’MeoschiYAach, that YOU MAY BELIEVE IN HIM, YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved King of YA’sarel ALSO, when you lay eyes on Him! For this reason, YAHUWsha said clearly: “Blessed is he who don’t see Me and yet still believe in Me!” These are healed instantly by their Faith in YAHUW in YAHUWAH also, in that very hour of their belief.

    YAHUWAH RUWach QadUWsha, instructs me to answer YOU who Judge and Mock His Words and Name openly, with His Own Words, quoted directly from His Own Word and He will come to you Himself through 2 other witnesses and they will declare this specific passage to you also, that you may KNOW that HE is who HIS WORD and His NabiYA DeborAH today proclaim directly to you in Boldness and without fear of man. HE says this, which I humbly declare on His Behalf to you now… written by His MatithYAHUW 23:1-39, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, He changes Not.

    Then YAHUW spoke to the multitudes and to His YAHUWan disciples, saying, “Although the scribes and the Pharisees sit now in ‘MoshAH’s seat’ (seat of authority in the Assemblies), all things whatever he (MoshAH) tells you to do from The Word of YAH (DebariYA), observe and do it, but do not do the added works of any man (like the scribes and Pharisees did and still do) for THEY proclaim additions to The Original Scripture with their traditions, but you must not do these. For they bind heavy non-Covenant Word laws that are burdensome to bear and lay them on men’s shoulders, yet they themselves will not lift their finger to actually (translate accurately) to actually help them know His Original Word. All their works they do to be seen by men and gather money. They make their prayer reminders broad (tszit tszi), focus on the elegance of their clothes and love the places of acclaim at The Feasts and try to get the front seats in the assemblies of worship. They love the salutations in the marketplaces and to be called ‘Reverend’,’your Majesty’ or ‘your Highness’ by men. But you are not to be called ‘My teacher YAH’ (RabbiYA) for only One is your True Teacher YAH; YAHUW The Eternal King of The YAHUWans and all of you are equally valued brothers under The MeoschiYAach. Call upon (worship) no man on the Earth as your Father YA (AbiYA) for truly only One is your Father YA, YAHUWAH who is in the ShamaYAim. Neither call any man ‘Master’ for only One is your Master; YAHUWAH The Eternal King of The Family of YAsarel (MeoschiYAach). He who would be greatest among you will first be your servant. Whoever exalts himself, will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

    “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, You hypocrites. For you devour widows’ houses while in deception you make them cry with emotional sermons and long prayers. Therefore you will receive greater condemnation.” But Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees. You hypocrites. You hide The Kingdom of YAHUWAH from others, because YOU WILL NOT ENTER INTO IT YOURSELVES and YOU HINDER THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO ENTER INTO IT. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, YOU hypocrites. For you travel around by sea and land to make new converts an when he becomes one, you make him twice as much of a son of Gehenna as yourselves, seeing your deceiving ways. Woe to YOU, you blind guides. You say,’Whoever pledges himself to His Name in the temple, it is not important but whoever pledges himself for gold (money, monetary contracts) like is in the temple, he is obligated.’

    YOU BLIND FOOLS. For which which is greater? Gold or His Name dwelling in the temple, which sanctifies the gold YOU use? You say ‘Whether or not one pledges himself to The Covenant Words in The QadUWsha Place, it is NOT important, but whoever pledges money to “him through us,” he is obligated.’ You blind fools. For which is greater? The gift of money or His Name, which dwells in The QadUWsha Place that sanctifies the gift? He therefore who swears himself to Him whose Name is written in The QadUWsha Place, pledges himself to Eloah by it and to everything it means. He who swears in the temple pledges to YAHUW the Savior and to YAHUWAH whose Name abides in it. He who swears to the ShamaYAim, pledges himself to the authority of Almighty Loving YA of All Creation and to Him who sits on it.

    “Woe to you, you braggard scribes and Pharisees. You Hypocrites. For you make sure you tithe on small things, but ignore the more important matters of The Word such as justice, mercy and FAITH! Yes you ought to give the tithe to YAHUWAH, but not to have left the other undone.(either). You blind guides.

    YOU STRAIN A GNAT OUT,(of this translation) but YOU SWALLOW THE CAMEL. “Woe to you, false scribes and Pharisees. You hypocrites. For you clean the outside of the cup and the bowl, but on the inside, you are full of rotten extortion and disobedience to The Word. You blind Pharisees. First clean the inside of the cup and the bowl, that the outside of it may become clean also. “Woe to you, you dirty scribes and Pharisees. You deceitful hypocrites. For you are like white washed graves, which outwardly appear beautiful, but inwardly are full of dead men’s bones and are full of unclean filth. Even so, you also outwardly appear Word-Abiding to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy (double-mindedness) and iniquity. “Woe to you, lying scribes and Pharisees. You thieving hypocrites. For you build the graves of the Prophets and decorate the graves of The Word-Abiding who are sleeping and say, ‘IF WE HAD LIVED IN THE DAY OF OUR FATHERS, WE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PARTAKERS WITH THEM IN SPILLING THE BLOOD OF PROPHETS.’ Yet, you testify to your own selves that you are, indeed, children of those who killed the Prophets (NabiYA), because YOU ARE LIVING EXACTLY IN THAT SAME WAY OF YOUR FATHERS. You Serpents. You sons of vipers. How will you escape the judgment of Eternal Sheol?

    Therefore HEAR THIS: I send to you NabiYA, wise AHdam (men of YAH) and scribes. Some of them you killed and tortured and some of them you will beat with a metal tipped whip in YOUR ASSEMBLIES and persecute them form city to city, (blog to blog) that on YOU may come all the Word-Abiding blood shed on the Earth, from the blood of Word-Abiding (Covenant Keeping) AHbel to the blood of ZachariYAHUW, son of BarachiYAH, whom you killed between the sanctuary and The QadUWsha Place where The Name of YAHUWAH was caused to dwell. Most assuredly I tell you, all these things WILL COME UPON THIS GENERATION!

    37 “Yerushalom, Yerushalom (where the peace of “Ye” is exalted), you who kill the Prophets (NabiYA) and stone those who are sent to bless you. How often have I tried to gather your children together, even as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you WOULD NOT COME!. So NOW, come and see this. YOUR COVENANT-FAMILY of YAH (BethiYA) IS NOW LEFT TO YOU ABANDONED…For I tell YOU, YOU will not see Me again, until YOU will again CALL OUT, ‘BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHUWAH!” BARUWK HUBOW HA SHEM YAHUWAH!

    YAHUWchanon 12:36-50 While you have The Light, believe in The Light, that you may become ‘Children of The Light’ YAHUW Said these things… 37: But though He had done so many signs before them, yet still, THE YEHUDI did not believe in Him, that The Word of YashaYAHUW the Prophet might be fulfilled, which he spoke,: “O’ YAHUWAH, who has believed YOUR WORD? Only to whom The Word of YAHUWAH been revealed, has understood and believed it.” For this reason they could not believe, for YashaYAHUW had said, “HE has blinded their eyes and HE hardened their hearts, because they chose NOT to STUDY The Word of YAH with their OWN EYES NOR REPENT of BREAKING THE WORDS (Covenant Commandments) with their heart, whereby I would return to them and I would save them.” YashaYAHUW said these things when he saw The Eternal Splendor and spoke of Him. Actually, many of the rulers believed in Him, but because of the Pharisees, they did not publicly confess it, so that they would not be expelled from the CAHal, for they loved the praise of men, MORE than THE PRAISE OF EL YAH of All Creation.

    YAHUW cried out and said, “Whoever believes in Me, believes not only IN ME, but also in HIM, WHO SENT ME! HE WHO EXPERIENCES ME, experiences HIM who sent ME. I HAVE COME AS The Light into the world, that whoever believes in Me, may NOT remain in the Darkness. If anyone listens to MY WORDS and DOES NOT BELIEVE, I do not judge him. For I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He who REJECTS ME and DOES NOT RECEIVE MY WORDS, has ONE who judges him. The Word that I spoke (NOW), the same will judge him in the last YAom. For I spoke not from Myself, but YAHUWAH The Father who sent Me, He gave Me a Word I should say and what I should speak; THAT YArushalem will again worship Almighty Loving YA of All Creation and The Lamb and His Name will be in their foremost thoughts. I know that, IN HIS WORDS (Covenant Words) are ETERNAL LIFE. The things therefore, which I speak, even The Father has said to Me, so I speak them again to YOU.”

    31: Now the judgment of this world is here. Now the Prince of this world (Selfish Human Nature,HaShatan,The Deceiver) can be cast out. And if I am lifted up from the Earth, I will draw all people to Myself.” YAHUWchanon 17:1-7 YAHUW says: “YAHUWAH Father, the time has come. Empower YOUR Son, that Your Son may also empower YOU to gather The Children, even as You gave Him Authority over ALL flesh, He will give Eternal Life, to ALL whom YOU have given Him. And this is Eternal Life, that they should KNOW YOU YAHUWAH, the ONLY True Almighty Loving YA of All Creation and Him whom YOU sent, YAHUW-The-Savior, The Beloved King of YAsarel. I have EXALTED YOU on the Earth. I have accomplished the work, which YOU have given ME to do. Now, Father, rescue Me with Your OWN SPIRIT, with The Eternal Splendor, which I had with YOU, before the world existed. I revealed (explained) Your Name YAHUWAH to The Children whom You have given Me to take out of this world. They were YOURS and You have given them to Me. They have become Keepers of Your Covenant Word. Now they have known that all things whatever You have given Me, are from You… 26: I have made know to them Your Name YAHUWAH and will make it know so that the love with which YOU loved Me, may be in them and I in them.”

    YAHUWchanon 20:28-31 After YAHUW’s Resurrection: ThomAH answered Him,”YAHUW, my Master and my Beloved Eternal Saving King.” YAHUWAH said to him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who will not have seen, yet still will believe.” Therefore YAHUWAH the Savior did many other miracles in the presence of His YAHUWan Disciples, which are not written in this Word, but this Word of YAH is written, that you may believe that “YAHUW YashUW” (YAHUW is Salvation), that He is YAHUWAH the Eternal King of YAsarel, The Son of Almighty Loving YA Creating His People and that by believing in Him, YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE THROUGH HIS NAME! (Ma’asAH/Acts 2:38, 4:12, 10:43).

    YAHUWchanon 21:17end…YAHUWAH said to him,(KephAH) “Now you must feed even My flocks of sheep, both now and to come for many generations and write My Word and Acts for all to see and hear, who will seek Me. Do this soon, and bury some, for I tell you, most assuredly, when you were young, you dressed yourself and walked where you wanted to. Yet when you are old, you will stretch out your hands and another will undress you and carry you where you do not want to go.” (False Scriptures, which removed His Name and stole His image and called it their own proven word and Religions) “YOU JUST FOLLOW ME!”

    24: This is the YAHUWan YAHUWchanon, who testifies about these things and wrote these things. All know that His witness is always truthful.

    2 CorinthiYAans 3:12-18 Having therefore such a hope, we use great boldness of speech, and not as MoshAH, who put a veil on his face, that the Children of YAsarel would not look steadfastly on the end of that which was passing away. But their minds were hardened, for until this very YAom at the reading of the Old Covenant the same veil remains, yet in our Beloved King, it passed away. But to this YAom, when MoshAH is read, a veil lies on their heart. But whenever on turns to YAHUWAH Master, the veil is taken away. Now YAHUWAH The Master is The RUWach and where The RUWach is supreme, there is every liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror The Eternal Splendor of Master, are transformed into the same image from Splendor to Splendor and that only in OUR MASTER, YAHUWAH The RUWach.

    ChazUW YAHUW (The Revelation through YAHUW) 11:11 After the three and a half movements of YA, the breath of life from Almighty entered into them (Buried ROS Texts 77 Books Witnesses) and they stood on their feet. Great fear fell on those who saw them. (Jews & Greeks & Vatican, who destroyed DebariYAHUW during the Great Persecution in 70 A.D) 13: In that YAom, there was a great Earthquake and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake and the rest were terrified and returned to giving Kaboda to Almighty of the ShamaYAim. The second Woe is past. Hear this, the third woe comes quickly. The Seventh angel sounded and great voices in the ShamaYAim followd (Worldwideweb Webinar 29/01 Sabbath Worship) saying, “The kingdoms of the world are now coming to The Kingdom of YAHUWAH and to YAHUWAH The Beloved King of YAsarel. He will reign forever and ever.”

    For you, who do not know, YAHUWAH gave me His NabiYA DeborAH, a Prophecy Revelation on Spiritual Warfare, which I had to speak on The Sabbath Webinar to the World, and did send to all in YAsarel on my mailing list until today, which was exactly these words, but I did not know that I sounded this exact scripture from The King’s Covenant fulfilling it exactly, until now… If you want the copy of this Prophecy Revealed, you may e-mail me each individually, and I will forward it to you gladly.

    I do, as YAHUWAH leads me to do. If you read the Prophecy, compared to what YAHUWAH said to you here now, and consider everything carefully, do you really need more witnesses and more proof? I am the only one in YAsarel East, West, North and South, who said that regardless of The Bible’s end prophecy, YAHUWAH told me, that ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD, will come and worship Him, if there is ONE WITNESS, who are faithful, to pray and ask for their veils to be lifted, believing with a Faith that can move mountains, YAHUWAH is Faithful, and what I ASKED UNTIL NOW, HE HAS GRANTED ME, and I am humble and loving and faithful and serving Him and His lost sheep daily to save you from unbelief.

    Please hear this message and call to you all, and come join us in serving The King YAHUWAH together. Your JOY will be made full with us! We love you also as our fellow AbraYA, brothers and sisters from the seed of AbrAHam. This Word of YAH, THE KING’S COVENANT, IS THE BONES, WHICH RECEIVED YAHUWAH’s Breath again, to LEAD US ALL TO HIM TOGETHER… Why can you not see that brothers? Love conquers All and covers a multitude of sins. With much AHab, your sister in Faith in YAH, NabiYA DeborAH, YAsarel South. (The last found Covenant Word, shall be First, the South, who is last in the Restoration to receive The King’s Covenant, will lead the Spiritual War for Fertile Ground, also!) It has already begun…AmaniYA! Baruwk Hata BaShem YAHUWAH!

  12. John says:

    DeborAH, sorry, but unless you restrict your contributions to the present subject and keep them short and sweet, we’ll not allow any more of it on this BLOG page. There are some serious concerns among a number of serious believers in South Africa, about the credibility and reliability of the OSE1 translation, which we had hoped you can clear up for us. Up till now you have chosen to take the bold and offensive route – not answering any of the valid concerns that were raised thus far, but rather quoting even more Scriptures, some of which are almost beyond recognition when compared with those texts that the rest of us “unenlightened ones” have access to. Could you perhaps help us out?

  13. John, I am willing to help you out, as far as I can, in a much shorter way then, as you requested. What exactly is it, that you would like to know from me, brother, to help enlighten your path and understanding about OSE1? Let’s do one question at a time then and do it in love of YAHUWAH.

  14. Victor says:


    Would you please be so kind as to exactly list the names of the 77 books you claim to be the
    “77 Books written by YAHUW-The-Savior through His NabiYA”
    Thank you.

    (Jammer John dat ek nou voor jou inspring, maar ek wil baie graag die presiese boeke weet, volgende vraag is joune :glad: )

  15. NabiYA DeborAH says:

    Here is my answer Victor, but it is a long precise one, in exact order. I want to do this right. Forgive the length John.

    There are 50 books found in the ROS First Covenant, (Please Note there are 3 Books of Ezra + 7 Books of TehaleYAim, not just one. There are 26 books in The King’s Covenant = 76 and the 77th Book is now being written by NabiYA OF RESTORED YAsarel, called: YAom Acharith Shalam (The Latter Day Restoration).
    Please also note: ‘Revelations of YAHUW’ was not found with these scrolls, but was written 170-280AD only, but also written by YAHUWAH’s NabiYA we trust, and also inspired and lead in His RUWach QadUWsha.

    THEY ARE: First Covenant: SECTION 1: The 5 Books of MoshAH,1’Bara Esh YA'(The Creator of The Explosion is YA(Genesis) 2’Shemoth Ben YAsarel'(Names of the Sons of YAsarel(Exodus) 3’UwYAqara’ (The Way of The Call of YA (Leviticus) 4’Bemidbar YAsarel'(YAsarel in the Wilderness(Numbers)5’DebariYA (The Word of YAH(Deuteronomy)

    SECTION 2 A: The 5 Great Prophets (NabiYA Godowl): 1 YAHUWsha/YAHUWshua(YAHUW-The-Savior(Joshua) 2 YashaYAHUW (Our Savior is YAHUW (Isaiah) 3 YermeYAHUW (Resurrection is YAHUW(Jeremiah) 4YAzeckiel(YA is The Wordful Almighty One (Ezekiel) 5 DanYAel(Almighty YA is the Judge(Daniel)

    SECTION 2 B: The 13 NabiYA of Faith and Hope: 6 ChanUWk(Covenant Grace is YAHUW(Enoch)7 AHosha (YAH will Eternally Save us(Hosea) 8 YAoel (YA is The Eternal Almighty One (Joel) 9 AmUWs (YAHUW will bear our burdens(Amos) 10 ObadiYAHUW (Servant of YAHUW(Obediah) 11 YAonah(Turn to Eternal YAH(Jonah) 12 MicahYAHUW(Who is like YAHUW!(Micah) 13 NachUWm(Repent in YAHUW(Nahum) 14 ChabakUWk(Embrace YAHUW(Habakkuk) 15 ZephaniYAHUW(The Treasure is YAHUW (ZephaniYAH) 16 ChaggaiYA(Life is in YAH(Haggai) 17 ZackeriYAHUW(The Unforgetable Promise is YAHUW(Zackariah) 18 MalakiYA(The Messengers of YAH(Malachi)

    SECTION 3: KethubiYAim The Writings of YAsarel A: The 12 Histories of YAsarel: 1 YAshar (YAH utterly saves us (Jasher) 2 Ben YAsarel (The Sons of YAsarel (The 12 Patriarchs) 3 ShoptemiYA (The Judges of YAH(Judges) 4. 1ShamUWel (Listen to Almighty YAHUWAH (1 SamUWel) 5. 2ShamUWel 6. 1 Dibre MelekiYAim(Books of the Kings of YAsarel (1 Kings) 7. 2 Dibre MelekiYAim (2 Kings) 8. 1 Dibre YAamin (History of the Believers in YAH (1 Chronicles) 9. 2 Dibre YAamin (2 Chronicles) 10. 1 EzrAH (Our Strength is YAH (1 Ezra) 11. 2 + 3 EzrAH (2-3 Ezra) 12. NechemiYAH (Return to YAH (Nehemiah)
    B: The 7 Wisdoms from YAH: 13 MishlAH (Wisdom from YAH (Proverbs) 14.YAoab (YA is my Eternal Father(Job) 15. Shir ha ShiriYAim (Singing the Songs of YA) 16. RUWth (Exalt YAHUWAH(Ruth) 17 YAHUWdAH BekAH (YAHUWdAH’s Sorrows(Lamentations) 18 CAHaleth(The Called Out of YAH (Ecclesiastes) 19 MadassAH(The Dancing Princess of YAH(Esther)
    C: The 7 Praises to YAH: 20 TehaleYAim (Praises to YAH(Psalms) (7 BOOKS)

    26 Books in The King’s Covenant: (You have a copy to see it) If not, send an e-mail request to NabiYA DeborAH to: and I will gladly provide you with your own copy for FREE anywhere in South Africa. You cover Postage of Speed Services Couriers only! Thank you kindly and I trust this answers your question brothers, AHabiYA & BaruwkiYA!

  16. NabiYA DeborAH says:

    SHABBAT SHALOMAH to you all, brothers and sisters! May YAHUWAH bless you and keep you, May YAHUWAH make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, May YAHUWAH lift up His Countenance upon you and give you His Eternal Peace (ShalomAH) now and forever more, AmaniYA! (We believe in YAHUWAH/We trust YAHUWAH Completely!) May He give you the desire in your hearts and minds, to read His King’s Covenant with Faith in Him, to restore His Truth to you, before the world contaminated it and fed it to us first! This is the First Word, but it was buried until now, but it has returned to us, by His Love,Mercy and Grace in Abundance. Have a wonderful rest in YAH TODAY! Great Joy and FREEDOM has returned to AfricAH! Just as we all prayed for years to come… It did, He is Faithful, even when we are not. TodAH!

  17. John says:

    Here is my main concern about OSE1, once again. This translation is called “The Kings Covenant”. Not an unfitting name, I would say, because Scriptures contain numerous references to Yahweh’s covenant with his people and what this covenant is all about. One of the main characteristics of this covenant is its essential unchangeable nature. Not once, but many times, we are reminded in Scriptures that no man is allowed or authorized to alter this covenant, by adding to, or taking away from the words of the Almighty. I was glad when I saw the importance of this very principle being emphasised in OSE1, on page 5, page 8, page 14, etc.

    My problem with OSE1, however, is that while this extremely vital Scriptural principle of not adding to, or taking away from the King’s Covenant, is being upheld in theory by the compilers of OSE1, I have already spotted scores of places in this translation where words or ideas or even man-made doctrines have been added to the text, or in some cases, taken away from the text, without any textual mandate whatsoever. My understanding is that it is a translator’s job to translate the original texts as accurately as possible and take special care not to read things INTO the texts that are not there, even if he thinks it should be there. A translator should translate, not interpret, and definitely not expand. Otherwise it’s no longer a translation, but rather a reflection of personal belief.

    I have already given a number of examples of this tendency in my previous contributions but there are many more verses that could be singled out as proof texts. Where did the translators of OSE1 get this authority from to alter the Word of Yah and what makes them think that believers will take this translation seriously when they themselves remind us about other “translations” in which the very same thing was done, with devastating results?

    Let me just add a few more examples from the book of Revelation. According to the compilers, this book was not found with the recently discovered texts dating back to 77 after Messiah, which means the translation is only based on those Greek texts that are in the public domain.

    Rev 1:4 (OSE1 translation) “This is YAHUWAH the Savior, to the seven Covenant-Families of YAH, that are in AsiYA …”

    Greek text: “Yahuchanan, to the seven assemblies that are in Asia …”

    Notice the difference: “YAHUWAH the Savior” and “Yahuchanan”.

    Rev 1:5 (OSE1 translation) “and from YAHUWAH The King, The Faithful Witness, The
    Firstborn of the dead and The Ruler of the kings of the Earth …”

    Greek text: “and from Y’shua Messiah, the trustworthy witness, the first-born from the dead, and the ruler of the sovereigns of the earth …”

    Notice the difference “YAHUWAH the King” and “Y’shua Messiah” (nowhere in the known Scriptures do we ever find the concept that YAHUWAH or Yahweh is the first-born from the dead).

    Rev 1:6 (OSE1 translation): “and made us to be a Kingdom, and Priests to YAHUWAH Almighty our Father …”

    Greek text: “and has made us sovereigns and priests to His Elohim and Father …”

    Once again the translation is very inaccurate, not reflecting the truth that Yahweh is Y’shua’s Elohim (or: Mighty One). Why change “His Elohim and Father” to “our Father” with nothing in the text to support such a change?

    There are numerous examples like these, but I shall restrict myself, for lack of time and space.

  18. Dear John and all members of The Messianic Movement and Religion in Africa, who believe with all your hearts and minds, that The Almighty Creator of All Creation’s Name, is Yahweh and His son is Y’shua:

    It is apparent and very obvious to me and all your readers and followers of your teachings, that you ALL will remain in your current beliefs and Religious Word Teachings, until YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved King of YAsarel returns to Earth. Like I have stated correctly before, and The Word of YAH teaches US, that THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, OF THE FATHER AND THE SAVIOR OF ALL MEN, IS YAHUWAH AND HIS NAME, IS THE FIRST GATE OF SALVATION, therefore, This Word, will judge you in the end, just as you were told by His RUWach in the answers above, previously.

    I see no reason, for any of your members of any of your congregations or assemblies in South Africa or Africa as a continent, to receive a FREE Copy of The Word of YAH, The King’s Covenant E1 then either, from this day forth. That is great news, because it will surely make it much easier and cheaper for YAHUWAH DISTRIBUTIONS CC, to provide The King’s Covenant then to ONLY THOSE WHO ARE CALLED TO BE YAsarel, and make a DISTINCT DIVISION between the Goats and the Sheep and This Word of YAH, is by YOUR ANSWERS AND ATTITUDE AND REJECTIONS AND OBJECTIONS, NOT FOR EVERYONE, after all.

    In due time, I believe, you will come to know and receive MORE WITNESSES from others in the world, that This is and Was The Truth and the most Accurately translation you ever had access to. That we did not remove from the word or add to it, but that YOUR FOREFATHERS, AND SCRIBES HAVE REMOVED AND ADDED TO THE ORIGINAL WORD OF YAH many centuries ago already, and you are now too bias to see the truth, even if we have declared it to you clearly. You have hardened your hearts and minds towards it, therefore you will remain as you are, until the very end.

    Thank you for your time and for showing to us clearly, your spirit within you as a body of ‘unbelievers in YAHUW IN YAHUWAH’, that we will not waste our time, money, breath or efforts, to even try to convince any Messianic Jew in Africa, to know The Truth and The SAVING Name of YAHUWAH Eternal Beloved King of YAsarel, and HIS 12+1 COVENANT WORDS, which HE DID GIVE TO MOSHAH. I hereby dust off my feet against your ‘City of Yahweh believers’ and we are moving on without you. I am sorry, that you are not able to see past your Own Traditions and Religion and those who lied to you, but I/we, did not lie to you today.

    Only time will tell and show you, the error of your faith in the wrong names and word and only part of The Covenant of YAHUWAH, which your scribes have copied in part only, many centuries ago and published as The Law of Moshe.

    Baruwk hata Ba Shem YAHUWAH! Blessed iS The Name of YAHUWAH! UriYAH-LukAH 13:35 YAHUW-The-Savior now says this to you: “Hear this; your ‘house’ will soon be abandoned and desolate. I tell you, you will not see Me again, until you begin to call out, ‘Blessed is The MeoschiYAach who comes in The Name of YAHUWAH'(Baruwk hata Ha MeoschiYAach bowhu Ba Shem YAHUWAH!)” All those whom YOU HAVE NOW LEAD ASTRAY TODAY WITH YOUR OWN WORD OF YOUR MOUTH, you will have to give full account of, on The Judgement Day!

    We have done what we could, to be patient and loving and kind to you within reason, but by the fruits of your spirit, we now distance ourselves from you, for WE REPRESENT A DIFFERENT KINGDOM, THAN YOU REPRESENT! TAKE IT, OR LEAVE IT, IT IS YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE. We respect it, but don’t agree with you whatsoever. I am sorry that I have wasted my time thinking you are able to discern correctly. I was wrong. AmaniYA! You will not hear from us again and your stance against The Word of YAH has been duly noted, and I will relay this message to YAsarel World Wide also!

  19. Victor says:

    Dear DeborAH

    Thank you for answering the question about the 77 Books. I really appreciate that you cleared that up.
    I am a bit unhappy about the way you responded to John, though, He never once atacked YOU personally, he posed concerns about the TRANSLATION.
    The concerns are VALID concerns, it is about the way the Word of YAH was Translated.

    You claim that it is the most Accurate translation ever in English, Devorah, what METHOD of translation was used, was it Literal translation, or dynamic equivalent? (What I have seen, it is FAR from sticking closely to what the text actually literally states, so it is almost a paraphrase in many places)
    This is IMPORTANT, we are not trying to argue about little things, the methods employed in translations is critically important as to how accurate the Translation wil be.

    The simple FACT is that John looked at a few verses of Revelation, that you admit, wasn’t part of the newly discovered mss, so the text for translating Revelations could only come from mss available to us, most probably one of the critical Greek texts, i.e. UBS3/4 or Nestle Aland 26/27. Or maybe from the Majority text version.
    Those texts are available to us. We do not know exactly what texts your translators used, I suspect you don’t know either.

    You never once refered to the concerns John raised, or even tried to explain the readings in “The Word of YAH”, all you did was tell us how wrong we are and that we are misguided and blind.

    I understand you may not know these specifics that we are enquiring about, and I can see you do not understand what we are pointing out.
    Devorah, is there a way to maybe contact the people that worked with the translation? That we may ask them these things?

    Lastly, you claim that there are 77 books in the ROS1, but that they are busy writing the 77th one…
    I thought the canon was closed after Revelation 0__O

    Anyway, thank you kindly for anwering what you could.

    May YHWH lead us in TRUTH, and the Truth shall set us free :glad:

  20. Pieter says:

    Shalom all, @DeborAH,

    I would like to thank you for making it all so abundantly clear – this is a TEST:
    Deb 13:1-4 “When there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he shall give you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder shall come true, of which he has spoken to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other elohim – which you have not known – and serve them,’ do not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for YHWH your Elohim is trying you to know whether you love YHWH your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being. Walk after YHWH your Elohim and fear Him, and guard His commands and obey His voice, and serve Him and cling to Him.”

    The Word of the Almighty clarifies all and sets everything straight (2Ti 3:16-17). The test is not whether a prophet (as you call yourself) arises from “among” us, or even if the prophet’s signs and wonders come true. The test is whether we as Yisrael (that is, everyone past and present that has been grafted in) have known the mighty one(s) such a prophet wants us to go after and serve? The witness of Yisrael in accordance with Torah, which you diminish, is in fact important in proving a prophet!

    The root of the Hebrew word translated as “known” is YADA, which means to know intimately. The TEST therefore is simply: Do we know intimately the elohim you want us to go after and serve? It is very clear to me, both from your own testimony and from the verses that John has analysed, that I do not YADA that mighty one at all. Even by your own words, you are representing a “different kingdom”.

    The instruction is then also very clear: I am to LO SHAMA (not listen to/ obey) the words of haNAVIY (the prophet). The purpose of the TEST is that the Almighty wants to YADA through our actions whether we love only Him with all our heart and being or whether we will listen to “that prophet” proclaiming other mighty ones. My house and I choose to walk after YHWH, to fear Him alone, to guard His commands, to obey His voice, to serve Him and to cling to Him. May He have mercy on us all.

    Some concluding remarks:
    1. The comments above pertain to your theology/ doctrine, which may become a stumbling block to believers (Rom 14:13), and not necessarily to the Hebrew writings you claim to have found. With the exception of Revelations, where John’s analysis of only three verses has shown up the doctrinal insertions in your translation, these cannot be considered since no-one has seen them (outside of a privileged few, evidently).

    2. It is somewhat disingenuous and hugely irresponsible to present a “new word”, which is aimed at shaking the faith of believers in the very Word they hold dear, without providing any proof of the validity of that “new word” (see Victor’s questions).

    3. Scripture says that every matter is established by at least two witnesses (Deb 19:15), so I will hold on to the multiple-witnessed Masoretic and Received texts we have at the moment (even with the imperfect transmission of the latter). You refer to “more witnesses” to follow – to be sure, I trust you are not implying more people testifying to OSE1 (particularly without having seen or tested it), but to an independent textual confirmation.

    4. Y’shua was very clear during His life on what He supported and what He opposed. Nowhere in His witness is there even an inference that the Tanakh of His time was anything but the perfect and complete Word of the Almighty. (He did vehemently oppose the teachings of man that added/ subtracted/ changed the Word of His Father!). And He especially did not make reference to a book like Chanokh (Enoch) with its different calendar and report. (The pseudepigraphal book of Chanokh was written only about 200 years before the Messiah, not by anyone named or related to the Chanokh of Ber 5:22-24, and at a time when the presence of YHWH was not in the temple).

    Teh 119:89 “Forever, O YHWH, Your Word stands firm in the heavens.”
    Yesh 40:8 (1Ke 1:23,25) “Grass shall wither, the flower shall fade, but the Word of our Elohim stands forever.”

    Shalom all and shavua tov

  21. John says:

    I do not suppose that it will serve any purpose to say much more (thank you, Victor and Pieter!) in response to DeborAH’s last contribution in which she once again chose not to answer any of our genuine concerns about the OSE1 translation, but rather chose to wrap a dark cloud of suspicion and even condemnation around those who do not think and believe the way she does. Hopefully, “YAsarel World Wide” will not only be notified of our attitude towards OSE1, but also of the attitude of one of their prophets (or NabiYA’s) towards a handful of down-to-earth believers in South Africa who dared to ask for proper answers to their questions.

  22. John says:

    I received a personal email this morning from someone who won’t mind me sharing part of it on the Blog. The sentence from this email that I would like to share here, is this: “All this discussion re the Book is way above my head, although very interesting, I only know for sure that a bitter, personal tongue during a discussion is NOT of our Master and we continue to pray for you and yours.”

    How I appreciate people like these! Not only for their continued prayers, but also for their honesty. So let us see if we can do something about this discussion that is tending to be “way above” many people’s heads. I know that I am the first one in line that needs to K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple) :glad: in order to encourage more people to take part in the discussion.

    I am sure there are many people reading this, who have also heard about or read or even studied the newly introduced OSE1 translation of the New Covenant Scriptures. I would like to repeat the invitation to all those people to make use of this opportunity to post your comments or concerns or compliments regarding this book, in a simple and straightforward manner, so that everyone can follow and understand. We would like to see people freely taking part in the discussion, without fear of not sounding like an expert! Remember, your thoughts may help someone else, just like you, to make an informed decision …

  23. Willem says:

    I just want to concur with the e-mail you refer to. The discussions did get a bit technical, and DeborAH’s comments were uncalled for to say the least. Not only did she act in a “bitter and attacking” way – but she never attempted to even answer our questions in a proper manner.
    I’d still love to at least get some answers to the questions that were asked, just as I would also like to see where they get their information from and how they came to certain conclusions about OSE1.
    As you have said John, to just add or take away from the scripture to suit one’s own doctrine is simply not on. The scriptures are very clearly against this “practice” (See Pieter’s comment above)
    I personally believe that from just the few examples you have given us which shows clearly how OSE1 has manipulated the original texts, and from the way that DeborAH has managed to degrade and attack all those who simply don’t believe exactly what she does, that this translation is NOT “kosher” (for lack of a better word).
    I believe all of us need to make out the matter for ourselves and pray that Yahweh will use this “opportunity” to further spread his word and truth.

  24. madeline says:

    Dear John

    I also have to agree with the person who sent you the email. U have followed the discussion with interest, but it also is way above my head. I have felt the aggression and even anger in the person called Deborah’s comments and I know that YAHWEH is love, kindness, compassion, slow to anger. This person did not seem to show that, so how can it then be from YAHWEH.

  25. John says:

    Thanks for your comments, Willem and Madeline, I am sure we are slowly but surely gaining more perspective on this new translation. I would like to point out something regarding OSE1 that may once again come across as technical and complicated, but I feel that this is extremely important in order to make a proper assessment of the claims being made in this book. I shall try to explain this in a way as down to earth as possible.

    The claim is made that the name “YAHUW” appears regularly in many early manuscripts of the “New Testament” as the name of the Messiah. The compilers have even included photos of some of these early Greek manuscripts in their book to “prove” their point. Some of these photos are most difficult to decipher and I managed to find better quality copies (of the same manuscripts, as well as others) on the internet. By taking a closer look at these manuscripts, we can make an informed decision whether these claims about the Name of the Messiah are indeed true, or not.

    One of the photos included, is from what they call “A codex Alexandrius” (better known as codex Alexandrinus, with an “n”). This is the name of a manuscript containing the Old and New Testaments (both in Greek, with a few pages missing), dating back to the 5th century C.E. and currently kept in the British Library in London. In this manuscript, the OSE1 compilers claim, “our Savior is called YAHUW”. Is this true?

    Let us look at one verse only, 2 Pet 3:18. Here is a good quality copy of this verse as it appears in this ancient manuscript. It will be noticed that there are no gaps between the words and that the combinations KY, CPC, IY and XY are marked with horizontal lines above the letters. These “words” with horizontal lines above them are often found in the early manuscripts and they turn out to be abbreviations (or shortened forms) of the Name and titles of the Messiah. The letters being used are Greek capital letters and readers should bear in mind that “K” is equivalent to our “K”, “Y” is equivalent to our “U”, “C” is equivalent to our “S”, “P” is equivalent to our “R”, “I” is equivalent to our “I” and “X” is equivalent to our “CH” (pronounced as in the Scottish “loch”).

    There is very little doubt in the minds of almost all experts on these texts that “KY” stands for the genitive form “kuriou” (first and last letter) which means “of the master”, “CPC” stands for the genitive form “soteros” (first, fifth and last letter) which means “of the saviour”, “IY” stands for the genitive form “Iêsou” (first and last letter) which means “of Y’shua” and “XY” stands for the genitive form “christou” (first and last letter) which means “of Messiah”.

    The OSE1 translators want us to believe that at least the form “IY” is a clear indication that the Messiah was called “YAHUW” and not Y’shua. To be fair, if one has to write the first and last letters of “YAHUW” in Greek capital letters, it would be “IY”. The problem is, however, that they completely disregard the fact that the grammar of this particular verse requires the genitive case, and therefore the “u” ending. This abbreviation ends with an “u” sound, only because it is in the genitive form.

    When other forms of the word “Iêsous” are required, in many other verses of the “New Testament” (depending on various grammatical factors), then we find different abbreviations of the Name of the Messiah, like “IC” (for “Iêsous” – as this copy from the ancient Codex Sinaiticus of Mark 1:9 will clearly show) and “IN” (for “Iêsoun” – as in this copy of Luke 5:12, also from Codex Sinaiticus). Bear in mind that “Iêsous” (and the related forms like “Iêsou” and “Iêsoun”) are the best that the Greek language can come up with, when they try to write the Hebrew word “Y’shua”. The abbreviated forms “IH” and “IHC” (first, second and last letters of the word “Iêsous”) are sometimes also used for the Messiah’s Name in certain early manuscripts (with the letter “H” being the Greek equivalent of our “E” – see for example this copy of Papyrus 108, dating from the late second century or early third century and containing part of the text of John 18). All of these, once again, point solidly towards the Greek word “Iêsous”.

    None of the examples from the previous paragraph, based on various ancient manuscripts, can in any way be connected to the form “YAHUW”. This leaves us with no other conclusion than to reject categorically the claim of OSE1 that the Messiah’s Name was YAHUW and that this is the Name that is still to be used for Him today. I am not saying that “Iêsous” (or Jesus) is the correct Name of the Messiah – not for one moment. What I am saying is that the Greek writers of the “New Testament” referred to the Messiah as “Iêsous”, NOT “YAHUW”. This word “Iêsous” seems to be an effort to render or “transliterate” the Hebrew name “Yeshua” which, in turn, was a shorter form of the Hebrew name “Yahushua” or “Yehoshua” (which means “The salvation of Yahweh”).

    May Yahweh grant us all the inner strength to discern wisely and truthfully.

  26. Rob H says:

    Thanks all for your comments, Appart from my own personal resevations I think that the “fruit” shown is clear what sort of “tree” this comes from.. Toda Raba

  27. Johann de Kock says:

    Dear John,
    It seems to me that you are qualified and you should help them to rectify all the mistakes, so that we can have a perfect copy that does our Father proud.

  28. Matt Heyns says:

    1. As die Messias ons Verlosser is waarom word daar so gestoei oor sy Naam.

    2. Shalom!

  29. John says:

    Matt, ek reken dis omdat sy Naam vir meeste van ons belangrik is en ons nie bereid is om (vir die tweede of selfs derde keer) in ‘n situasie te beland nie waar ons ‘n Verlosser navolg, maar onder ‘n vervalsde of verdraaide Naam!

  30. Ben says:

    Beste John,
    en mede Messianse gelowiges.
    Vanoggend kry ek ‘n woord vanaf ‘n mede broeder per sms:
    Amo 8:11 “See, days are coming,” declares the Master ????, “that I shall send a hunger in the land, not a hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water, but for hearing the Words of ????.
    Daar is ‘n opregte honger van menigde gelowige om die Woord te hoor, soos dit geskrewe staan in die Hemel.Die geskrewe woord het verseker die weg gebaan vir misleiding in elke taal op aarde en daarom bly die mens hunker na die “Woord wat Waarheid” is.Ek loof El Shaddai, dat dit Hy is wat ons gewillig en bekwaam maak om Sy Wil te doen.
    Vanoggend het ek die eerste keer gereageer op jou epos, en ervaar om die blok te besoek, net ervaar dat ek nie voorheen moes kyk.(Vyand het ‘n manier om ons tyd te steel, as jy nie deel moet wees van iets). Vroegoggend vir ABBA gevra dat ek net vandag vir Hom ‘n priester sal wees volgens die Orde van Malkitsedek.
    Ek betwyfel sterk, dat die skrywer Deborah in ‘n fisiese vroulike liggaam is. Ek het ‘n baie sterk manifistasie ervaar van die hemelkoningin(Jer 44) binne die konteks van die eposse. Ook ervaar dat daar baie vloeke uitgespreek is/was teen gelowiges wat hier betrokke sou raak.
    My gebed vir elkeen van ons: ” ABBA Vader, ek kom na U toe in die Naam van ons Meester Yahshua ons Messias, en in Sy Naam bind ek elke vloek wat uitsgespreek is oor John en broers en susters wat U volg. Vader ek sny en seel dit af met die bloed van ons Meester Yahshua Ha Mashiach. Met Danksegging”
    Vader het met my ‘n pad gestap na my besoek aan Yerushalayiem verlede jaar oor hoe ons somtyds ons besig hou met “sielsmanupilasie = heksery” om mede gelowiges te manupileer om iets in die Koningkryk te doen as dit nie Vader se tyd is vir daardie persoon. Ook dat ons met “Waarheid” na mede gelowiges gaan sonder dat daar enige Guns betrokke is vanaf ons kant. Dat ons menigmaal nie die vrugte van die Gees het terwyl ons die “Waarheid” met ander deel. Orde is en bly baie belangrik vir Vader, en ons enigste voorbeeld, ons Meester Yahshua:
    Joh 1:17 For the Torah was given through Moshe; grace and truth came through Yeshua the Messiah.
    Ons moet mede gelowiges en ongelowiges benader met guns en dan waarheid – dan is ons besig met Vader se Koningkryk.
    “Vader ek kom vanoggend en bely dat ek teenoor U sondig, en dat ek nie altyd mede broeders en susters benader met guns en waarheid, maar dat ek die “waarheid”(die bietjie wat U aan my geopenbaar het), in mense se kele wil afdruk, ongeduldig raak as hulle nie die woord wil vat, en dan wegstap en dood spreek en dink, teenoor die persone. Vader ek wil vanoggend namens my mede broers en susters wat hulle op die “Hebreewse wortels” pad bevind bely dat ons soms arrogant en hoogmoedig raak met die kennis wat ons opdoen. Beskerm ons asb teen geestelike hoogmoed, en help ons om opreg nederig voor U te wandel, en die weg van dissipelmaking te volg. Vader ek belei ook dat ons, al is dit net in ons gedagtes mede gelowiges wat nog vasgevang is in “mensgemaakte strukture” oordeel en veroordeel. Vader ek bid dat die Guns wat U oor elkeen van ons gebring het, ook oor hulle sal kom, op U regte tyd. Ek LOOF U daarvoor. In die Naam van ons Meester Yahshuaha Mashiach. Met danksegging”
    Ons Meester se ons dwaal vir twee redes:
    1) Ons ken nie die Tanakh
    2) Ons ervaar nie die Krag van Elohim in ons lewens.(persoonlike getuienis van ‘n geloofslewe/lewende verhouding met Vader)
    Mat 22:29 And ????? answering, said to them, “You go astray, not knowing the Scriptures1 nor the power of Elohim. Footnote: 1Mk. 12:24
    Mag Vader ons elkeen lei, sodat ons in bogenoemde sal wandel.
    Shabbat Shalom

  31. John says:

    Dankie vir daardie perspektief, Ben. As ons die waarheid liefhet, is ons in lyn met die Skrif. As ons egter ‘n soort “waarheid” najaag wat net oor kennis gaan en nie aspekte soos guns en integriteit insluit nie, is ons nie volgelinge van die Messias nie en weerspieël ons ook nie die hart van die Vader nie.

  32. Victor says:

    John, thank you for the clear explanation.

    If the readers are interested about the way that the titles and names are presented in some of the old greek manuscripts, a good starting point is here:

    [I must admit though looking at the old greek uncial manuscripts (manuscripts in all capital letters} it was hard trying to figure out what was said! :ooo: ]

    I fully agree that today we should transliterate names, that is the practice in the news, and in most publications, why then does the translators of the Scriptures not follow suit?

    It should be pointed out though, at the time of Messiah, we KNOW that His name had at least 3 forms in 3 languages.
    Luk 23:38 And there was also an inscription written over Him in letters of Greek, and Roman, and Heb?rew: THIS IS THE SOVEREIGN OF THE YEHUD?IM.
    Mat 27:37 And they put up over His head the written charge against Him: THIS IS Y’shua’, THE SOVEREIGN OF THE YEHUD?IM.

    So the Name of Messiah, already at this point, had three forms, in 3 languages.
    In Hebrew/ Aramaic script. In Latin and Greek script.

    Again, I would like to point out, because it is mentioned by the OSE1 translation, and used by many people who don’t use the form ‘Jesus’ any more.
    The name Jesus, does not have a pagan origin…

    I know there are popular works out there that claim it does, but NO recognized dictionary on etymology or encyclopaedia makes that connection.
    All the sources I have looked at so far, admits plainly that Jesus is from a Hebrew origin.[Many times but not always, giving the Hebrew forms.]
    So we should be careful not to promote falsehoods even when it sounds nice and because it fits our Theology.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  33. Schalk says:

    Baie dankie aan al die kundiges wat probeer lig werp op die onderwerp.
    Ek as leek wil egter net ‘n paar opmerkings maak.

    1.Baie van bogenoemde vergelykings van OSE1 word gemaak met die Griekse geskrifte wat hulle dan nou juis meen verkeerd was. Dus help dit op hierdie stadium om OSE1 te toets met jonger geskrifte nie.

    2.Die nuut gevonde geskrifte moet bekikbaar gestel word sodat die VERTALING en INTERPRETSAIE daarvan in OSE1 beoordeel kan word. Ek het op een van hul webtuistes gesien dat gewapende groepe reeds twee maal die “nuwe” ou geskrifte probeer roof het. Dit kan maar agter slot en grendel bly, maar sekerlik kan foto’s daarvan dalk ook bestudeerbaar wees.

    3.Met dit wat huidiglik tot ons beskikking is het John ‘n baie goeie observasie gemaak oor hul manier wat hulle Openbaring vertaal het aangesien dit gedoen is uit beskikbare geskrifte en is my afleiding dat hulle nie daarin geslaag het nie. Hoe moet ons dan weet of die res van OSE1 korrek vertaal is?

    4.Hulle het ‘n kopie van “A codex Alexandrius” gebruik as een van hul bewyse dat “our Savior is called YAHUW”. Soos weereens deur John uitgewys is dit ook nie korrek nie.

    Met soveel anomalië is dit baie moeilik om OSE1 as geloofwaardig te aanvaar.

    Met die skokkende manier wat Deborah jul vrae hanteer het poog ek om ‘n ander kontak in die hande te kry wat dalk die vrae behoorlik kan antwoord. Hul senior redakteur was nou hier in Suid Afrika en was verlede naweek in Durban. Ek is nie seker of hy al terug is Amerika toe nie. Sal julle op hoogte hou as ek kontak gemaak het.

  34. Johann de Kock says:


    Daar is reeds baie vertalings beskikbaargestel deur die jare en ons glo dat elkeen poog om die Woord reg uit te kry na die mense, terwille van die Evangelie.

    Daar is dan ook in ALLE vertalings foute wat ander mense sien en party volg dit op en verbeter dit. Kom ons gee hierdie mense ook ‘n kans om hulle foute uit te sorteer. Kom ons skryf aan hulle en wys hul op die dinge wat ons sien, wat verkeerd is – hulle het tog immers gevra dat ons hulle in kennis moet stel. Kom ons rig dan ook kwelvrae aan hulle direk – miskien is daar logiese antwoorde vir die foute of die volgende uitgawe is dalk meer bevredigend.

    Dit is tog ook ons strewe om die VOLLE WAARHEID te ontdek en om dit met ander mense te deel ter opbouing van die LIGGAAM, waarvan ons deel is. Dit is nie vir ONS om te kritiseer en te oordeel nie – net onse Vader het al die feite en Hy alleen kan regverdig oordeel. Kom ons ondersoek alles en behou die goeie (spoeg die bene uit), sodat dit ons kan verryk, ter stigting van ons medewerkers om ons.

    Groetnis en shalom.

  35. John says:

    Johann, hierdie forum is bloot ‘n poging om bespreking aan te wakker oor ‘n vertaling van die Skrif wat in die openbaar bekend gestel en versprei is. Ons oogmerk is om gelowiges op “voetsoolvlak” te probeer help om ‘n ingeligte en objektiewe evaluering van hierdie vertaling te maak. Die bedoeling is geensins om die vertalers aan te vat of te konfronteer of tot ander insigte te probeer bring nie. As iemand voel dat hy of sy hierdie of ander kwelvrae aan die vertalers wil deurgee, doen dit gerus. En as die vertalers self aan die gespreksforum wil deelneem, is hulle meer as welkom. Daar is ‘n groot verskil tussen om mense “te kritiseer en te oordeel” (wat ons onder geen omstandighede behoort te doen nie) en om gelowiges te help en toe te rus om ‘n opsienbarende vertaling van die Skrif wat op korrektheid aanspraak maak, te beoordeel en te evalueer. In die verlede is daar onmeetlike skade aangerig deur vertalings waarin die vertalers nie die versoeking kon weerstaan om hulle eie menslike stempel op die vertaling af te druk nie. Die beste manier om dit te bekamp is myns insiens nie om die vertaler tot ander insigte te probeer bring nie, maar om lesers in te lig en selfs te waarsku, indien nodig.

  36. Robert Wentzel says:

    NabiYA DeborAH
    February 1, 2011 at 9:08 pm :->

    “..come and speak to me, face-to-face and either [pay me] for that Word of YAH, which you REJECTED IN PUBLIC, AFTER TAKING IT FROM MY and YAHUWAH’s Kingdom For FREE..”


    NabiYA DeborAH
    February 3, 2011 at 3:29 am :->
    “..All their works they do to be seen by men and [gather money]..”



  37. morne says:

    hallo to all. a friend of mine referred me to this blog. i have a kings covenant and am critically comparing it with my restoration scriptures. i also read all the back and forth discussions with deborah. it’s sad to see that, whilst we all are seeking for the truth…we still seem to play by old rules. deborah – stop defending the kings covnant…YAH and the Ruach is there to convince each brother in Him. Your brothers are asking real questions in a Midrash fashion. I have spoken to Ralf myself and I am sure we can discuss this matter as an assembly on the webbenar Ralf created for this purpose. sister, dont take this as a personal attack…rather look at it as fellow seekers of YAH wanting to make sure they stay on the right path. we all have a responsibility to work together as an assembly in YAH…and i’m sorry to say…you are not enstilling that “body working together” feeling right now. ask yourself the question…how would Yahuwh (Yahusha) reply to the brothers’ (and sisters’) questions… the same way you did? He looks at the hearts of men/woman…no one can lie to Him. Let’s sort this thing in love as Yahusha would…and not give the enemy just more reason for division and confusion. i recently received a scathing attack on OSE1, forwarded to me. it is not the questioning that’s the problem…it’s the way we as brothers and sisters talk/repremand/question/etc. each other, not according to our rules/feelings/opinions…but according to the guidlines/rules/Word of YAH (YHWH) that counts. Are we by our actions showing others, especially young ones in the faith, that in ALL we do,say and think He is first and foremost…or do we also help them go astray by our less than pure actions/words/etc. Remember, it’s not about’s about living the “Word” and thereby drawing others to seek Him. So you guys…remeber…others are reading this blog and asking (possibly) if this is how “they” react..tell me again why i want to be part of this kingdom?!?!. Whilst I agree that YAH (YHWH), His word, etc. should be defended at all costs…remeber the love commandments at all times…SO all of you…CAN WE START ALL OVER ON THIS ONE and direct our questions and answers in prayer and the leading of the ruach. A good Jewish principle…think first and answer a question with an answer…that way you entice positive dialog and deeper understanding…If you allow the Ruach to lead…this process only gets more menaingfull.

  38. morne says:

    sorry. me again. my last sentence was stated wrongly. the jewish principle is to answer a question with a question…not an answer, as i stated before

  39. Robert Wentzel says:

    Dear DeborAH and morne

    I have two Questions for you which I do not quite understand of your writings:

    1. Are the both of you suggesting that the Kingdom of Yahshua has already come?
    2. DeborAH, are you suggesting that Yahshua rose from the grave as YHVH?

    NabiYA DeborAH writes :February 6, 2011 at 10:00 pm :

    morne writes :March 14, 2011 at 8:51 pm :
    :…why i want to be part of this kingdom?!?!…”

    NabiYA DeborAH writes :February 1, 2011 at 9:08 pm :
    “…before YAHUWAH, the Risen YAHUW returns…”


  40. morne says:

    Hallo Robert
    for me to answer you properly…allow me to first answer a question with a question. What do you understand/deduce when I talk about The Kingdom of YAH in the context of the statement I made. what does Scripture say about the Kingdom of YAH in the here and today? Secondly…what does the Scripture say, when will the Physical Kingdom of YAH come? I am glad you ask these questions, because to every part of The WORD there is spiritual and physical questions and answers…and obviously you portray the right aproach by asking clarification on peole’s statements first.

  41. Robert Wentzel says:

    morne wrote March 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm :
    1. “..What do you understand/deduce when I talk about The Kingdom of YAH in the context of the statement I made..”

    2. “..what does the Scripture say, when will the Physical Kingdom of YAH come?..?

    Robert answers:
    1. Yo Bro, I do not know and that is why I asked you the question.
    2. When Yahshuah returns to earth with His second coming He will establish His 1000 year reign in Israel [inclusive to His Kingdom will be all 12 Tribes including sojourners to the Tribes].

  42. Victor says:

    I would like to know something from DevorAh or Morne or anyone that was involved with the translating. This is very important.

    Was “The Word of YAH The King’s Covenant The Original Scriptures E1” translated fresh from the originals manuscripts or was it based on previous translations?
    Because I nowhere read (so far) that they gave any credit to other translations being used, they only accuse it of being corrupt.
    This is very important to me, because of what they say:
    “We have worked hard for 8 years to give you the best translation of The Original Scriptures in published English history…”
    So was other translations used or was it a totally new translation?

    Thank you kindly

  43. Chess Hoo says:

    I don’t know Hebrew or Greek language, but those of you who do should ask to go and see for yourself for the original manuscript claimed by the word of Yah.

    When Deborah claimed that we clinged to our own belief is correct…we use back the standard we know to judge, which might be in error. Rmb the scripture said the kingdom is for those who accept like little children. Shalom.

  44. Ramona says:

    Re: Comments/Information from “Morne” posted on March 14 and 15

    You had seemed willing to try to clarify questions being asked regarding interpretations, sources, etc and having just discovering this blog today and reading comments etc thus far, I am interested to hear/learn more. I actually started out on a web site regarding The Original Scriptures E1 and was seeking more opinions / information etc on this. I have been a believer most of my life but mostly have blindly accepted information provided by “man”. I am now looking for information provided by God / YAHUWAH. However, because I am where I am today due to man’s interpretations (confused/unconvinced as to what is true and what is not), then I am open to information. However,u ltimately whatever information I receive will be prayerfully deliberated with an open heart and mind. I am not a highly educated person and do not know how to interpret scriptures. I do not claim to be an authority. Therefore, I must ultimately rely on the “Ultimate Authority” to guide me. My heart and mind is open and my soul is thirsty. I am praying to Yahuwah to fill me.

    *I ask that anyone wishing to provide guidance also does it prayerfully, understanding that you are messing with a child of God / Yahuwah and you will answer to Him if you knowingly provide false guidance.

  45. Koos says:

    Victor, dis die 1ste keer dat ek die betrokke onderwerp op die blog belees het vandag. Ek gaan ook nie betrokke raak alvorens ek die spesifieke vertaling onder oë gehad het nie. Maar ek reageer kortliks op ‘n stelling wat jy nou by 2 geleenthede gemaak het in 2 afsonderlike bydraes. Ek reageer as volg. Volgens die Griekse mitologie was Apollo een van die belangrikste songode. Hy het ‘n seun gehad met die naam Asclepius, ‘n godheid wat genesing beoefen het en ook met die son assosieer was. Asclepius het 3 dogters gehad waarvan een se naam Iaso was, die Griekse godin van genesing. Maar in die Griekse Ioniese dialek is dit Ieso. Iesous is egter weer die genitiewe verbuiging van Ieso. Die naam Iesous (ee-ay-soos)in sy genitiewe vorm, kan dus terug gespoor word na sonaanbidding, afgodediens – duiwelaanbidding. En volgens die mitologiese oorleweringe is hierdie naam Ieso (Ioniese dialek) verwant aan Iasus, Iasion en Iasius wat in die mitologie bekend was as die seuns van Zeus. Verder is die afkorting van die naam IHSOUS (Iesous) “IHS” wat die verkorte vorm of die wortelwoord van die naam IHSOUS is wat die presiese naam of bynaam was van die songod Bacchus, alias Tammuz, ens.

  46. Victor says:

    Dankie vir jou bydrae Koos.

    Sover ek gelees het, erken al die woordeboeke en ensiklopedieë dat Jesus van Hebreeuse oorsprong is. Hier is slegs 2 op die internet.
    Die Griekse leksikons verklaar ook (gaan kyk self of dit so is) dat Iesoús van Hebreeuse oorsprong is. Strong’s; Young’s; Thayers; BGAD; Bullinger; Moulton; ISBE; TDNT ens. Almal is dit eens. Daar is geen “pagan” konneksie nie.

    Die bewerings dat Iesoús verband hou met die Griekse godin van genesing word verwerp deur onder andere die TDNT.
    “G2424 Iesoús Jesus
    1. Iesoús is the Greek form of the OT Joshua (the name of the son of Nun in Exodus etc., of the high priest in Haggai and Zechariah, of two men in 1 Sam. 6:14 and 2 Kgs. 23:8, and of a Levite in 2 Chron. 31:15).
    2. Iesoús is a common name up to the early second century A.D. The NT uses Iesoús for Joshua in Acts 7:45; Heb. 4:8, and cf. Iesoús in Luke 3:29, Iesoús Barabbás in Matt. 27:16, BarIesoús in Acts 13:6, and Iesoús in Col. 4:11. After the second century Iesoús disappears as a proper name, probably due to conscious avoidance…
    …4. Matthew and Luke claim that the name is no accident; it is given because Jesus is to save his people from their sins (Matt. 1:21). The full name in Hebrew is a sentence name: “Yahweh saves.” Some fathers link Iesoús with Gk. iáomai, and a modern theory is that Jesus is a masculine form of Ias?, the goddess of salvation, but Eusebius recognizes the Hebrew basis, and the use of Iesoús predates Christian contacts with the Hellenistic world…

    Verder, dit sal baie vreemd wees dat die Yehudim wat aan die LXX (Septuaginta) vertaal het `n naam gebruik het wat verband gehou het met afgode om een van hulle helde voor te stel. `n Hele boek in die LXX word so genoem.

    As u ander gesaghebbende bronne het wat die teendeel bewys gee asb die bronne, ek sal dit graag self wil naslaan. =)


  47. John says:

    Victor, ek meen die deurslaggewende vraag in verband met die Naam van die Messias is nie of woordeboeke aandui dat die vorm “Jesus” van Hebreeuse oorsprong is, of nie. Die belangrikste vraag is selfs nie of heidense elemente enige rol gespeel het in die totstandkoming van ‘n naam soos “Iêsous” nie. Hoe gaan ‘n mens buitendien so iets bo alle twyfel bepaal? Deur jou op ‘n handjievol hedendaagse woordeboeke te verlaat? Ek weet darem nie so mooi nie. Die vraag is egter of “Jesus” die beste vorm is waarmee ons hierdie belangrike en betekenisvolle Naam vandag in tale soos Afrikaans en Engels kan weergee.

    Kom ons neem ‘n naam soos jou naam, “Victor”. Die naam op sigself is van Latynse afkoms en beteken iets soos “oorwinnaar”. Oor die jare is daar egter baie ander vorme wat van hierdie naam afgelei is – ook vorme wat, byna onherkenbaar, in ander tale op die toneel verskyn het. Vorme soos “Vittore” (Italiaans), “Vitka” (Russies), “Vito” (Spaans), “Bitor” (Baskies) en “Gyözö” (Hongaars). Selfs die vorme “Vincent” en “Wikus” hou met “Victor” verband, maar nie een van hierdie vorme is werklik jou naam nie en ek is seker jy sal nog steeds “Victor” verkies – selfs al besluit iemand om ‘n boek in Russies met jou lewensverhaal te publiseer!

    Of die Griekse woord “Iêsous” nou deur heidense elemente beïnvloed is, of nie, ons het genoeg bewyse dat die Messias nooit deur sy familie of vriende of direkte volgelinge só genoem is nie en hoef daarom in geen opsig mee te doen aan die populêre neiging om Y’shua van Natsaret, van sy ware identiteit as Hebreër, met eg-Hebreeuse wortels, te stroop nie.

  48. Victor says:

    Hi John,
    Ek stem heeltemal met jou saam dat Jesus nie vandag die beste vorm is om die Naam van die Messiah weer te gee nie. Die gebruik in die media en in enige moderne publikasie is om name te translitereer en so getrou te hou aan wat die naam in die of daardie taal is.
    Dit was egter nie heeltemal hoe dit gewerk het ten tye van die Messiah se omwandeling nie.

    Vergelyk bv:
    (AOV) Mat 16:18 En Ek sê ook vir jou: Jy is Petrus, en op hierdie rots sal Ek my gemeente bou, en die poorte van die doderyk sal dit nie oorweldig nie.

    (The Scriptures ’98) And I also say to you that you are Kepha, and on this rock I shall build My assembly, and the gates of the grave shall not overcome it.
    (Murdock R) Also I say to you, that you are Cephas: and upon this rock, I will build my church: and the gates of Sheol shall not triumph over it.
    [Murdock is `n Engelse vertaling van die Peshitto]
    Hier sien ons bv dat in die Grieks na die volgeling van Messiah as “Petros” verwys is, in Aramees as Kepha,
    dit is nou wel `n bynaam gewees vir hom, maar dit is in verskillende tale verskillend weergegee. Dit het gegeld vir die Messiah se eie naam.
    Luk 23:38 En daar was ook ‘n opskrif bokant Hom geskrywe in Griekse en Romeinse en Hebreeuse letters: HY IS DIE KONING VAN DIE JODE.

    Mat 27:37 En bokant sy hoof het hulle sy beskuldiging in skrif opgestel: Dit is Y’shua’, die Koning van die Yehudim.

    Hier sien ons alreeds dat die Messiah se Naam in 3 verskillende tale, en 3 verskillende skrif vorms weergegee word.
    Hebreeus =
    Grieks = Iêsous (of in “uncial” vorm IHCOYC)
    Latyns = Iesus

    Ek probeer geensins die Messiah, Y’shua’ van Natsaret van Sy ware identiteit as Hebreër met eg-Hebreeuse wortels stroop nie, maar ek voel regtig dat ons nie leuens moet gebruik om die Waarheid te verkondig nie (Bv dat Iêsous iets te make het met Zeus.)

    Laastens, ek gaan verskil met jou dat dit net `n handjievol hedendaagse Woordeboeke en Ensiklopedieë is, wat die Naam Jesus terugvoer na `n Hebreeuse oorsprong.
    Dit is eerder die oorgrote meerderheid van alle woordeboeke en ensiklopedieë wat daar is, deur die geskiedenis wat dit so weergee.
    Dit sal `n handjievol wees wat die naam Jesus nie terugvoer na `n Hebreeuse oorsprong nie, uit al die woordeboeke en ensiklopedieë, uit al die tale wat daar is.

    Jammer dat dit nou heeltemal van die onderwerp van OSE1 afgedwaal het.
    Aangesien Devorah nie reageer nie, gaan ek binnekort graag iets wil plaas hier, John as dit reg is met jou.
    Dit gaan oor die moontlike gebruik van `n bestaande vertaling in die OSE1, ek wil graag voorbeelde gee en dit daar stel dat die lesers self hul eie opinie kan vorm daaroor. Ek sal dit kort probeer hou, maar dit is alreeds dalk bietjie lank. Moet ek dit eerder vir jou e-pos dat jy kyk of die lengte `n probleem gaan wees?

    Groete en Shalom in Messiah :glad:

  49. John says:

    Victor, natuurlik stem ek saam dat ons nie leuens moet gebruik om die Waarheid te verkondig nie. Jy sal ook sien dat ek nie gesê het dat daar “net `n handjievol hedendaagse Woordeboeke en Ensiklopedieë is, wat die Naam Jesus terugvoer na `n Hebreeuse oorsprong” nie. Wat ek probeer sê het is dat enige aantal HEDENDAAGSE woordeboeke waarskynlik nie genoeg is om volkome sekerheid te kan kry oor die vraag of daar heidense elemente is wat meer as 2000 jaar gelede ‘n rol gespeel het in die ontwikkeling en die ontstaan van die taamlik populêre naam “Iêsous” nie. Daarom stem ek volkome met jou saam dat ons nie onsself in die voet moet skiet deur op die vermoedelike “heidense oorsprong” van die Naam “Jesus” te fokus nie. Laat ons liewer fokus op die Hebreeuse verstaan van die Messias en sy boodskap en seker maak dat hierdie boodskap so konsekwent as moontlik na buite uitgedra word.

    Enige opvolg bydrae oor OSE1 sal welkom wees, solank dit nie langer as jou vorige bydrae is nie. Jy is baie welkom om dit in kleiner eenhede op te breek, indien enigsins moontlik, en ‘n dag of twee kans te gee vir reaksie op elke afsonderlike eenheid, voordat die volgende geplaas word.

    (NS Ek is jammer oor die vraagtekens in jou vorige bydrae, wat in die plek van sommige karakters gepubliseer is. Ek vermoed die fout lê aan ons kant en ons sal probeer om die probleem op te los. As daar iemand is wat dalk ondervinding hiervan het en weet hoe om die saak reg te stel, sal ons enige raad verwelkom.)

  50. Vernit says:

    Shalom dear Family of Believers,
    John, this is a long post, but please feel free to edit it if you wish…

    John: “Victor, natuurlik stem ek saam dat ons nie leuens moet gebruik om die Waarheid te verkondig nie”

    I quote this from the previous entry & I think that this is the crux of the whole matter concerning OSE 1 / The King’s Covenant.

    John, you have yourself published & distributed a lovely Afrikaans version of Scripture of which I have one & have given a few as gifts to friends. Did you TRANSLATE it all by yourself? Did you use MANUSCRIPTS to do it from? Are you HIDING those MANUSCRIPTS somewhere from us?

    No, I think not.

    1 Cor. 14:26 What then is it, brothers? Whenever you come together, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all be done for upbuilding. 27 If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be two or at the most three, each in turn, and let one interpret. 28 And if there is no interpreter, let him be silent in an assembly, and let him speak to himself and to Elohim. 29 And let two or three prophets speak, and let the others discern. 30 And if there should be a revelation to another who sits by, let the first be silent. 31 For you are all able to prophesy one by one, so that all learn and all be encouraged. 32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. 33 For Elohim is not Elohim of disorder but of peace, as in all the assemblies of the set-apart ones.

    In the modern day-&-age, The Scriptures have been translated in MANY TONGUES!
    The Modern-day Prophets & Teachers have spoken their share & we should DISCERN if it is correct.

    There does not have to be a DEBATE concerning the CORRECTness of the TRANSLATION…anyway not with the translator.
    The Elders & other believers are called to JUDGE if the TRANSLATION is correct.
    …that is, if there is an ORIGINAL to base our JUDGEMENT on!

    In the case of The King’s Covenant / OSE 1, the publishers have not yet released transcripts, nor photographs of their “so-called” manuscripts.
    They DECEIVE people, FORCE wrong doctrine by using Manipulation Methods to bring destructive heresies into fellowships creating havoc amongst believers, causing DIVISION & Splitting Fellowships.

    Until such time as we receive Facsimilee Copies, Photographs & Transcripts of the Actual Manuscripts from which the OSE 1 is “translated”, that Book (OSE 1 /The King’s Covenant) cannot be received as Scripture. Also a dissertation of Translation Method, philosophy underlying the translation & explanation of language, grammar & qualifications of translators must be clearly documented. Until such time, it cannot be received as Scripture.

    Until such time, NO DEBATE is neccessary… only DISCERNING by the Believers… & especially DISCERNING of SPIRITS!
    There is an Anti-Messiah spirit behind this “translation”!

    It is true that the Publishers has opened up a hornets nest of doubt, controversial subjects & caused the believers to become thinkers & researchers again… that we can be thankful for (to them). BUT it does not mean that they are a legitimate part of the BODY of Messiah as believers. They are just following Shatan’s methods of sowing doubt by pointing to the problems that believers have been struggling with since the beginning of the History of Belief in Messiah. If you read History, you will realise that all the “Church Councils”: throughout the ages have struggled with the same & similar issues. All they (the publishers of OSE 1) are doing, is reviving the issues.

    Now I repeat: NO DEBATE with them will solve anything, nor will they answer your questions, or concerns, BUT will make you DOUBT!
    They will not show you any MANUSCRIPT from which they made their translation!

    You will be referred to the exsisting manuscripts, which they don’t believe in anyway.
    Read Rev. 13:18 / ChazUWn 13:18
    Their explanation is that ALL translations of Scripture NOT in AGREEMENT with theirs is EVIL (i.o.w ALL “Bibles”, Translations, Books based on Scripture, Sermons, Prophecies, & whatever based on & including the Minority Text & Majority Text is EVIL).
    Shatan’s work based on the “66 Evils” (Pg.454, ChazUW YAHUW 13:18, Pg. 466, *13:18

    You decide…

    Shalom my friends

    Vernit S. Holder

  51. Vernit says:

    Weer ek, John.

    Julle sal ‘n paar spesifieke FONTS moet installeer op jou server, sodat die GRIEKS & HEBREEUS & ARAMEES kan wys sonder vreemde karakters.

    Ek het ‘n paar as jy wil hê ek moet dit e-pos laat weet.

  52. Koos says:

    Ja, ek het toe so bietjie begin lees in die King’s Covenant wat ek afgelaai het. Maar laat ek van die german oorslaan na Ingels. Ek het daardie dame se klagte baie geniet. I tried to verify some texts as to their originality, but I have to admit that as a layman, I won’t be able to reach a valid conclusion. I don’t think we can compare this translation against any other of the Greek translations. If their claim that this is the original translation is true, one cannot compare it to any other later translation. Against what are we to verify this translation if it is supposedly the first original – at this stage at least. So I thought I might suggest the following to you profesional Torah obedient theologians. You do know what the contents of the original Greek versions are. And you also know that certain aditional texts were added by the Roman Catholic Church. I hope I’m not too foolish to suggest that you furnish us with all of the known texts that were added later on, and then verify these translations just to see whether those texts are part of the Covenant translation or not. I believe that if we find that those texts are indeed part of this King’s Covenant translation, they have a serious problem to explain away. If they are not part of the translation, then further investigation and research should be undertaken. But I seriously feel, we cannot compare these supposedly original translation (OSE 1) to any later Greek translations. The original is supposed to be the foundation from where conclusions can be drawn from, and not any later translation in whatever other language. I trust that I have expressed myself clear enough at this late hour of the 2nd day of the new year! A happy new year, may the Ruach Hakodesh hover over each of His Torah obedient believers to prepare us for the extremely difficult times lying ahead. We will be thoroughly cleansed and purified in the near future, so that the Son will receive a pure bride that our Father YHWH has prepared.

  53. Koos says:

    I want to partially agree with Vernit. You know, we have received the Torah of Moshe, which was the Living Words of the Most High put in writing because of the transgressions of men. Mankind transgressed the unwritten Torah that existed under the Priesthood of Melchizedec since time eternal, through Adahm, Noah, Avraham, etc. We have the written Torah of Moshe that points us to the Messiah Yahshua, as our Saviour Himself testified. We have the prophets and also most of the Scriptures that the apostles and early believers had at that stage. Those Scriptures were enough in order to explain the way of salvation through the Messiah Yahshua. They did not need the new testament. The new testament converts were living testimonies of the resurrection of the Messiah Yahshua. Do I really need any other scriptures than those that existed at the time of the Messiah’s ministry on earth? What does Shaul testify to in Acts 26:6-7 – the hope of the promise made by YHWH to our forefathers: to which promise our twelve tribes diligently praying to the Most High day and night, have the hope to come” What promise? The resurrection!Do I need anything else to read than what I now have? Shalom

  54. Vernit says:

    Shalom again, Thanks brother for being level headed & lead by Ruach.

    How does deception enter into the BODY?
    Little by little… yes, I have studied & compared sections of OSE 1 / KC with available manuscripts, but if they claim to have manuscripts (which they don’t) & it is in disagreement (which a lot of it is) with the oldest manuscripts available to us, then they have DIFFERENT manuscripts.

    The point is, they don’t have ANY MANUSCRIPTS, but they lie about it… this is their FOUNDATION : LIES! That is horrible.

    I have received many pre-publication transcripts of the OSE 1 from them & watched it EVOLVE through a few changes… their translation is based on GREEK not on anything Hebraic. The “mistakes” they “corrected” through the “evolution” of the OSE 1 were suggestions from people all over the world to get what is presented to us now as THE MOST ACCURATE TRANSLATION EVER…. people from all over the world “corrected” it, without ever seeing a manuscript to compare it to… some can’t even read one letter of Greek or Aramaic or Hebrew.

    O, yes, then Dr. Bethea (Rapha) is writing the 70th book to add later….

    This Book OSE 1 / The King’s Covenant can not be considered Scripture!
    We can use some of the information contained therein, because it is a good summary of a lot of information that has been kept from the Body of Believers worldwide… but OSE 1 is not Scripture.

    Show the MANUSCRIPTS, so that we can COMPARE the so-called “translation”…

    O, by the way, the publishers told me, if you are NOT WORTHY, you will not be able to VIEW the “manuscripts”!

    This is really becoming COMICAL…

  55. Vernit says:

    I quote from: The Word of Yah, the King’s Covenant, Pg. 537

    “LukAH’s translation is inspired by hundreds of faithful “Word-Healers” exemplified by First Elder Dr. Rapha BethiYA, 91 year old missionary Word lover & medical doctor to AsiYA, AfricAH, IndiYA, and AmericAH and his ever loving wife ElishaBeth, our 1st Elder of YAsarel West. Dr. BethiYA delivered a record 172 000+ babies and selflessly freely treated 5 million sick with “Love from Above” on four continents.”

    Apart from the bad English, just reading that should already be obvious that it is a lie.
    The Medical Doctor being talked about was a missionary doctor, Dr. R. C. Bethea, the father of Dr. “Rapha” BethiYA (real name R.C. Bethea).
    He worked at a Missions hospital in Africa where Dr. “Rapha” also spent some time as a youth. Dr. “Rapha” also later returned to Africa to work as a Baptist Missionary where his wife Linda was killed by AlQaida.
    All of the above work was done in the Name of Jesus Christ, so that disqualifies any of the above as part of the “YaHuWaN” testimony! According to the Theology of Dr. “Rapha” it was Shatan’s work based on the “66 Evils” (Pg.454, ChazUW YAHUW 13:18, Pg. 466, *13:18; All modern day Bible translations & everything taught from it are misleading EVILS from Shatan).
    Just do the math:
    The Medical Doctor has been retired for a few years now, but if he practiced for 50 years ONLY delivering babies at a rate of 10 per day & one day of rest every week, then he could only have DELIVERED 155 500. That is a very heavy workday of one baby every hour for 10 hours everyday for 50 years non-stop! That is if it was one baby per hour, what if it took one-and-half hours to deliver a baby… yeah, right in an IDEAL world!
    Oh, by the way, where did he fit in the TIME to “SELFLESSLY” treat 5 million sick? The word “SELFLESSLY” implies that he personally attended the sick. The word “DELIVERED” implies he was personally there assisting, or perhaps heading the “DELIVERANCE” session.

    So are all the stories of the man known as Dr. Rapha BethiYA aka Dr. Ralph C. Bethea Jr. aka EliYAH & maybe more aliases?
    These stories are very far fetched, DON’T BELIEVE it. Check out every story he tells… the stories are used to HYPE-UP the masses in a congregation, then the SEED of FALSENESS, LIES, CONFUSION is dropped onto the people & that breeds DISRUPTION & DESTRUCTION & LOSS of BELIEF in fellowships, study-groups & families.

    Shalom Shalom

  56. Koos says:

    I remain curious, are there any of the Roman Catholic texts in the OSE 1 translations? If there are, I would like to hear their explanations!! hasatan sometimes slips inspite of his brilliant deception techniques, thanks to our Father YHWH’s Ruach hovering over and protecting His Torah obedient bride.
    Shalom, have a blessed Shabbat.

  57. Vernit says:

    Shalom liewe Vriende,
    Ek het nou-net weer deur al die “POSTS” gelees en daar is ‘n defnitiewe “ander gees” agter NabiYA DeborAH (The Anointed and Appointed Warrior of EL YAH, First NabiYA of Restored YAsarel). Sy manifesteer dus die VRUG van waarin die publiseerders glo…of nie?

  58. Vernit says:

    Shalom dear Friends,
    I quote from : The Original Scriptures E1
    DebariYA UriYAH, The Word of YAH
    According to UriYAH-LukAH (The Light is YAHUWAH) sn- Luke Pg.118

    This translation is dedicated to Dr Rapha BethiYA, 91 year old missionary Word scholar & doctor to AsiYA, AfricAH and IndiYA and his amazing loving wife ElishaBeth, our 1st Elders of YAsarel West. Dr BethiYA delivered 441,650 babies and selflessly treated over 5 million patients in the love of YAHUW on four continents! Like thousands of DebariYA healers from the LouiYA (Praise YA) before him, He too carries the name “Dr LukAH.”

    Wow, Did you read that, “Dr BethiYA delivered 441,650 babies …”

    This is from an earlier PDF edition, 2009-12-31

    Did you read my earlier posts, friends…. compare the number of babies delivered 7 do your own math.

    Shalom, Shalom

  59. Vernit says:

    …Correction on my previous post, the previous quotation is from Page 120.

  60. John says:

    This may be slightly off the topic, but just to catch up on the issue (earlier in this discussion) of Hebrew and Greek characters not displaying correctly when included in a comment on this Blog. The matter seems to be more complicated than what we had thought and, while we are still trying to resolve the issue, in the meantime we would like to suggest the following: If you would like to include Greek or Hebrew characters in any of your comments, please provide us with exact instructions in your comment, in brackets. If we receive a comment that includes an instruction like (please insert the Greek text of John 3:16) or (please insert the Hebrew letters for the word “davar”) we will edit your comment by inserting the desired text (as an “image”) and leave out your instruction in brackets. These kind of alterations can be done quite easily and effortlessly on our side and seems to be the best that we can do for the time being.

  61. Vernit says:

    For those interested to ask questions:

    This is the first webinar in the Restoration of the Latter Days which will teach the Original Scriptures from the Original Manuscripts of the Scripture! You will be learning about the Original Name and Commandments of the Scripture. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of each webinar. Welcome to the greatest truth restored to Africa, Asia and Europe! DeborAH (Capetown) and DenYA (Los Angles) will be your presenters and panel. Welcome!
    This Webinar is held every week on Friday, from:
    Apr 15, 2011 to May 13, 2011 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CAT
    Register Now at:
    [URL not working any longer – JW]
    Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.
    System Requirements
    PC-based attendees
    Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
    Macintosh®-based attendees
    Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer

  62. Daniel Jansky says:

    I want to say that I enjoyed the discussion above. I am a Bible collector and have the OSE1. I can say that I have “read it from page 1 to page 501”. I see many good things with this translation, but also multiple troubling issues. I treat it as a useful tool, with its benifits and mistakes. I have over 200 Bibles and translations and I do say that this is one of the best N.T.s to use to understand the New Testament from a Hebrew mindset. It must be used with caution, however, and is not suitable (in my opinion) for a new believer. I did enjoy reading this translation, and can see through my years of study that the group did extensive research. I am not a sacred-namer by any means, but I acknowledge the rightful use of the name YHWH. Is it worth your money? I would say yes, but that is also coming from the mouth of a Bible collector.

  63. Vernit says:

    To: Daniel Jansky

    Shalom, & may you have many years of collecting more Bibles.

    The problem is not in the collecting, it is in the LIES… telling people that it’s a translation from some “Original” from AbraYAHu / Ibrew (Paleo Hebrew & Aramaic) which it is not. They can’t show any. This “Book” can’t be used for study or teaching as it is based in LIES. Anybody can collect a lot of information and add it as part of their “one-book library”, but that does not mean the Book is not Anti-Messiah, which I believe it is. As you know & the OSE 1 rightly states, we have been lied to by many Scholars & translators through the ages & especially in our era. They are just perpetuating the same thing, building smokescreens by pointing fingers at others, yet, themselves lying about the origin of their translation. If OSE 1 Publishers claim to have “Newly discovered” manuscripts, then let them show it & everybody will believe them that they made their translation from it, but they used a GREEK translation (like almost everybody else) & “fixed” some “mistakes” to make it sound authentic… By all means keep it as part of your collection, but please don’t consider it an authentic translation from manuscripts.

  64. Daniel Jansky says:

    To: Vernit

    I hope I was not implying that I believed that the OSE1 was/is translated from genuine manuscripts. That theory does not hold up to manuscript research and translation exegesis. I do not believe that there are genuine manuscripts behind it, and yes, in that sense it is built on lies. However, I am sure that you are aware of the debate of whether or not the N.T. was written in Aramaic, Greek, or even Hebrew. At this point I am not sure where I stand, as evidence seems to point both ways (having read books on both sides). So in whatever language the N.T. was written in, I am sure that you would agree that we have the Word of YHWH with us today. I agree that the OSE1 is an attempt to “fix” certain parts of the N.T., and in doing so, they try to word it as if it was from Hebrew. Remember, a fake is only convincing if it has some level of resemblence to the real thing. It is this resemblence to a Hebrew N.T. that gives the OSE1 its value. I consider it a reworking and “commentary translation” of the N.T. and consider it a tool, like that of a fallible man. You and I both agree that there is enough error in the OSE1 to count as a false gospel, however, I would tend to say, eat the meat and spit out the bones. The OSE1 would be a lot better if (1) they acknowledged other translations as the Word of YHWH, (2) they did not say it was an actual translation from Hebrew, (3) they acknowledged that they are highly interpretative in many places, and (4) they did not try to enforce their debatable opinions on others as necessarry for salvation. When I know where I stand, and what the OSE1 really is, I see no harm in using it when it agrees with Scripture besides itself. Most people consider the Message Bible to be a translation, but it is only a commentary paraphrase that at times does a good job but is oftentimes blasphemous. It must be understood in its proper place. I have yet to find the perfect Bible, although some are definitley better than others.

    I hope this cleared things up.

    Shalom in the Messiah

    P.S. I would probably never use the OSE1 to prove a point or to quote to others. When I use it, it is a commentary for private study.

  65. Vernit says:

    Shalom Bro,
    I’m in agreement with you & definitely it is not for those “weak” in belief, nor “babes in belief”. I personally believe ALL MANUSCRIPTS have been given as “witnessess” to give us TRUTH & I believe we have The FULL Word of YHWH even if in translation sometimes corruption affects the effectiveness of the translation, thus we NEED ALL the Translations we can lay our hands on & compare & study prolifically…and if at all possible learn Greek & Aramaic & maybe some other classic Biblical languages to get even closer to truth.

    The sad & horrible effect of this “version” that claims to be THE ONLY correct “translation” is the FRUIT of it’s followers shown here in this BLOG by NabiYAH DeborAH… very rude responses indeed towards unsuspecting & inquiring, concerned believers.

    Concerning “RESTORATION” or better “TRANSLATION” of the Name of The Almighty Creator… I think it is definitely neccesary. A lot of work has been done over the last 150 years, but sad to say it has been suppressed by Scholars.

  66. Victor says:

    This is the first part of an investigative and comparative report on the OSE1.

    The Word of YAH The King’s Covenant, henceforth referred to as OSE1, claims that they have worked hard on their translation for 8 years, and that OSE1 is the best translation of the Original Scriptures in published English history.

    That is indeed a bold claim.

    While speaking to a friend about the OSE1 and reading a couple of verses to each other, he noted it sounded similar to another translation he knows, and I had to admit that it sounded familiar to me too. On comparing that specific translation we found that the OSE1 in fact does not read like the other translation my friend had in mind, but this prompted me to compare other translations to OSE1 to see if there were actually similarities to other translations.

    It should be noted that I have not found any place in OSE1 where credit was given to any existing Translations (for being used by the OSE1 translators) and it seems clear that the translators of OSE1 claim that their work is original, done from newly found manuscripts. (Except for Revelation where they claim they did not find a manuscript copy of Revelation to make an Original Scripture translation from. That in itself is curious, because most scholars put the writing of the Good News of John [Yahuchanan] and the letters attributed to him at around 90 – 95 after Messiah and Revelation at around 95 – 100 after Messiah. So how is it that they found original manuscripts of Yahuchanan’s writings, but did not find his writings on Revelation, even though they are dated relatively close to one another?)

    As anyone, who has attempted translating a text from one language to another (eg. Afrikaans to English, or English to Afrikaans) will readily admit, if you compare your translation with a friend that did the exact same translation, there will be numerous differences – specifically if you compare more than a few sentences. Note that it is highly improbable that the compared translations will be identical for more than a sentence or two.

    Therefore the following facts are indeed very curious concerning the OSE1 translation.

    Using e-Sword I started comparing the numerous different translations available on that program with the reading of OSE1.
    The results are very interesting.

    Although I have found quite a number of verses that seems to be different than other translations I compared them with, and may well be the product of original translation work from sources different that the available Greek texts, there emerged a clear pattern, and one that, if it is in fact true, undermines the claim that OSE1 is an original translation.

    It seems that the “World English Bible” [WEB] that is in public domain, was the translation OSE1 is largely based on.
    Sometimes other renderings from other translations, like the HNV (Hebrew Names Version, a revised translation based on WEB, using Hebrew Names) or perhaps other translations [Unsure which, maybe ASV (Being the base of the WEB), CLC, Moffat NT and/or others?] were used in producing OSE1.
    Basic information on The World English Bible, can be found here:
    This is their website:

    I would like to point out though that due to the nature of OSE1 there are places where it differs dramatically from the WEB translation, but this is largely because of the usage of what I’ll label as “catch phrases” by the OSE1 translators.

    What I mean by “catch phrases” are certain words or phrases that the OSE1 use to replace other “undesirable” words or terms.
    A sample list of some words and phrases so replaced will be presented in part two of this investigation, but it is by no means an exhaustive catalogue.

    It also seems that different people helped to edit different books, since some books use certain terms more than others. In other words there are no consistent replacements of terms or words from book to book. Some books are more similar in changes than other books, pointing most likely to different editors at work.

    A general tendency that was noted, is that where WEB was followed and WEB used words like “don’t” or “shouldn’t”, etc. OSE1 would use “do not” and “should not”, etc.
    In other words, OSE1 would avoid the usage of contractions.

    As lovers of the Truth, we should always strive to be fair in representing others, and I pray that this investigation and discussions that are to follow would be in a manner fitting for believers in Messiah.

    Comparisons between verses from the WEB and OSE1 and also words or terms replaced will be looked at in Part Two.


  67. Vernit says:

    Shalom again…
    I thought it was the ASV or perhaps RSV, but thank you brother Victor for revealing the SOURCE of The King’s Covenant OSE1 to be WEB.

    I sat down and compared it verse for verse … just in Galatians & Ephesians with an older version of KC/OSE1 & guess what… LIERS, LIERS Charlatans, Dupers of the Sheeple, Covetous, Wanting Money for other people’s translation work… The “translators” of KC/OSE1 has been exposed as liers & committing plagiarism!

    Friends, download THE HNV (Hebrew Names Version) at E-Sword it is the World English Bible with Hebrew Names. Go and compare it verse for verse.. make up your own minds… I think I’m done.

  68. Larry says:

    John keeps refering to the Greek as the “original text”. Well, as we know, the original was Hebrew and Aramaic, not Greek. OSE1 is translated from original Paleo Hebrew.


  69. John says:

    Larry, although some of us have a strong suspicion that at least some parts of the Messianic Scriptures have been written in Hebrew or Aramaic, before being translated into Greek, up till now no hard and fast evidence for this guess has been publicly released, apart from one or two references to a Hebrew Matthew in some of the early works of the so-called “Church Fathers”. When I refer to the Greek text of the Messianic Scriptures as the “original text”, my intention is simply to indicate that it is the most original text AVAILABLE. A plea has been put forth in this post for those who claim to have access to more “original” manuscripts, to make them public so that all of us may benefit from such a discovery.

  70. Vernit says:

    Shalom again, I agree John. We need those MANUSCRIPTS to be able to work from… that is if the manuscripts exist… maybe they are being prepared & aged now in the desert sands…

  71. Hein says:

    Mense, ek het hierdie skakel gekry van iemand rakende die internetshabbat. Wat ek egter hier lees ontstel my. Vanaf 2003 stoei ek met sondag- of saterdagaanbidding en het onlangs, deur verskeie parashot en baie gebed, tot die oortuiging gekom dat sondagaanbidding uit is.

    Ek het ook die heen-en-weer e-posse gesien van deborah, wat duidelik baie hard deur meer as een windmeul geklap is.

    Vir meer as twintig jaar was ek orrelis by die afrikaanse gemeentes – al drie. Ek het by al hul heidense praktyke ingeval, tot sowat twaalf jaar gelede wat my vrou en ek duidelik die boodskap gekry het om kersfees, paasfees, moeders- en vadersdag en alle ander heideinse gebruike te staak. Selfs verjaardae het nie ‘n hoë prioriteit nie, alhoewel ons huweliksherdenking het, want dit is deur YHWH self ingestel, verorden en bekragtig.

    My ontsteltenis kom egter met al die modder, klippe en ander slingergoed wat heen en weer trek. Dit laat my weereens besef dat die afrikaner nog nie sy les geleer het nie en nog steeds nie kan saamstaan nie. Vir baie jare gebruik ek die hebreeuse name vir my Skepper en Verlosser en nou dat ek my vrou probeer oorhaal om saam met my sabbat te vier, kom ek op hierdie losskrum af.

    Indien ons die naam van ons Vader en Skepper wil eer, behoort ons dit ook te doen op hierdie bladsye. Ignoreer die dom poppie, sy sal moontlik baie kwaad wees en weer dinge skryf waaroor sy geen benul het nie, maar moenie met mekaar argumenteer nie – dit lyk soos ‘n ng-kerk se kerkraadsvergadering en laat my vrou en ek beide voel dat ons eerder nie by só ‘n groep sal inskakel nie.

    Groete in Yeshua HaMashiach

  72. Gerhardus says:

    Hallo Hein,ek wil graag reageer op jou bydrae.
    Ek glo darm nie mens moet die debat hierbo vergelyk met n volskaalse russie nie.Inteendeel, as dit nie vir hierdie debat was nie, is ek seker baie meer mense(as wat nou die geval is) sou die OSE1 aanvaar het vir wat dit voorgee om te wees.

    Jy en jou vrou kan met n geruste hart n draai gaan maak by Elim in Vishoek sodat jy self die gesindheid kan sien en ervaar van die Elim groep.
    Ek dink nie jy sal spyt wees nie.

  73. Robert Wentzel says:

    Hein skryf “…>Vanaf 2003 stoei ek met sondag- of saterdagaanbidding en het onlangs, deur verskeie parashot en baie gebed, tot die oortuiging gekom dat sondagaanbidding uit is…”

    Neewat ou Hein dit is eintlik heel openlik vir ons in Handelinge gegee om te verstaan maar eerstens moet jy kan antwoord op watter dag ‘n Sinagoge bymekaar kom..? [sewende dag?] of [eerste dag?] Nou kyk dan hier….>

    Handelinge 15:19 Daarom oordeel ek dat ons die wat uit die heidene hulle tot God bekeer, nie moet bemoeilik nie,
    Handelinge 15:20 maar aan hulle skrywe dat hulle hul moet onthou van die dinge wat deur die afgode besoedel is en van hoerery en van wat verwurg is en van bloed.
    Handelinge 15:21 Want van die ou tyd af het Moses in elke stad diegene wat hom verkondig, terwyl hy elke SABBAT in die SINAGOGES gelees word.

    Hein, die verwysing na “Moses” in vers 21 verwys eintlik na die Torah want as jy na ‘n Duitse bybel kyk dan sal jy agterkom dat die eerste vyf boeke “Mose” genoem word.

    So basies wat daar staan is dat ons in sinagoges[wat al die jare op die sewende dag bymekaar kom] moet vergader en die Torah aanhoor dat ons al die ander “wette” ook kan aanleer.


  74. carrie says:

    i feel stronly believe that ” deborayah” fruite of the sprit is not Yahuwah
    what a threat! and angry and nothing humble of the savior. that make me turn away from what they claims to be truth. i feel there are the one who represent his holy name in VAIN…… who should repent more! i think not only we all are but also HER.

  75. RaphAH says:

    BaruwkiYA to you true seekers of EloAH. It saddens me to see you great leaders of spiritual South Africa beat up on an Africaans woman seeking to give all she knows freely to you. Is this the famous kindness and gentlemanness of SA men known around the world? Really, shame guys. Your called to restore Eternal Truth to Africa but you argue like heathens. Maybe you should go to the rugby bars with some of my wonderful SA ball busters, drink a beer with them and learn how to treat a South African woman.

    Secondly, you leaders would not meet with me face to face when I came last year. So I have a gentlemans proposal for you. Let’s schedule three debates, us YAHUWans vs you Messimanics, sorry Lunatic-messimanics (lets include calendars too) or whatever name you want to invent for yourselves. Bring some of those never trimmed beard-draggers for color and a slave girl to abuse and a godly concubine for the men to illustrate your much superior Torah to everyone. That will be a real hit with the men. Let’s agree to three hard nosed but polite respectful debates, Pretoria, Durban area and Summerset West (Cape). We’ll debate YAHUW vs your Yeho, Yshua Yeshua, Jesus, Iesus, Yesu, Esu, Yahweh or whatever else you throw in. For fun, let’s each put up 1000 rand on each debate for fun. Let the audience decide who presented the best truth. Winner take all. Let’s be fair and have equal time and a none biased MC.

    But you don’t gamble? Bull shit! You’re already gambling people’s eternal life with alot of Jewish takenot and King Jimmy crap, so surely you would be hypocrites if you were against a friendly little rugby wager hey? I’ll even throw in a beer for John, Vic or whoever debates. Let’s ease off the gentile anger boys, have a beer together, a few laughs at ourselves, have a hard nosed old fashioned Boer shootout, let the audience decide, and go home friends, like a good ruger match, a little blood on the shirt etc.

    Come on, it will be fun, people will learn a bunch while watching the boxing match. We YAHUWans will kick your ass historically and Scripturally but you will win the popular vote. We’ve always lost the popular vote but they usually don’t kill us afterwards these days. It’s still worth the fun for us. We were born in conflict, we eat and sleep in conflict so I miss it when things get to peaceful here in the US.

    If you dudes get out the news about “The Great Kick-Ass Word Debate”, people will come to see the fight, we’ll have a good ass kicking contest and we both might win some minds. We could even sell tickets and we YAHUWans could get some of the money back we going to lose. We’ll get the few beer drinking intelligent free thinkers and you will get the Jaded-Jews and Messed-up Christians. We both will get who we want. So have we got game anybody? Time to put up or shut up. The YAHUWans are coming to your town. The Great Restoration has begun my friends. Join it or fight it, your choice. But you can’t ignore it any longer. Fight or flight boys!

    AhabiYA Amigos,
    Loving Life RaphAH

    PS- Good words like ass, shit and crap aren’t cussin to us YAHUWans. Changing His Name and belittling the Scriptural Savior YAHUW like some of you do really pisses us off, so fair warning you Anti-YAHUW bastards, we’re going to try to embarrass the shit out of you blasphemers of YAHUWAH. Much love to all.

  76. Vernit S. Holder says:

    Col 4:6 “Let your word always be with favour, seasoned with salt, so that you know how you ought to answer each one” TS 98
    Let your speech be always with grace,…. “In grace, or concerning grace”: let grace be the subject matter of your speech and conversation. When saints meet together they should converse with each other about the work of grace upon their souls, how it was begun, and how it has been carried on, and in what case it now is; they should talk of the great things and wonders of grace, which God has done for them, which would be both comfortable and edifying to them, and make for the glory of the grace of God; and also, they should confer together about the doctrines of grace, and so instruct, establish, and build up one another in them; and at least their conversation should always turn on things graceful and acceptable, such as may minister grace unto the hearer, and be useful and edifying; wherefore all obscene words, unchaste expressions, filthiness, foolish talking, and jesting, ought not to be used. Or this may regard the manner of the speech, and language of the saints; it should be in the exercise of grace; it should be in truth, faithfulness, and sincerity, without lying, dissimulation, and flattery; it should be in consistence with the grace of love, therefore evil should not be spoken one of another; nor should there be whisperings, backbitings, or anything said that is injurious to the character, credit, and reputation of another; for this is contrary to love, and so not with grace: and whatever is said should be spoken in the fear of God; the reason why so many evil things proceed out of the mouths of men is, because the fear of God is not before their eyes. Moreover, the speech of the saints ought to be in a graceful way, with a cheerful and pleasant countenance, in an affable and courteous manner, and not after a morose, churlish, and ill natured fashion: and this should be “alway” the case; not that they should be always talking, for there is a time to keep silence, as well as a time to speak; but the sense is, that when they do speak, it should be both graceful things, and in a graceful manner; so that there is never any room and place for vain discourse, unprofitable talk, and idle words, which must all be accounted for in the day of judgment.

    Seasoned with salt. The Syriac version adds, ???, “as” and reads it, “as if it was seasoned with salt”: grace being that to speech, as salt is to meat; as salt makes meat savoury and agreeable to the palate, so grace, prudence, and holiness, which may be meant by salt, see Mr 9:50, make discourse savoury, pleasant, and acceptable to a spiritual man, who savours the things that be of God, as all such things are that relate to the grace of God, the work or doctrines of it; and as salt preserves flesh from putrefaction and corruption, so when grace goes along with speech, it makes it pure and incorrupt, sound speech which cannot be condemned: and the apostle’s view is, in this exhortation, that nothing unsavoury and corrupt proceed out of the mouths of believers; see Eph 4:29,

    that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. The Syriac and Arabic versions render it, “and know ye how”, c. and make it to be a fresh exhortation to the saints to be concerned for such a share of spiritual knowledge, that they may be able to give a proper and pertinent answer, with meekness and fear, to such as shall ask a reason of the hope that is in them and to make suitable returns to persons according to their age, sex, capacities, and circumstances; for everyone is not to be answered alike, nor the same man under different circumstances; a fool is sometimes to be answered according to his folly, and sometimes not; and this seems to be a better reading than ours, which makes this to be the end of gracious, savoury, and incorrupt speech; whereas knowledge is not acquired by speaking, but ought to go before it; though indeed a person that uses himself to speaking with prudence, purity, and grace, is at all times ready to give an agreeable answer, in a graceful and acceptable manner, to everyone.

    Mk 9:50 “Salt is good, but if the salt becomes tasteless, how shall you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace among one another.”
    Rom12:19 Beloved, do not revenge yourselves, but give place to the wrath, for it has been written, “Vengeance is Mine, I shall repay,” says YaHUwaH “Instead, if your enemy hungers, feed him; if he thirsts, give him a drink, for in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
    Mt 5: 44 “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those cursing you, do good to those hating you, and pray for those insulting you and persecuting you,”

    Bless them that curse you: when wicked men curse you, as Shimei cursed David, do not “render evil for evil, or railing for railing, but contrariwise, blessing”; give good words, use kind language, mild and soft expressions; such as may either win upon them, or put them to shame and silence: “bless, and curse not”; the latter belongs to them, the former to you; “let them curse, but bless thou”: curses better fit their mouths, and blessings thine. Blessing here, does not signify praising them, for that would be sinful, which is sometimes the sense of the word; nor wishing, or praying for a blessing on them, which is right and good; but this is mentioned afterwards, as distinct from blessing; wherefore, it is better to understand it of a sweet and engaging address unto, and behaviour and conduct towards such, whose mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.

  77. Truth Seeker says:

    Shalom / ShalomAH

    I am currently searching for our Heavenly Father’s true scripture. I recently have come across “The word of Yah” and I must say it appealed to me. Like most I would like to see the scriptures from where they were translated from, but then and again I would like to see the same for other translations as well and have never seen them. So, for now I will assume that there exists scriptures for all the translations we currently have.

    I believe there is a lot of truth (or at least ‘stuff’ that seams right) in “The word of Yah”. The fact that many names contain YHWH’s name seems to make sense to me, since I believe many names were given which provided reverence to YHWH. One interesting thing I have found is that if YHWH is in fact YAHUWAH, then even today we can see perhaps that same tradition in names still used. For example the Prime Minister of Israel is named “Netanyahu”, perhaps just a coincidence though?

    I would be extremely interested in obtaining a copy of “The word of Yah” in any other language than english. If anyone knows of where I can obtain of it in different languages I would appreciate it.

    I have a whole list of ‘stuff’ that seems to make more sense in “The word of Yah”, when compared with other translations and this is why it appealed to me. However, I cannot help but wonder if it was fabricated to make more sense? In any case, I am seeking the truth. I love my Heavenly Father and Creator YHWH and honestly and humbly ask that He will reveal to me what it is that He: wants me to believe, wants me do with my life.

    On a side note, I would like to make a point that I noticed whilst reading this thread. DeborAH and RaphAH: I believe that you honestly believe “The word of Yah” and are trying to help people understand it, however it seems that you are being hostile towards others who are seeking or questioning it. I understand your point that you find it blasphemous to not reverend YHWH as YAHUWAH, however I do not believe that the hostile attitude is neither helping nor is how our Heavenly Father would want us to act. Also, I believe it is scriptural that we should question and test everything. If we ask our Heavenly Father YHWH to show us the truth, will He not? Anyway, beside this please do not take this personal. I am just a humble truth seeker, and it does seem like this thread is dedicated to asking questions and testing it. From the attitude of the others I believe that if they were convinced that “The word of Yah” is the true scripture, then the would follow that.

    To the others: just like it is bad to generalize that all Christians, Messianics are the same, we should not generalize that all believers of “The word of Yah” are the same. So, as to search the truth regarding this translation (and any other translation) I believe it would make most sense to ignore the comments of people, and judge the translation based on the other aspects.

    Regarding comparing “The word of Yah” with other translations for validity, I think this kind of does not make sense. The reason being that “The word of Yah” is apparently translated from completely different scriptures which were 1. written in ancient hebrew (or some other old language), and most importantly 2. acknowledge that they have slightly different messages than that of the other scriptures. So, I think the question then is, which scripture will you believe (and why)? My personal disposition right now, is that I am not ruling out any.

    I’ll post some more thoughts in the future. In the meantime I ask our Heavenly Father YHWH to show us the truth and to bless you and your families.

  78. timothy klein says:

    having followed all of the threads of comments and heated discussions regarding the proper Name and Translation of the original scriptures…it grieves me to see the fury of defensiveness as a means of approaching logical inquiries..

    I believe having searched myself that people are seeking Truth as to the determination of the welfare of their own eternity…
    there is obviously much at stake. It upsets me when i see people from all spectrums of belief failing to understand that seeking for truth is not about subjectiveness emotionalism as it is more about objective analysis of truth.
    Truth needs no man to uphold it, as it is a Witness unto Itself..
    i also have a copy of the E1 Original Scriptures and can understand the valid concerns relating to its heavy interpretation behind its name..
    there is obvious human and perhaps carnal endorsement of that interpretation due to the over emphasis behind that name..

    I personally believe that the True Name is YAHEWAHU or YAHUWAHE or even YAHOWAHE..

    I have talked to this man Rapha on the phone from Australia.. and i believe that he has lost all to truely walk in the steps of his savior.. His fruits are admirable and his works are greater than many that profess with confession and are empty in their sacrifice and will.
    Having said that i suspect that he may still be decieved, as he is a supporter of the false apostle paul, and so lacks understanding to the proper discourse that pauls message has had in regard to the Living Message of the Maschiach.
    He also needs to understand that Mystery Babylon is Yerusalem herself who is indeed the mother of harlots..

    Rapha has found much truth though in regard to the pagan system of Babylon, and his sites declare it very clearly… He is on the ball with the Greek origins of the name of blasphemy and the false name of yahweh that the messiac movement worships and to this i congratulate him…

    i think with more humility and i myself am no voice on the matter, as i struggle daily to walk in a deeper reality of the humbleness, he will see the true words of paul as being the lamb that wore horns for out of the mouth of the dragon flowed filthy waters.

    My heart goes out to Rapha and his family..because out of all the works in the last ten or twenty years, he has probably contributed the most as to awareness of deception within the scripture contents.

    I hope that over time,, he will reassess paul of tarsus and see Yerusalem in their proper contents so that he will properly understand that the prophecy of Truth has been sealed for a that men in this age will not make the same mistake that tradition and the lie of the scribes has perpetuated throughout history.
    My Hope is that people will see and understand that Truth itself if distorted due to the making of our own works becomes just another vain empty echo which is powerless to bring about eternal change..

    My heart grieves as a seeker myself, through much pain, have come to understand that the spirit of truth gives no man a monopoly on truth… He must earn it through repentance and humility alone.. Seeking the Father and His Son is much harder and difficult than religion and people have led us to believe..

    i have searched and all i discovered from within my soul was satan sitting in the seat of the heart pretending to the Father…
    Lets be true seekers and be silenced by our own convictions of our sins, rather than be quick to boast of works or accomplishments in his name that we may find at the end of our existance will be nothing.. as the spirit behind our works was not off the Father but of the deciever himself.
    The very reality of this is something that doenst diminish seeking Truth, but expounds the very nature and Purpose of why Truth seeks us moreso that we may become True rather than us ownselves seeking truth for our own interpretations.

    in seeking

  79. timothy klein says:

    To Rapha..

    if you would privately acknowledge that your words echo the nature and voice of the false apostle paul in his boasting against the meekness of the BLACK hebru mashiach.. then maybe your doctrine about love would change and you might begin to see that your antagonist words stem from a false love, that your pride is what is keeping you blind..

    i wish with all my soul that you will be shown the truth about paul of tarsus…

    timothy klein

  80. John says:

    RaphAH, I regret that you have chosen to use sarcasm, personal attacks and unseasoned speech, in your contribution of 5 August 2011 and mix it up with phrases like “BaruwkiYA to you”, “AhabiYA Amigos” and “Much love to all”. This, to me, comes across as quite confusing and disturbing. I shall not respond to these kind of remarks and urge you not to abuse this platform in this manner. You are, however, most welcome to respond to the questions and concerns that have already been raised here, out of a genuine desire to learn more and come to an informed and mature decision about the integrity of OSE1. I truly hope that you will honour this request.

  81. John says:

    Truthseeker, I agree that there are a lot that make good sense in the OSE1 Word of Yah. A good translation, however, is not necessarily one that makes SENSE, but one that makes KNOWN the exact words, phrases and sentences of the original texts. The translators of OSE1 have CLAIMED that this is such a translation, but in this blog alone, a number of serious and extremely valid questions have already been raised (upon which, up till now, nobody has provided satisfactory answers), and more than a handful of proofs have been put on the table, showing without a shadow of doubt that OSE1 is certainly NOT what it pretends to be. It may indeed look good, but in some cases it is far from accurate. It may indeed have a good sound to it, but in some places it has added to the most original texts that are publicly available and in other places it has taken away from these texts.

    Even with regards to the book of Revelation, for which the translators of OSE1 say they have not found any additional old manuscripts, the translation of OSE1 follows the same pattern of translation that is followed in the rest of the book – one that does not do justice to the ground texts that are available and does not take seriously the consensus among scholars in the field of the Hebrew and Greek languages. For this reason, I would like to repeat what I have said before: If you are looking for a quality, literal translation that does not reflect the ideas and interpretations of the translators but is a truthful reflection of the original text, you will need to look beyond OSE1. I am saying this, not as a personal attack aimed at the translators of OSE1, but as an objective observation, having studied the content of OSE1 with the intention of helping honest, truth-seeking believers who do not have the tools or the training to do such an objective evaluation themselves.

  82. timothy klein says:

    i agree with your prognosis in regard to objectively evaluating the Word of Yah.
    Even though their is some truth in it, i believe that it is a subtle marketing attempt at confusing searching minds and hearts as to the origins of the faith that was once delivered to the saints..

    if the Word of Yah movement could appraise your sound inquiries with the meekness and intelligence of the risen Mashiach, and not with the antagonism of the devil…then it would be a win win situation for all..

    there are many concerns that i have regarding this movement and its founder, that cause unrest in my heart to no end.. i think what you trying to do is a brave act of objectivity that Rapha even though he has tried extremely hard to portray that in his no doubt, life work, is failing to comprehend the consequences of such questions going unanswered..maybe its becuase this work of man is of the spirit of mammon, where selling the Living Message of Eternal Life for a buck is not just poor doctrine, but is borderline heresy and blaspemy as its foundation is not upon the original Mashiach..but a diabolical substitute.

    with great concern
    timothy klein

  83. Buck says:

    This is a very interesting discussion. They SOLD me (making merchandise of the word?) a copy of the first book of the E1 Original Scriptures several years ago (Dec 2001) when it first became available. That book is the book of Yahuchanan (John).
    It did not take me long to come to the conclusion that somebody was pulling a fast one with the word. I assign zero credibility to this effort as having very little truth involved with it. Their secretiveness serves only to raise questions about the validity of their claims. The discussions with members of that group in this blog and their obvious hate filled satanic attitudes only helps to reinforce my beliefs.
    .There are several truths in the copy I have though, but I had discovered those through my own research many years before, and they had nothing to do with “new” manuscripts. One of those truths is that the name of our Creator is Yahuwah. Understand that I am NOT a “sacred namer” nor do I belong to any “Messianic Groups” or “Hebrew Roots” movements. I am just a plain, ordinary, everyday seeker of the truth of Yahuwah and His kingdom.
    That name, Yahuwah, is confirmed in scripture and also in many secular sources, for those willing to do the research and see the truth. The name of His Son and our Savior is Yahushua (I show how that was transmogrified into JESUS on my web page) and it literally means, Salvation of Yahuwah, which of course He is.
    I share what I have learned on my web page ( and I am also willing to honestly and openly discuss (not argue about) anything I say and write.


  84. timothy klein says:

    There is much question of authenticity concerning the name of the King of the Universe being yahuwah when a people who believe they are chosen by his name, cannot see the hill top from the tree tops.

    It UNCEASINGLY never fails to surprise me when the LEAVENED hearts and minds of men, puffed up in their own assumptions delibrately IGNORE THAT THEIR MANTRA LIKE VAIN EMPTY ECHOS of CALLING UPON THE APPARENTLY DEAF EARS OF THEIR IDOL YAHUWAH in their blind attempt to CONVERT others in their self righteousness and dead WORKS?

    Without doubt history must be explored for the lost truths, that the CUPRIT in the PULPIT has misrepresented in peoples quest for eternal Life. So i understand that people quantify their claim as proving its originality from the original texts.
    I am a seeker like others, who has painfully acknowledged my own past blindness in believing the false doctrines of men, in my quest for truth, and I think alot of us, generally arrive at the same place when under proper scrutiny, a proper investigation of history has the power to leave no stone unturned, in its exposure of historical truth. Yet when having found that truth it does not turn around and THROW THEM at others who are seeking to find the Keys to the Kingdom, in defense of their findings.

    THere is no way on earth His Name is Yahuwah..


    If these people who expect us to believe upon the name of yahuwah who are in all actuality still following the BEAST within MYSTERY BABYLON, who is and always will be PAGAN JERUSALEM, how on earth can true seekers truely come out of her to be DRAWN TO THE FATHER, that they may find the discernment to see through the carnal fruits of such a name?

    When a people cannot understand that Jerusalem is mystery babylon, not rome as CRYSTAL BALL CHRISTIANITY has preached, and have followed hard in Pauls footsteps of FOLLOWING A LAWLESS BLOOD ATONEMENT, against the meek and humble teachings of YEHOSHUA, the BLACK RISEN PROPHET who was resurrected and returned for his faithful flock in the FIRST CENTURY,then how on earth can a people who are obviously CALLED BY ANOTHER NAME who being STIFF NECKED AND STUBBORN CONTINUE TO FOLLOW every FALSE WIND OF TEACHING AND REVELATION that comes from the satanic “sacred name movement and their zionist associations within jerusalem, ever HEAR THE TRUE LOGIC OF WHAT SEEKING IS ALL ABOUT.


    Yahuwah is just another name of satan, like yahweh and jesus christ and god and all the other false names out their that are being SPURNED from the dead droppings of the TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

    it gives me no pleasure to speak like this, but i know that many people out there are so lonely in their private pilgrimages of seeking the Father, due to their own inability to break through their own uncircumcised hearts to see the bigger picture, sucumber under the weight of their own lack of drive and direction to stand with the very clearly HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUS GOATS!
    Leaving mystery babylon, is not about having a falling out with the religious or stop going to “church”, Its about removing the roots of iniquity that stem from the seed of her, repenting for worshipping the false image that she projects of the Father and turning with your whole being away from EVERYTHING THAT SHE TAUGHT YOU TO WRONGLY BELIEVE ABOUT THE FATHER.
    If you want to find real truth.. you must be prepared in private solitude and torment through seeking in hunger and thirst in fighting against the spirit of the serpent within your soul, to truely break through the scales of self deception and presumption.

    To those who seek to enter the inner Kingdom through the agonising violence against THEIR OWN SOULS, in true repentance, will see the true nature of Paul of Tarsus and the FALSE MASK OF YAHUWAH THAT STEMS FROM THE ORIGINAL OF THE PIT FROM WITHIN THE SOUL OF MAN.

    The name of yahuwah is just another false interpretation of the Father’s Name..
    and if it is close to His Name, and not his whole name, then its a blashemous and blind heart that keeps a man is deluded in his presumptions that is still is the name, when ITS VERY APPARENT THEIR IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THAT MOVEMENT. Sadely BUT surely its an OBVIOUS SECOND COATING OF WHITE WASHING THAT OCCURS WITH THAT NAME.


    if we are going to be truth seekers, let us at lest be humble that we might GLIMPSE WHAT TRUE CHILDLIKENESS IS ABOUT.

    Its very apparent that the fruits of the yahuwah movement is of MYSTERY BABYLONS CHILDREN

    so the question begs to be asked….

    which kind of child do we want to be…….

    in seeking to become True
    timothy klein

  85. John says:

    Buck, thanks for your remarks concerning the subject of OSE1. Just a friendly reminder that this Blog subject is not primarily about the correct form or pronunciation of the Father’s Name.

    Timothy, while I can appreciate your concerns and warnings about OSE1, I do not feel the same way about the statements in anger and the judgmental sentiment that is reflected by your last contribution. Although the content has but little to do with the Blog subject, I have allowed it this once – because it touches on at least one subject that may be considered for another Blog entry (i.e. the Authenticity and integrity of Shaúl or Paul the apostle).

    But may I just once again repeat what I think is a fair request (aimed at all prospective participants in this Blog): Let us reason and comment and contribute in a way that builds up and enlightens others and encourages them to take part themselves, restraining ourselves, if needed, and keeping with the subject under discussion as far as possible, so that participants and readers may truly benefit form what is happening on these pages.

    Thanks for understanding … :glad:

  86. timothy klein says:

    Hi John..

    Thanks for your comments..i agree with what you have said…

    if my last contribution had not have been in upper case…i wonder if it would have been taken the same way.. i hadnt meant for it to be judgmental, yet i do see the spirit of rebellion behind that name, as well as the people that support it..

    I dont pretend to know all the answers, although i must admit i am grateful for what i know, as it has filtered and articulated and refined for me alot of the rubbish that i once thought was knowledge to step off the broad road and the wayside, to seek the narrow and straight path..

    Unfortunately there is still a gap between knowledge of truth and my personal lack of wholeness as an individual, having discovered through my journey that i am not born again, nor saved.
    This find although valuable, has been devasting to me, as i have begun to see just how deceptive the fallen one is and how he decieves everyone of us through our souls.
    it is heart breaking realisations, when we learn that we have all worshipped the beast, and have been apart of the great multitude that followed the beast in wonder.

    i am grateful for truth, and its witness to unveil and expose the real self that is in dire need of redemption.. what angers me is when i see people embrace the image of the beast and in their pride renounce others who are trying to do truth a service by remaining true to the protocol of analysis in our quest for finding the Father of Truth.
    When you see in your spirit the nature of satan in the soul, trying to ridicule and stamp out through deceit, the precious way to the Words of Life… then you realise just how bold his fury is, and how short the days really are in this generation.

    I cant apologise for my heart towards those who make a mockery of the humble nature of truth and acuse others of being of their father satan, when they are infact his servants… but i can apologise if my comments have offended anybody on this thread who havent gone as far as i have in my search, yet are hoping to learn and find truth so that they might grow more in the image of their Heavenly Maker.
    My comments was to ignite questions, valid to the remificiations of having them go ignored.. The upper case was not to shout but to highlight the emphasis of the statement..
    i personally believe that this false name is just another fruit of the tree that is going to be cut down, roots and all in the eternal fire.. The consequences of if mispercieving the accountability of such questions going ignored is of nightmarish proportion.

    I guess thats why you have designed this thread,as you see the bigger picture of such a deception going unmonitored. The saddest and most heart breaking reality is when a people who are already broken and desparate to know their Father are given a name that isnt His, and cannot save…
    We have all known this pain, when we understood that origin of the name of son as being hellenistic, so its shouldnt surprise us that the same will happen to the Fathers Name as well..
    As i said, i am not saved, nor am a teacher or scholar on the subjects of the ancient writings, yet im glad that i bring to the table a broken heart that having seen the wounds of my soul, that were whitewashed by thosed that said they knew him and do not,i can now discern the difference. I am incrediably grateful and thankful to have been shown just a fleeting a glimpse of the great humble sacrifice and beautiful obedience of the Mashiach in relation to His Father, out of a Love that possessed no deciet or ill will towards men.

    I want to thankyou for your thread, as it is a uniquic place on the web where people can offer and are offering intelligent contributions of concerns that are finally surfacing.
    We may all be different people John, yet from all the ends of the earth we come, we share a common plight… to help our fellow man when we see them working in great darkness…

    Thanks for your thread… its fruits im sure have exceeded everybodies expections..

    thanks again

    seeking truth to become True
    timothy klein

  87. SoftsongofYah says:

    Hello John
    In reading your discussions I noticed no one bothered to do what a wordful person would do and that is PRAY for Discernment of the Truth from the ALmighty Father. Why don’t you all try that with a sincere heart and ask the Father to reveal to you what is true. Maybe then Yahuwah will lift the veil from your eyes as He did to me when I sought to know what was His true name. I already had a love for my Creator but I did not know His Name. I used to call him Lord God. I was a former Catholic who by the way believe His Name is Yahweh. I was skeptical at first but I didn’t discredit it, I sought for the truth and it was shown to me. To be a true seeker you have to let go of all preconcieved notions you may have and test everything by the Set Apart Spirit. Our Creator is not a Creator of disorder. He wants us to seek Him sincerely and freely. Everyone’s heart is laid bare before Him. I follow the Covenant Words with the help of ALMIGHTY YAH’s Ruwach. If you are a true seeker you will come to the knowledge of truth as only Yahuwah can bring it to you. I am a Chayil Ishah of Yahuwah who will testify that DeborAH speaks truth. There are many more who will say the same thing in the United States. I read the entire King’s Covenant and everything in it comes to life and opens your spiritual eyes to see what our Loving Creator has been doing. What you say they have added is what the lying translators left out instead. He reveals Himself to the humble and not the proud know it alls of this world. I am no scholar but a lover of my Creator. All I can give Him is my broken and contrite heart and ask for forgiveness for my past ignorance. Eternal life is not going to be given to the group with the most followers remember that. This should be a personal walk between you and your Creator. Remember Shatan has decieved the whole world and that means you and me. How do you think he did it? He mixed in lies with truth in order to make it believeable. He removed our Creator and Savior’s name through the Talmudic Scribes so what you are reading has been tampered with. Why is it so hard to believe that Yahuwah is restoring His true Name and Word in these last days? Do you think He is going to let everyone go their own way and hope for the best? Or maybe the right Messianic group is going to be saved. Everyone believes they belong to the “Group that Has the Truth” He came the first time to restore the Covenant Words and His Father’s true Name and pay the penalty for our sins making a way back to the Father possible. Apparently those who were entrusted with it didn’t do such a good job. The scribes covered over His name with Adonai where they should have been proclaiming it to the world. He made a Covenant and He keeps His Word. He said my people perish for lack of knowledge. Sounds to me the world doesn’t have all the knowledge they need if there is but one Word, Way Truth and Life.
    I am so surprised at what a herd mentality you all have. It’s almost as if enough of you criticize what you either haven’t read or read some of without praying over it, you can justify discrediting it. I am not a Nabi just a believer in Yahuwah. I did my research and Yahuwah confirmed it for me. I know you will believe what you want but the way you behave in your forum shows what kind of spirit you are of. What you believe determines your actions. I can’t say I noticed any ahab. His Word will be protected until He wants it revealed to the world. There are many wolves out there as you well know who would destroy these texts if they could. Many men have died protecting these scriptures so I would be careful if I were you about rejecting them so soon. A simple question before I leave, would any of you be willing to give your life for the Scriptures you have in your possession?
    Baruwk Hata BaShem YaHuWaH.

  88. John says:

    SoftsongofYah, I can appreciate your emphasis on the importance of praying for discernment and your loyalty towards those who share your convictions with you. Don’t forget that many of the readers of this Blog have come to what they believe to be the Truth of the Word of Yah, through much prayer and searching. Many, like you, have come to know the precious Name of the Almighty and have rejoiced upon making this discovery. Contrary to what you suggest, I firmly believe that prayer is an essential element in coming to know the truth and that the Name of the Father plays a vital role in this discovery. However, I can give you a great number of examples of people with directly opposing viewpoints and contrasting beliefs who all claim that they have come to their convictions through prayer and “listening” to the voice of the Almighty. What I have tried to do in this Blog was to initiate a platform of greater objectivity so that honest seekers of the Truth can have something substantial from where they can make an informed decision about OSE1. Like you, I also believe that people perish for a lack of knowledge. I am sorry to learn that you noticed in my behaviour on this Blog a “herd mentality” and a spirit that showed that I have no love. In my own way, I tried to achieve quite the opposite, but I suppose in a discussion of this nature it is not always that easy.

    As far as your final question is concerned: Would any of us be willing to give our lives for the Scriptures we have in our possession? My answer would be: I hope and pray that, when needed, I would be prepared to give my life to release the Scriptures from the “possession” of human beings and restore them once again as the sole possession of Yahweh, the Almighty. There are too many people today who act as though they possess the Scriptures and are allowed to change them as they see fit.

  89. timothy klein says:

    to answer the question, whether i would be willing to give my life for the scriptures?

    i believe that the scriptures we have today are just a product of Rome, and man throughout the subsequent generations
    Not even the Mashiach left any writings, as he was a living message..All he had was the Torah and some Old Covenant writings. He knew that as soon as he was resurected and returned to His Father with His Fathers Flock, that the lie of the scribes would distort him, and that the whole world would follow his enemy, the beast instead.
    So i wouldnt die for a book that over the years has been corrupted by satan since it has been his overall design to create a book called the “bible” for his relgious purposes, to enslave mankind within mystery babylon, which i might add has been his most successful device throughout the ages. As sad as it is to say, mankind is still in the “spiritual dark ages” as they are still following the beast with wonder.

    I would die for my faith though, even though i do not know Him, as i know that ultimately the same spirit that was in the crowd that called out for his Blood, and the yeast of the Pharisees that cruicifed him, is within mystery babylon today, using the book the “bible” to decieve many, under the guise of self righteousness, and self delusion. And it is this spirit that will ultimately lead many to be beheaded in their pursuit of their utopian ideals for mankind and a one world religion that is already here.
    I believe that the name of yahuwah is just another lie aimed at bringing all of the different creeds together for a one world faith.
    Yes, ultimately i have a gut feeling that my head will go on the block, for the blade of the gulitine, but it will be from a heart that wants to know him, rather than out of a heart that believes it knows Him and doesnt.
    This act of final humility would be my proof to the Father that “dying to self” to know His wisdom, rather than follow the wisdom of man, would i believe be the final act of servantitude of wanting to know Him, rather than allow my religious knowledge to “save me”.
    To stand in a religious dilusion for a lifetime, is just the stubborn fruit of rebellion.
    I know that my ten seconds of agony, once my head is chopped off, would pale in significance to the pain and horror that the Mashiach experience for my rebellion.

    so no i wouldnt die for todays “bible”, but i believe that the Torah itself and the words of the Mashiach only would give me the strength to die for my faith, that was “once and for all delivered to the saints”

  90. John says:

    It is quite clear that many people are still wondering about the reliability of the OSE1 translation and would welcome further studies in this regard. We have already looked into this subject from many different angles, but I would like to return once again to OSE1’s rendering of the Book of Revelation. The translators of OSE1 have admitted that Revelation is the one book that is not included in the find containing the so-called “Original Scriptures” – which means we can test their translation of Revelation by looking at the publicly available Greek manuscripts. We have already looked at a number of verses from the first chapter of Revelation (see here), so, as a follow-up, here are some more, starting with chapter 2.

    Rev 2:8 OSE1: “I am Yahuwah, the First and the last, He who was dead …” (available texts: “These things say the first and the last, who was dead …”). Yahuwah is the Name that OSE1 uses frequently for YHWH, the Father. Nowhere in the 66 books generally referred to as “The Scriptures”, do we have the slightest hint that YHWH the Father, has ever died, or in fact, can ever be perceived to be dead. The question begs whether this untidy translation was just an oversight or whether it was a deliberate effort to blur the distinction between YHWH, the Father, and Y’shua, the Son even further and by doing so, continuing with the pattern of randomly interchanging the names of the Father and the Son – a pattern followed throughout the preceding pages of OSE1.

    Rev 3:9 OSE1: “those of the assemblies [plural] of the Destroyer (Yehovah) …” (available texts: “those of the synagogue [singular] of Satan …”). The singular form in the original texts is simply changed to plural and “Satan” (the Destroyer) is shockingly identified with Yehovah, which is put in brackets. Clearly the translators have jumped upon this opportunity to suggest a slight twist into Scriptures that may support their view that those assemblies who do not pronounce the Name of the Father the way they do, and use other forms like Yehovah, should be informed that the One they believe is the Almighty, is in fact Satan (The Destroyer). The idea of establishing an equation here: Satan = the Destroyer = Yehovah, is most probably based upon the fact that the Hebrew word “hovah” means “disaster” or “ruin” or “destruction”. This method of illegitimately breaking up Hebrew words, or introducing slight changes to the spelling of certain words, in order to come to a surprising theological conclusion, is very typical of OSE1 and should be rejected categorically by all who love the truth.

    Rev 4:10 OSE1: “the twenty four Elders of YAHU fall down before YAHUWAH, who sits on the throne …” (available texts: “the twenty four elders fall down before Him who sits on the throne …”). Yet another example of the poetical freedom applied by the translators of OSE1, fabricating a translation with the very real potential of totally confusing the reader. In none of the original texts behind this verse any mention is made of the Names “Yahu” (the name OSE1 invented for Y’shua the Messiah) or “Yahuwah”. In fact, there is no reference to the Messiah in this verse, nor in any of the surrounding verses and it is difficult to understand why the translators have forced the Messiah into the translation of this verse.

    Rev 5:1-4 OSE1: “(1) I saw in the Right Hand of Him who sat on the throne, The Book written inside and outside … (2) … The Book of the Word of Yah … (3) … The Book to man … (4) … The Book of DebariYah …” (available texts: “I saw, in the right hand of him who sat on the throne, a book written inside and outside … (2) … the book [no trace of “the Word of Yah”] … (3) … the book [no trace of “man”] … (4) … the book [no trace of “DebariYah”] …”). The same Greek word is used in all four verses, the very common word “biblion”, meaning a book or a scroll or a writing. However, once again the translators of OSE1 have chosen to complicate matters by adding words and ideas to the straightforward text and coming up with four different “translations” for the same word in four consecutive verses! Tragically, this is doing exactly – under a smoke screen of “translation” – what is warned against in the last chapter of this book “For I witness to everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to them, Elohim shall add to him the plagues that are written about in this book” (Rev 22:18).

    Once again, the verses upon which we have commented are only a selection, and covers only four chapters of this book. But each of them serves as yet more confirmation that OSE1, as a translation, is teeming with all kinds of grammatical flaws, man-made ideas and gross inaccuracies. The translators’ claim that “the main core message is 100% accurate and textually irrefutable” is simply not true and CANNOT be taken seriously. I am not one who would easily make such a statement and I am saying this, not to stir up another fight. Furthermore, not for one moment is it my intention to shock or to hurt those who have already taken a positive stance with regards to OSE1. But for the sake of those who are genuine and serious in their search for the truth, and may already have marvelled at the outer beauty of this translation, my honest plea is once again: Let us not be deceived by, or embrace a translation that cannot even pass a few straightforward, basic tests of textual integrity.

  91. Jerry says:

    Greeting John, I would like to communicate with you concerning The King’s Covenant. Would you send me a private and confidentuial email address where I can contact you?

  92. John says:

    Greetings Jerry. You can use the email starting with john… that is listed under “Contact us” in the menu above. Shalom.

  93. Attie says:


    Na 25 Jaar waarin ek glad nie in n Bybel gelees het nie en net in n kerk vir troues,” doop” en begrafnis dienste was, het ek met die hulp van n bevrydings kamp met die naam, By Jesus Se Voete ,en onder leiding van die Heilige Gees my op 26-08-2011 bekeer en by hierdie kamp het ek die name gehoor vir God, Jesus en Heilige Gees, wat in OSE 1 gebruik word.

    Ek het onrustig gevoel toe ek die web blad van The Kingdom Nation of YAHUWAH besoek het, ek het op jou blog afgekom in my soeke om meer duidelikheid oor die vertaling te he. Nadat ek gister die bespeking gelees het was ek, om die minste te se deurmekaar en onrustig oor hoe korrek my bybel (Afrikaans 1983) vertaling is en het my tot vanoggend gepla. Maar na my bybel studie en gesprek met God het Sy Gees my gerus gestel .

    Met hierdie brief is dit nie my bedoeling om enigeeen wat deelgeneem het in die gesprek te berispe of te oordeel nie, vernaam nie die wat voel hulle is op a ander vlak in hulle geloof as ons sogenaamde nuwe Christene nie. Hierdie brief het die Heilige Gees my laat skryf, en plaas ek vir die van ons wat dalk op die blog lees en oorweldig voel omdat ons nuut wedergebore Christene is, en die volgende verse (in die volgorde) het Hy aan my uitgewys om aan te haal om berusting oor hulle geloof te kry,en nie te twyfel of hulle op die regte pad is nie,
    (Fil 3:2) Pas op vir daardie dwaalleraars; pas op vir daardie mense wat kwaad stig; pas op vir daardie betekenislose besnydenis!
    (Titus 3:9,10,11) Maar jy moet jou nie inlaat met dwase strydvrae en geslagregisters en met getwis en stryery oor die wet van Moses nie, want dit is nutteloos en sinloos. Met iemand wat na twee vermanings nog skeuring veroorsaak, moet jy niks te doen he nie omdat jy weet dat so n man op die verkeerde pad is. Deur sy sonde bring hy die oordeel oor homself.
    (Heb 8:10) Dit is nou die verbond wat Ek met Israel na hierdie dae sal sluit, se die Here: Ek sal hulle my wette in die verstand gee, op hulle harte sal Ek dit skrywe; Ek sal hulle God wees, en hulle sal my volk wees.
    (1 Joh 2:27) Wat julle egter betref, die Gees waarmee Hy julle gesalf het, bly in julle, en julle het niemand anders nodig om julle te leer nie. Sy Gees leer julle alles, en wat Hy julle leer, is die waarheid en geen leuen nie. Ja, soos Hy julle geleer het, moet julle in die Seun bly.

    Lees gerus met vertroue die bybel wat jou in die eerste plek na God toe gelei het en glo dit met jou hele hart en met jou hele siel!


  94. Pierre says:

    Ek het sopas op hierdie link gekom, sien dat jy ‘n maand terug jou skrywe gestuur het en hoop jy lees my brief aan jou.
    Ek is ook genees in die naam van Jesus, sowat 5 jaar gelede, maar het intussen die naam – probleem oorkom. Intussen het ek baie navorsing gedoen aangaande die Naam, oorsprong van ons geloof ens. Ek wil graag begin met die feit dat die Dead Sea Scrolls nie lank terug ontdek is, waarin die Naam van Vader, YHWH is, Sy Seun, Y’shuah, salvation of Yah. Ons vertalings is deur die Katolieke Kerk in oorsprong goedgekeur, waaronder die Suid Afrikaanse weergawe deur Vrymesselaars vertaal is. Google Vrymesselaars indien jy nie kennis van die orde dra nie. Die feit dat jy genees is deur “Jesus”, moet vir jou eintlik ‘n bewys wees van hoe groot Vader se Liefde en Genade is, aangesien Hy weet hoe ons mislei is.
    Ek antwoord graag op jou verwysings, uit die Hebrew Roots, vertaal direk vanaf die Dead Sea Scrolls
    Phil. 3:2 Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of the circumcised party.
    3 For we are the circumcision, the ones who worship by the Spirit of YAHWEH, and who glory in Messiah Yahshua, and who do not trust in flesh.
    (die betekenlose besnydenis, is die farriseers en skrifgeleerdes, wat Yeshua nie wil aanvaar nie, hier word hulle honde genoem, Yeshua het hulle slange genoem)
    Titus 3:9-11
    9 But avoid foolish questionings and genealogies and contentions and theological arguments of the scribes, for they are unprofitable and vain.
    10 After the first and second warning, avoid a man of heresy,
    11 knowing that he who has been such is corrupt; he sins and condemns himself.
    ( darm ‘n duidelike verskil, is dit nie?)

    Heb 8:10…
    9 not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day of My taking hold of their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they did not continue in My covenant, and I rejected them, says YAHWEH.
    10 Because this is the covenant which I will covenant with the house of Israel after those days, says YAHWEH, I will give My Laws into their mind, and I will write them on their hearts, and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.”
    ( Jy moet hoofstukke lees, nie net versies nie. Hierdie is ‘n aanhaling uit die Torah, dit verwys na die voorgeslag van Israel, VOORDAT hulle uit Egipte gelei is. Hierdie verbond is reeds aan Israel gegee voordat die Volk die land Kanaan in is. Lees gerus Deuter. 29). Yeshua (Jesus) is nie die nuwe verbond nie, maar die vervulling daarvan. Genade gaan niemand loskoop nie, slegs geloof…dan volg genade, omdat jy glo en gehoorsaam is in Torah (wette, gebooie,) lees gerus Deuter 11:1. Daar is 4 riglyne wat nagekom moet word, nie net die gebooie nie .Terloops, al ooit gewonder hoekom Aaron se kalf verwerp is? Dit was dan gebou “ter wille van Yahwe”, en dis verwerp sonder die 10 gebooie, hoe dan nou? Vader het ook insettinge, verordinge en ordinge…wat is dit?…lees jou Torah.

    1 Joh 2:27… And the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and
    you have no need that anyone teach you (hidden things). But as His anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and as He taught you, abide in Him.
    (die maniere hoe mens geleer word, is deur die Gees, ander mense “commin sence”. Mense wat Vader aanspreek as Yahwe, is nie valse profete nie, maar die wie Hom aanspreek as “forces of the universe”. Onthou hierdie gedeelte: “wie nie teen ons is nie, is vir ons” Yeshua se woorde aan Sy dissipels.)

    Attie, ons sit nie hier en diskrimineer die “Liewe Jesus” metologie nie. Vader is besig om dinge in orde te roep, om die hoer te ontbloot (Openbaring), Sy jota en tittel te herstel. Wees eerder dankbaar dat Vader al jou jare jou beskerm het, selfs toe jy nie in enige denominasie belang gestel het nie. Dit is vir jou makliker om Sy ware woord te aanvaar, teenoor die jarelange Charismate en NG lidmate. Vir hulle is die waarheid swaar om te sluk, vra my, ek is ‘n lopende voorbeeld daarvan gewees.

    Ek het so baie om met jou te deel, wat onmoontlik hier gedoen kan word. Moenie verstrengel raak in groepe wat “Joodse tradisies” aankleef nie. Baie glo dat die Naam van Yahwe met ‘n Joodse instelling gepaard gaan, dit is beslis nie so nie, dit is toevallig waarteen Yeshua ons gewaarsku het, en die farriseers aangespreek het.
    Begin by jou eie begin, nie die skielike Hebreeuse sêgoed wat jy nie verstaan nie. Jy is in Afrikaans gebore, leer dus in Afrikaans. Die woorde Yahwe, Yeshua, Ruac Ha Codesh, Shalom, Messiah, is skriftuurlik en ek verkies om my Vader so te noem. Jesus is ‘n Griekse vertaling, vanaf Iesos, verkry vanaf I’Zeus, ‘n Griekse afgod. God is nie ‘n eienaam woord nie, maar ‘n titel, selfde as lord, lordship, die uwe ens. Alle gode word god genoem, Allah ook, en Allah is beslis nie ons Skepper nie, daarom gebruik ek eerder die oorspronklike Hebreeuse taal, soos gegee aan Moses, I am… YHWH.
    Los vir eers die ander fiterjasies soos die taliets,(toevallig nie skriftuurlik nie), wel Joods. Enigeen wat hiermee wil stry, gee my ‘n skriftuurlike verwysing asb.
    Verdermeer, vir iemand soos jy wat slegs op geleendheid in die kerke was in die verlede, kan ek sien dat jy vasgevang sit in die Nuwe testament. Lees die Ou een ook, jy sal baie wyshede raakloop.

    Groete (Blessings….Shalom)

  95. Esther says:

    May the Lord open your eyes and save you.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen

  96. Vernit S. Holder says:

    Shalom, again… here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I recently received from The distributor’s supporters :
    Hello Friends and Family of YA’sarel. You are cordially invited to attend a historical event of New Restoration in this His Family of YA’sarel’s all new “A Word of YaHuWaH Scripture Unity Hour & AHabiYA Hour of Love, Prayer, Praise and Healings”. This Webinar will begin on 12/25/11 – 1st Day Morning – 9AM Central/7AM Pacific Time. This will replace the Scripture Study hour that was on 1st day evenings and the “Men’s” Webinar in order that we may ALL come together and share in His Word at the very start of His beautiful First day. Please make special note of the new times!

    We invite Friends and Family to come together weekly to study purely from The Word of YAH – OSE1. You are invited to attend this Study Hour from His Original Word as we grow in unity and in one accord in His Way. We reject all other twisted words as we learn by our Saviors True Example to us all in becoming His People in this His Renewed Covenant Restoration Time of Love, Prayer, Praise and Healings.

    This Webinar will be hosted by Servant Elders of YA’sarel West DenYA CAHaliero with his IshAH DeAH and co-hosted by Servant Elder RaphAH BethYAH with hisIshAH Malqushe and Servant Elder RickAH Pedan along with Servant Teacher DaHrin YaHntzer.

    Whatever you are reading (even from the ancient manuscripts in the Greek, Coptic & Aramaic) according to these supporters… it is twisted! Just to state again: The OSE1 does NOT derive from Hebraic manuscripts, but from GREEK (it is a “twisted” & adjusted version of World English Bible, which is based on the Alexandrian-family / Type)….

  97. timothy klein says:

    Well finally the truth be known…
    the blind leading the blind…

    dont get me wrong..
    by my own standards im still blind.. as a blind man cant see, yet i am grateful for seeing through this seductive script of man..

    i have learnt lately that any name such as yeSHUwa, yaSHUa, or yehoSHUa
    is completely wrong… as the word SHU is the name of the EGYPTIAN GOD of the air… another name for the devil…
    how very interesting..

    i am of the persuasion that the mashiachs earthly name was called yeSHAyeh

    as in yeshayeh…

    any comments anyone…?

    timothy klein

  98. YAHUWnathan says:

    I was and still am critical of the Kingomd of YAH’s translation called “The Word of YAH.” I will always be critical; I will never be burned by religion and vain traditions again, neither by presumptuous and arrogant church leaders who take from the storehouse to build their own kingdoms. I follow not group nor church nor cult nor man, save the one whose name is YAHUW in YAHUWAH. When even the corporation “Kingdom of YAH” passes away, YAHUWAH’s name and spiritual-blood nation will remain. For this reason, I do not defend the corporation or group, but simply hold to the only saving name that has previously been declared to all people. YAHUWAH – not Yahweh or any other name – has been preserved by the lesser people, the barbariYAns, if you will. From the Karen tribe in Myanmar, who call Him Y’Wah, to the Native Americans who call him YAHUAH, may His name YAHUWAH be eternally honored among every other name. That at name of YAHUW in YAHUWAH every knee will bow (even those whose name is YAHUWshua – Joshua), and every tongue will confess that YAHUW is MeoshiYAc to the glory of EL YAH of All Creation.

  99. YAHUWnathan says:

    I am a YAHUWan to the extent that I have not met anyone from the Kingdom of YAH who violates the Word in any respect. I follow my EL foremost, and the group called the Kingdom of YAH is the vehicle in with I do it. They are also my brothers and sisters, and will remain so into eternity as they call on the eternal name. No more pastors or rabbies or churches for me. AmaniYAH!

  100. YAHUWnathan says:

    @timothy klein

    Any particular reason you’re using “Yeh” instead of “Yah”?

    At any rate, yehshayeh seems to be the same of YashaYAHUW (Isaiah)?

  101. Robert Wentzel says:

    timothy klein says: August 13, 2011 at 10:56 am :
    “…boasting against the meekness of the BLACK hebru mashiach…”

    My comment: I have never read anywhere that BLACK people wore “tzittzit” and a robe….

    My Bible tells me that Yeshua wore:

    Luk 8:43 a woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone,
    Luk 8:44 came up behind him and touched the tzitzit on his robe; instantly her hemorrhaging stopped.

    History and Google tells me that Black people wore > “…both men and women wear bits of hide around the waist..”

  102. Robert Wentzel says:

    Pierre skryf aan Attie : November 8, 2011 at 9:55 pm
    Heb 8:10…
    9 not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day of My taking hold of their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they did not continue in My covenant, and I rejected them, says YAHWEH.
    10 Because this is the covenant which I will covenant with the house of Israel after those days, says YAHWEH, I will give My Laws into their mind, and I will write them on their hearts, and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.”
    ( Jy moet hoofstukke lees, nie net versies nie. Hierdie is ‘n aanhaling uit die Torah, dit verwys na die voorgeslag van Israel, VOORDAT hulle uit Egipte gelei is. Hierdie verbond is reeds aan Israel gegee voordat die Volk die land Kanaan in is

    Nee Pierre, ek lees jou aanhaling bietjie anders as wat jy aan Attie verduidelik, want jou aanhaling uit die Bybel dui duidelik aan dat die nuwe verbond eers gemaak gaan word AAN DIE EINDE VAN DAE voor/met die Melinium of duisendjarige vrederyk. Jy moet maak soos jy vir Attie voorstel om die konteks van die verse ook te lees soos byvoorbeeld vers agt[8] wat aandui dat die verbond met ALBEI Israel en Juda gemaak word ..>

    Heb 8:8 For God does find fault with the people when he says, “‘See! The days are coming,’ says ADONAI, ‘when I will establish over the house of Isra’el and over the house of Y’hudah a new covenant.

    Heb 8:9 “‘It will not be like the covenant which I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by their hand and led them forth out of the land of Egypt; because they, for their part, did not remain faithful to my covenant; so I, for my part, stopped concerning myself with them,’ says ADONAI.

    Hierbo in vers nege[9] kan ons duidelik sien dat Yahweh aandui dat die nuwe verbond nie sal wees soos toe Yahweh hulle uit Egipte uitgelei het [en wat hulle toe verbreek het] nie.

    En hieronder sien ons dat daar in Hosea 2 vers agtien[18] DUIDELIK aangedui word dat die NUWE VERBOND eers in die VREDES TYDPERK[Milinium] gemaak word wanneer Yahweh weer met die Volk trou.

    Hos 2:15 I will give her her vineyards from there and the Akhor Valley as a gateway to hope. She will respond there as she did when young, as she did when she came up from Egypt.
    Hos 2:16 “On that day,” says ADONAI “you will call me Ishi [My Husband]; you will no longer call me Ba’ali [My Master].
    Hos 2:17 For I will remove the names of the ba’alim from her mouth; they will never again be mentioned by name.
    Hos 2:18 When that day comes, I will make a covenant for them with the wild animals, the birds in the air and the creeping things of the earth. I will break bow and sword, sweep battle from the land, and make them lie down securely.
    Hos 2:19 I will betroth you to me forever; yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness, in justice, in grace and in compassion;
    Hos 2:20 I will betroth you to me in faithfulness, and you will know ADONAI.

  103. Vernit says:

    Shalom again,
    It seems from reading through this blog & meeting with numerous people who accept OSE 1 /KC as Scripture, that they CHOOSE to believe the LIE.
    It doesn’t matter how many PROOFS one presents from existing manuscripts, translations etc. they just DON’T SEE IT???!!! I have shown in this blog by quoting from OSE1 / KC how the publishers are lying, John you have shown from your studies of Revelation how they have twisted the Scriptures, added to it & taken away from it, Victor has shown that they used the World English Bible for most of their underlying source…. why do people still follow this & accept it as Scripture?
    There is an Anti-Messiah Spirit behind this translation, it assists Satan in blinding the mind of those who believe it without investigating it.
    The Publishers don’t have manuscripts to back up their claims… they are arrogant, aggressive, & abusive liers.
    The man behind the “translation” of OSE1 / KC, Ralph C. Bethea Jr. aka Rapha, deceives people with LIES of his experiences in the Middle- East & Africa. All of it LIES… it makes the hearer/s “FEEL GOOD”, it STIRS their emotions, their SOUL & they confuse this with the Ruach HaQodesh. This has a “BLINDING” effect… & allows Satan’s false rulership to enter into their lives, they are accepting the DEMONIC ANOINTING behind OSE1 / KC to enter their lives.
    The Ruach HaQodesh does not work like this, on emotions, He CONVICTS & brings SORROW unto REPENTANCE & allows us to live in His Kingdom.
    I dare the believers in OSE1 / KC to ask Rapha to show the manuscripts, guess what, he won’t… it is NON-EXISTENT! …but he will talk you into a corner, debate you & change the subject & jump from the issue to a different issue… & you will FEEL GOOD, you will feel the “anointing”, it will stir within you, (actually your emotions being stirred by his false stories), your hair may even “stand-up” over your body… slowly he is releasing a DEMONIC force over you… GET OUT! You are being blinded by the god of this World.

  104. timothy klein says:

    To Vernit..

    Well said… i couldnt agree more… those of the rebellion of Korah love the lie, the blind leading the blind into the same pit their forefathers were swallowed up by. Their hearts are being fattened up for the day of slaughter, considering that they are intoxicated by the venom of the serpent, with scales blinding them, they will never see, nor hear lest they turn and run from this rebellion.. They are measuring up their fathers guilt, and will be numbered with him on that day.

    To YAHUWnathan..

    The name Ya is the name of the pagan cananite moon god,
    there was never a u in the tetragrammaton as YHWH is the false rendering of Isous in the Greek and Latin to form the name of blasphemy jesus. (modern day Kazar Jews of Zionist Israel today have sold this to the decieved messianic movement so their rabbis can control the world wide religion of the ancient teachings of the mashiach)

    And secondly the Name Ye is the correct beginning of YHVH to its ancient roots of the black Hebrew movement.
    Also the name SHU is yeshuwa or yashua or any other false pronounciation of SHU in any name of the mashiach is the egyptian sky god of spiritual sodom and egypt.. google the word shu and see for your self..

    wake up Nathan.. you have been sold a lie, and any defense of the movement that sold you that lie is just your stubborness. Break through your uncircumcised heart and see the lie for what it is, and your father satan will reveal himself to you, then make a choice whom you will serve, him and his ministers of righteousness, or the narrow and straight path that few have the courage or instinct to seek, let alone follow.
    Take Courage Nathan, the deception is greater than you realise, if it wasnt, the mashiach wouldnt have warned those that are seeking to enter..

    To Robert Wentzel

    Robert, the black people of Africa (which is a false name from Catholism), were the original descendants of the ancient Israelites.

    Todays so called jews in Israel are pagan, very false and the greatest pretenders behind the Lie of Zionism, the illuminate and every other false evil of the jewish world today..

    dont follow israel, The Father has divorced Yerusalem and thats final..
    The jews are only implementing a man made covenant so that ultimately they can aquire the rich hundreds of trillions of dollars of mineral wealth under the dead sea and the jordan..

    I challenge you to do your homework on the false state of Israel today.. its nothing but the blind leading the blind..

    take care


  105. Bill Meyer says:

    This ROS / OSE1 story sounds like a repeat of the Joseph Smith story of the Golden Plates of Nephi which was taken into heavens, and now every believer must bow to the rantings of these “anointed” ones who have exclusive access to the original text.

    Come on. How dumb must you be to fall for a lie like this.

    Unless original documents can be made available for public scrutiny and tests (sorry – but photocopies is just not good enough – you can Photoshop a thing to look credible) – these people are just another bunch of trick artists who hope to catch a number of gullible people.

  106. Peter Hunt says:


  107. Gemma says:

    My husband and I were given a copy of the OSE1 Word of Yah, King’s Covenant by a friend. We are truth seekers and have been on the path of truth for nearly two years. We have found the OSE1 to be very troubling. This blog discussion has been an incredibly interesting read for us. I am now off to check the content of the OSE1 with other Scripture on E-sword. If something is too good to be true, it probably is!
    May the Father bless you and keep you all.

  108. RobertWentzel says:

    timothy klein says: January 19, 2012 at 5:23 am ..>
    “…The Father has divorced Yerusalem and thats final…”
    I reply: ASSEBLIEF !
    “…I challenge you to do your homework…”
    I kindly request you do the same.
    Ps. Do you deny that the Shoah took place like Aghmoed Denythat of Iran does ? And according to you they 6 million[Jews] in Germany were blacks ?

  109. timothy klein says:


    the scriptures arent rocket science to those who are truely broken from mans traditions and commandments..
    i personally experienced two separate heart attacks as i broke through the power of satan over my heart and soul..
    what I was shown in my spirit was shocking..
    if you live to be a hundred, maybe then you will see what i see as i entered the door of death within my own soul..
    satan is a great deciever, and to attribute anything less would be to insult the Eternal Father who called the fallen one exactly that!!

    Wake up..
    its over for jerusalem… thats final..
    the jews in israel today are the false jews, and have been fleecing the economy of europe and the world for hundreds of years… this is common sense.. you have been brainwashed…

    read the protocols of the learned elders of zion and the other excellent publication called the “the synagogue of satan”

    the real jews are the black jews, in africa.. full stop.. they are just as deceived as the rest of the world..

    the Father is over Jerusalem… a partial preterist perspect and i mean partial will explain this in detail..

    you should be seeking the Father, not men, or their traditions, nor commandments..

    you people will not learn, you hold onto history not realising the powers that be, choose to mould the outcome of peoples beliefs for their own agenda..

    The Father is above and beyond all of this.. completely..
    set your self free from men, so you can learn to die to self away from religion and its power of the serpent..

    if you truely are called, you will hear a still small voice saying come out of her, completely..

    but since i am only 36, you older people would only think, what does a young man know, after all i am so much older and wiser…
    i will give you a friendly tip….

    “to those that need His Forgiveness more, will seek Him more,
    to those that need His Forgiveness alittle, will seek Him alittle..

    i left this blog, as great as it was, as blind people who love to draw converts after themselves, puffed up with their vain knowledge of mans wisdom and ideals, block those tho seek to enter into the Father’s Kingdom..

    I promise you on that day.. you will understand…
    His Kingdom is NOT of this world….

    may you find the courage to turn with all of your heart and soul away from men to seek the Father, that he may reveal to you the rotting carcus deep with your own soul…only then will you understand just how delibrate and cunning this grand deception is..

    in seeking Truth..


  110. Patrick Van Den Noortgaete says:

    Shalom to ALL of you :glad:

    Writing you from Mexico, born in Belgium… Well, I will leave this part of my story covered :glad:

    I was given a link to “” a few days ago.
    Promising, interesting, …? Maybe…
    As I always do with at first sight exciting news I do some research, homework, as some call it.
    So also this time… and I stumbled soon upon this forum.

    Interesting. The whole discussion makes me think of another controversy :”Ron Wyatt and his discoveries”. Some will know what I’m talking about.

    So, before going on or even starting with reading that book, the least what the writers of it could do, is coming up with a POWERPOINT, published on YouTube, with a picture report of the whole research. Starting from the trip to Irak up to the discovering of the clay jar and manuscripts.
    That would only take a few hours of work, but would take away lots of doubts.
    Failure to do that gives us ground to at least believe that any claim on that fantastic discovery is a… (I leave it open to you to fill in).

    Why do I connect this “discovery” to Ron Wyatt? What he was allowed to discover is also incredible. And I’m just pointing to Mount Sinai…
    But at least he made footage available, pictures. Meanwhile, other people visited the site, made a documentary about it and lots of us are eagerly waiting for Tim Mahoney’s professional made documentary about it (

    So, I repeat, please come with hard evidence! And I don’t want to see LIVE the real manuscripts.
    Just a PowerPoint on YouTube would be enough to start to give it some credibility.

    In the mean time, lots of joy in researching AND living out the WORD of Abba :glad:

    Shalom to all.
    Patrick, from Mexico.

    PS : to the moderator. Feel free to mail me if the PP is published. I won’t be checking all the time :glad:

  111. KephAH MenorAH says:

    Dear People of Yah:
    I know exactly how you feel about the newly discovered scriptures, for it is just human nature to request visual proof in order to believe.
    Remember TomAH the great apostle, when faced with the truth of the resurrection of YAHUshuah our savior, he wanted to see first.
    I believed the Word of YAH the very first time I opened it and read it.
    I believed in the word of YAH for two basic reason, THE CALENDAR.
    I had researched the calendar for many years and pretty much deciphred the Qumram text that contain it, from the English translation of them. The Qumram texts amazingly explain the 24 priestly courses and the solar temple calendar, which is also found in the book of ChanUk.
    However, the intercalation provided by the ROS text is what I needed to make sense.
    When I first saw Rapha, I immediately thought he was probably a charlatan, however, by looking further into de unity videos, you can see the heart and sincerity of the man; which has only been comfirmed by my relationship with him, afterwards.

    The second reason was the content. When I read MatithYAHU 19 it just made sense to me that our Savior should not have skiped the first four commandments when preaching the obedience to the Law. This book is the only one that restores this obvious distortion of the original scriptures.

    Now, these are the good news, the bad news is that the book is based on a text that is not written neither in greek nor in armaic, it is written in a long lost language called Abrahu. Therefore none of the scholarly objections are valid. Pretty much we are defensless in the hands of RaphAH and the rest of the translators.
    By looking at the text, the writting is neither phoenitian, nor paleo hebrew, nothing that one could relate to. It is a kind of paleo hebrew, but there are other symbols or letters like the letter Olam, which is a little o, but not the AYIN.
    There is also one letter that seemed to be the Qup, but is differently drawn, for it is a circle with one leg, and the Qup is kind of a half moon facing down with a leg that crosses it.
    There is absolutely no spaces in between the letters and sometimes a dot appears here and there.
    The beth is just a circle with a curved line underneath, the regular paleohebrew beth is kind of different for it is almost like the resh, it is just that the resh has a straight leg.
    One thing that amaized me is the presence of a letter simmilar to the masoretic Kaph, with a dot in the center, that is the very first letter of the photograph I have in my possesion. The actual Kaph in paleohebew is quite different and it is also present in the book.
    Another remark is that all the letters are written in what is believed to be capital letters.
    For instance, the UA, in most places where I see the NAME written is similar to a Y, but with the top part rounded. That is supposed to be the lower UA. The Capital UA is like a bent cross. This text has only capitals.
    There is also a shin, like the masoretic one and a shin that is drawn like a latin w.
    The yad is also a kind of different in the sense that the middle line crosses the center one and the whole letter leans back to the right instead of the left.
    Well all this said, when I call Rapha with questions about the text of the Word of YAH and I ask what is the abrahu word for this and that, he answers almost immediately, but sometimes he goes back and says: “hold on bro, I think I am wrong, let me see the text”.
    Then he reads for a while and comes back to me with a different word, a word that most of the time has an equivalent in the masoretic hebrew.
    One change, for instance is that in MatithYAHU the Ruach Qadusha is said to have appeared in the form of an eagle and not a dove. To original word in MatithYAHU is “racham” which is eagle but also “YAHUA’S MERCY AND FATHERLY LOVE.”
    I don’t remember on which other gospel it is still YONAH, which is the word for dove.
    The racham nowadays is the Egyptian eagle and it is known for its kindness with its kids. So the Spirit was not really an eagle or a dove, but the sight was described differently by the evangelists to show different aspects of the quality of the Ruach.
    All I see in the Word of YAH is wisdom and more wisdom. I would suggest that you guys read it after praying and with the strong desire to find the Truth about our Father, not to demolish his Eternal Word.
    I have found mistakes, along with Rapah and other brothers have pointed out to him others and they have been corrected in the new release.
    E1 stands for Edition 1, which is for obvious reasons the most imperfect version. Perhaps OSE 77 or OSE777 will be the perfect one; but no, because the book is intended for the people of YAsarel to learn the pure language, the language of the angels and the MalakiAH of YAHUAH ELOAYAIM.
    Are you in?
    Another concern is in the rendering of words like Elohim.
    Of course aleph, lamed, hey mim reads Elohim in hebrew and the ending im is the plural, so, if Eloh translates God, the word should mean gods.
    That has been good news for the trinitarians right? (and I respect them and love them from my heart)
    The real good news is that Abrahu and also some words in Hebrew are written in acronymic form. Like SUV in english.
    The YA or YOD (in hebrew) means Supreme Authority or Most High.
    El means Almighty, AH means loving from AHABAH, and M which is am, means people even in modern hebrew.
    So, instead of Elohim, it says Almaighty Loving Supreme Authority of the People.
    The m could mean also nation or creation depending on the context.
    So, when we say YAHUAH ELOAHYAIM or YAHUAH ELOAHYAAM we are praising him by describing His True Nature.
    He is nod Gods, right brothers? He is Echad!!!!
    Now YAHUshuah was given the NAME that is above all names, what name is that?
    This truths are found only in the Word of YAH!!
    Believe me brothers there is no perfection in translations, NONE. We have to learn the pure language and devout ourselves to The Word, if we want to understand EloahYAam, and still we will not completely, for He is ETERNAL LOVING YAH.

  112. Patrick Van Den Noortgaete says:

    To : KephAH MenorAH – February 18, 2012 at 3:21 am

    If there is controversy, I think it is very reasonable to come up with evidence of claims made. There are these modern tools, such as PPT and YouTube. The publishers should use them.
    It is not a matter of being an unbeliever. Comparing this attitude to Thomas is an incorrect simplification of he matter…

    We live in a world that has means to document what one is saying, I would say : “Use them”.
    There is nothing wrong about putting a PPT on YouTube to show evidence.
    Especially in this case.
    I even think the writers would sell thousands of books more if this evidence would be provided.
    Maybe I’m giving them some commercial ideas now… :glad:

    We know that we live in special times. What’s wrong with helping people to see and understand what one is claiming?

    Refusal to do that gives one ground to doubt and assume that the findings are fake…
    Sorry to say that,but my logical and scientific background tells me that.

    And my Father is also very logical! :glad:
    After all, He says that we should “Love Him with all our mind…”.
    Mind refers to thinking, investigating… not just swallowing…
    Shabbat Shalom from Mexico!

  113. Kephah says:

    YAHU said “blessed are those who not seeing, believe”.
    This is true, because note everything can be seen or openly shown.
    So, what we need is to use our intelects and see if an inspired expression comes from EloahYAm or from the Anti-YAHU.
    Since there is no possibility to get the scrolls, we need to judge the book by its content.
    How many believers haven’t even seen an aleph or a daleth?
    None of the brothers are into this for any other reason than prasing YAHUWAH, none other.
    Most of them are being hated by its own family because of these, including RaphAH.
    Many have rejected positions in the christian churches, honor and money.
    Just check RaphAH’s background in the Southern Baptist Church, his many many years as a missionary preaching the gospel to the nations.
    He is no crook.
    Why would a man like that come up with a scheme or a dilusion?

    Again, I think the seekers of the truth need to read the book and judge by themselves.

  114. timothy klein says:

    i can understand ones thirst in seeking a greater witness to the ancient text about the life of the mashiach, for i also have followed that path..
    but when truely sort, that path is a the broad path of self, seeking man for our own benefit.. Only a dying heart knows its own inner secrets and motivations that flow from within it.

    How is it that the Mashiach told us “Do not tell man your deeds before Heaven, Do not let your left hand know what your right hand has done, but seek the Father in secret as to your good works, if they really are to know Him, and He will bless you in His Wisdom and Humility..

    Is it not true that we have all reaped what our works have sowed in our different lives at one stage, by telling men our good deeds, so that we could reap mans appraisal of our own works…

    This kind of fruit is of self, demonic, boastful and full of pride.

    So what would one say, if a man who claimed to have “found” the original texts, not only “SOLD” them for reputation, but then boasts in his good works as an endorsement of his works being of the Father?

    Which Father you might ask….?

    the hardest lessons of dying to self in my own life, as being the dying of everything i thought was good about self, even the works that came from it..
    there is nothing good in me, end of story…

    The only work i see to find, it the Labor of His Hand in Truth and Mercy in my existance, that i may become as a little child to know the Kingdom.

    Yeshayeh warned his workers that “As freely as you have received, so Freely Give in return”

    It grieves me that this mans arrogance of SELLING his interpretation of the ancient texts as a foundation of his works in the name of the One, who will accuse his works of being a worker of iniquity, is frightening, and extremely sobering.

    the reality of our quest in seeking the Kingdom is more than just aligning ourselves with every voice of conviction that is out there in todays wilderness of sodom and egypt, its truely about dying to our own theories and “good” ideas of what represents a man of Heaven in todays environment.

    Its hard dying to self… in fact its impossible unless we understand this first and foremost..

    i want to encourage you to dig deeper into that dry well you call living waters, and discover for your own heart break, its the waters of babylon you are drinking from.
    Then acknowledge this life long parchment of thirst and have the grit and will to turn away from the “goodness” of the tree of the knowledge of “good and evil”, that you might see satan your father drawing you closer to the pit everyday that you stubborness blinds you from discerning a diabolical lie of deception for what it really is..

    Time is so short, and once you allow the briefness of “time” itself to reveal to you satan’s plan, your dirty garments underneath will long for eternity in depths that man can never sway you from again..

    Please as a decieved seeker, i beg you turn, before it is too late..
    you found this site for a reason, because their are many witness on this site that are warning you of the precious time you have left in seeing “the originals scriptures” for what they are…. a man made hoax inspired by the pride of devil himself.

    Take care

  115. Attie says:

    Hi Pierre,
    Ek sien nou eers jou reply, sorry jy is verkeerd ek lees die Bybel se twee Testamente ek wil ook nie daaroor redekwawel nie en stel glad nie in ander dogmas belang anders as wat Die Heilige Gees my Rabbi my leer nie. Ek wil net graag die volgende deel wat aan my gestuur is om andere te waarsku.

    Subject: Gevaar van Ralph Bethea

    Liewe Broer en Suster in die geloof,

    (Stuur asb hierdie epos uit aan almal wat moontlik hierdeur geraak mag word – almal wat die “Kings Covenant” vertaling gekoop het)

    This email is written in Afrikaans, since most people involved in the meeting knows Afrikaans. English speakers can get information by opening the English attachments, or ask for English information from the author of this email.

    Op 2012/02/12 om 17:00-21:00 het ‘n groep van ongeveer 40 gelowiges saam met dr. Ralph (Rapha) Bethea vergader met die doel om:

    1) Navraag te doen oor die bewerings wat hy maak ten opsigte van die fonds van 240 antieke dokumente (OSE1) in “Paleo-Hebreeus” (Hebreeuse prente-skrif) en Aramees, wat dateer uit ongeveer 100 CE;

    2) Navraag te doen oor die egtheid van die boek “The Word of YAH: The King’s covenant” (W-O-Y), as ‘n vertaling van hierdie dokumente;

    3) Navraag te doen oor die proses van vertaling indien daar wel so ‘n vertalingsproses aan die gang is in die Himalaja gebergtes.

    Die volgende is bevind tydens hierdie vergadering:

    1) Dr. Bethea weier om enige bevredigende antwoorde te gee op vrae rondom die sogenaamde bron-tekste (OSE1). Dit is duidelik in sy hantering van die vrae dat daar geen bron-teks (OSE1) bestaan nie, en dat alle bewerings wat met hierdie bron-teks te make het, niks anders as leuens is nie.

    2) ‘n Studie van die vertaling W-O-Y het aangetoon dat:

    a. Die vertaling gebaseer is op die “World English Bible” vertaling wat gratis op die internet beskikbaar is;

    b. Die vertaling deur middel van ‘n “search-replace” woordverwerker funksie gedoen is;

    c. Enkele verse verander is om by die filosofie van dr. Bethea aan te pas.

    d. Die W-O-Y dus hoegenaamd nie vanaf enige oorspronklike dokumente vertaal is nie, en dat dieselfde kritiek wat dr. Bethea graag oor ander bybelvertalings uitspreek, in werklikheid eksponensieel groter van toepassing is op sy eie “vertaling” (W-O-Y).

    e. Die W-O-Y is niks anders as diefstal nie.

    3) ‘n Tydlyn-analise van gebeure in dr. Bethea se lewe, en sy bewerings rondom die fonds van die bron-tekste (OSE1) en die vertaling daarvan, het duidelik gewys dat sy bewerings daaroor niks anders as leuens is nie.

    4) ‘n Kenner van die Aramese tekste kon aantoon dat dr. Bethea se bewerings oor die voorkoms van die naam van Yeshua in die Aramees nie korrek is nie.

    5) ‘n Direkte vraag aan dr. Bethea of hy vetrouenswaardig (“trustworthy”) is, kon nie deur hom bevestigend beantwoord word nie.

    In plaas daarvan dat dr. Bethea antwoorde gee op hierdie ernstige aanklagte, het hy bloot oorgegaan om die gelowiges teenwoordig aan te val. Hy het die vergadering (valslik) beskuldig dat hulle nie volgens Matteus 18:15-18 opgetree het nie. Hoewel die getuienis tydens die vergadering duidelik gewys het dat dr. Bethea ‘n leuenaar en ‘n dief is, is die groot probleem dat hy hierdie leuens en diefstal gepleeg het in die Naam van ons Almagtige Vader (YAH). Sulke optrede behoort eintlik volgens Numeri 25:1-13, Matteus 18:5-6 en 1 Korintiërs 5:1-5 hanteer te word. Ralph Bethea het ‘n struikelblok vir ‘n groot aantal jong gelowiges (kinders in die geloof) geword, en daarom behoort alle gelowiges hulle van hom en sy lering te distansieer, en hom soos ‘n heiden en tollenaar te behandel. Hy is nie deel van die Liggaam van die Messias nie.

    Die vraag is nou: Hoeveel gelowiges wat in ‘n opregte en diepe soeke na die waarheid die pad van geregtigheid nastreef, het deur hierdie struikelblok gestruikel?

    As jy een van hierdie gelowiges is, of as jy iemand ken wat nou in ‘n geloofskrisis gedompel is deur Bethea se optrede en leer, wil ek jou aan die volgende herinner:

    1) Jou fondasie is nie ‘n kerk, geloofsgemeenskap, gemeente of enige Pastoor, dominee, priester of mens nie. Jou geloof berus op die Hemelse Vader en sy “kneg Dawid”, naamlik Yeshua (ongeag daarvan of jy oortuig is sy naam is YAHshua, Jesus, Jesu of iets anders), volgens Esegiël 34.

    2) Hou aan om jou Skepper te soek, maar wees versigtig vir valse profete (lees Matteus 7:8-21 e.v.).

    3) Moenie jou Skepper wantrou omdat mense wat kwansuis in sy Naam optree, nie vertrou kan word nie.

    4) Met hierdie regte basis in jou geloof, moet jy nie dat sulke gebeure daartoe lei dat jy jouself afsonder van ander gelowiges nie. Hoewel ander gelowiges nooit jou basis in geloof mag wees nie, is hulle belangrik in die uitleef van jou geloof. Hulle leer jou verhoudings, liefhê en vergewe (lees 1 Johannes 3:16-18, 4:18-21).

    5) Wees veral versigtig om ‘n “kliek” te vorm met ‘n paar mense. ‘n Geloofsgesin is goed, maar ‘n gesin wat sy gesinslede wil vashou en afskerm van die res van die wêreld is disfunksioneel (Johannes 17:11-18).

    6) Onthou, daar bestaan ‘n al groter wordende liggaam van die Messias in Suid-Afrika (en wêreldwyd). Hierdie liggaam word nie aanmekaar gehou deur dogma, leerstellings of eenderse sienswyse nie, maar “terwyl ons in liefde die waarheid betrag [ondersoek], groei ons in alles op in Hom wat die Hoof is, naamlik Messias, uit wie die hele liggaam – goed saamgevoeg en saamverbind deur die ondersteuning wat elke lid gee volgens die werking van elke afsonderlike deel in sy mate – die groei van die liggaam bevorder vir die opbou daarvan in liefde.” (Efes. 4:15-16; aangepas uit 1953 Afr. vertaling). Soek hierdie liggaam op en maak jou “afsonderlike deel” beskikbaar daarvoor.

    7) Indien jy deur hierdie epos of die gebeure rondom dr. Bethea diep ontstel is en graag met iemand wil gesels, vra jou hemelse Vader om jou te wys met wie jy kan gesels. Die volgende persone is ook beskikbaar: Simchah; Dirk

    ‘n Opmerking oor Skrif en Skrifvertalings

    Die dwaling van dr. Bethea is grootliks gebaseer op ‘n kritiek teen bestaande Skrifvertalings.

    Volgens hom is alle vertalings verdraai en slegs 25% akkuraat. Volgens hom is daar ‘n komplot aan die gang deur bybelvertalers wat die Naam van ons Vader probeer versteek in hul vertalings. Die volgende is my opinie van Bybelvertalings, na vele jare van bestudering van die Skrif:

    1) Geen Bybelvertaling is 100% akkuraat nie, net soos geen vertaling 100% akkuraat is nie. As ek ‘n gewone boek wat uit Engels na Afrikaans vertaal is, lees, kom ek agter dat ek die hele tyd besig is om te soek na die oorspronklike Engelse woorde (bv. “hy het my met ‘n hartseer stemtoon benader” – “he approached me in a sad tone”). Hoeveel te meer moet ons nie aanvaar dat daar ‘n groot klomp betekenis verlore gaan wanneer die Skrif vanuit Hebreeus (of Grieks) na Afrikaans vertaal word nie? As jy op soek is na ‘n akkuraatheid nader aan 100%, begin dan om Hebreeus en Grieks te bestudeer sodat jy die brontekste in hul oorspronklike taal kan lees.

    2) Daar is ‘n ander manier om selfs in jou eie taal en met die beperkinge van die Bybelvertaling op jou bedkassie nog steeds te leer wat die Vader vir jou wil leer. Vra Hom om vir jou te leer wat jy moet weet. Ek ken iemand wat net ‘n 1983 Afrikaanse Bybel tot sy beskikking gehad het op ‘n verafgeleë plaas in Namibië. Vader het aan Hom sy Naam en sy seun se Naam bekend gemaak. Daarmee praat ek nie die foute en dogmatiese veranderings in hierdie vertaling of in enige ander vertaling goed nie. Ek bring eer aan ons hemelse Vader wat selfs hierdie foute en tekorte in ons vertalings te bowe kan kom.

    3) Omdat die 1953 Afrikaanse vertaling ‘n baie “letterlike” (ek sal liewer nie nou op die tegniese hiervan ingaan nie) vertaling is, bly dit ‘n goeie vertaling om by die grootste hoeveelheid waarhede in die Skrif uit te kom. Ek weet dat die Name nie reg daarin vertaal is nie, maar oral waar die Tanak die Naam van die Vader gebruik, word dit vertaal met “HERE” in hoofletters – so jy kan self sien waar sy Naam voorkom. Waar daar “Here” geskryf staan, word die woord “Adonai” deurgaans vertaal. Dan is daar ook nog The Scriptures wat die fout van die oorspronklike Name reggestel het. Mens kry hierdie poging ook in Afrikaans in die vorm van Woord en Getuienis. My ervaring is dat die New American Standard Bible ‘n baie getroue weergawe van die Griekse “Nuwe Testament” bied. Die Complete Jewish Bible doen ‘n uitstekende werk om woorde uit die Tanak in verband te bring met die Apostels se geskrifte, sodat die eenheid van hierdie geskrifte gesien kan word. Maar soos ons groei in die waarheid en voortdurend die Hebreeuse, Aramese en Griekse tekste vergelyk met ons vertalings, kom ons agter dat daar maar gedurig aanpassings gemaak moet word.

    4) Ek dink dat ons een van die dae ‘n seminaar oor vertalings en brontekste moet hou, sodat mens behoorlik hierdie saak van vertalings kan deurtrap.


    Dit het onder my aandag gekom dat daar ‘n soortgelyke aksie teen die dwaling van dr. Bethea in die VSA aan die gang is. Ek heg dokumente in hierdie verband hierby aan, asook ‘n waarnemer se indrukke van die vergadering.


    Die vergadering is op video opgeneem en ‘n ongeredigeerde DVD gaan daarvan vervaardig word. Rig navrae in hierdie verband aan Dirk du Plooy ( ).

    Alle dokumente en aanbiedings wat tydens die vergadering gebruik is, is ook beskikbaar. Rig navrae aan dr. Jan de Beer (


    Jan M de Beer

  116. Robert Wentzel says:

    February 10, 2012 at 9:11 am timothy klein wrote:
    “..Wake up.. its over for jerusalem… thats final..”
    “..The jews in israel today are the false jews, and have been fleecing the economy of europe and the world for hundreds of years… this is common sense.. you have been brainwashed..”
    “ people will not learn, you hold onto history..”
    “..if you truely are called, you will hear a still small voice saying come out of her, completely..”
    “..i left this blog, as great as it was, as blind people who love to draw converts after themselves, puffed up with their vain knowledge of mans wisdom and ideals, block those tho seek to enter into the Father’s Kingdom..”
    “..His Kingdom is NOT of this world..”

    Robert Wentzel replies:
    Timothy, it is very obvious that you do not believe scripture by what you write.
    They say that having a “near death” experience robs the brain of oxygen and thus with what you have experienced you now “throw out the baby with the bathwater” so to speak.
    Please consider studying Bible predictions for what is to come for the Nations, especially Joel 2 and 3
    Ps. I do not belong to ANY group , Organisation or Church.

    • sias fourie says:

      I am sorry to inform you, your opinion and writings are of this world, until you are truly saved, whatever you are saying and know now, will only confuse every-one who are also a serious seeker of the truth, as well as yourself. You are like the a leaf that’s tossed around by a stormy sea, or a strong wind.
      I am praying to Yahweh that you will be stopped dead in your tracks and repent all your sins, please take note that you words are like a small spark that starts a flame, that will end up in a roaring fire, this is what you are doing to the minds and the beliefs of others who might not be so strong in their faith. Go forth and talk no more until you have met Yeshua in His Spirit and allow His Spirit to enter your own soul and Spirit and become one with Him, then you will not be so uncertain about yourself and others. You will experience His LOVE and experience His Peace that goes beyond human understanding. So please be quite!! in the name of Yeshua!!!

  117. Yahuwchanon says:

    My wife and I have read the entire OSE-1 multiple times and have been attending webinars on and off with the Yahuwans for almost two years now. As someone living in America who, after many years of study, realized I have been lied to continuously regarding almost every facet of my life by bankster slave masters and their corrupt protectors of the status quo in government and religion, I looked at the OSE-1 as just another revelation of truth hidden from me.

    However, once you go further into the OSE-1 and the Yahuwan movement, absent the scrolls, you either have to accept the word of Rapha or you must conclude that the OSE-1 is not what it seems to be. If you doubt Rapha and the OSE-1 you will be compared to Thomas doubting our Savior. I hesitate to use the word cult because that is usually the word used by worshipers of the real cults like the state, the military, the police, churchianity and others who like to label anyone who does not subscribe to their idolotry.

    When we started reading the OSE-1, all the new names were interesting but hard to accept at first but at the same time, made as much sense as any other scripture as long as you had in the back of your mind that this is translated from newly found texts that will someday be revealed. The commentary is very convincing by exposing many of the well known pagan roots of Christianity but it also adds many claims in with the generally accepted information which may or may not be true, but are not verifiable absent the new scrolls and the authors seemingly amazing knowledge of Yahuwan (Paleo Hebrew).

    If you are not careful, the OSE-1 has a way of immediately isolating one who chooses to believe its new ideas of the old scriptures, from those they used to fellowship with. As we read it we always kept the idea that it seemed to be basically the same Gospel with some new words connecting us to the truth of the old ways and language. We promoted it to friends who were interested. Upon further reading we found several deviations from the accepted texts that are significant.

    Here are three examples.

    OSE-1 MatithYAHUW 16:24 …”If anyone desires to come after me let him take up his staff (traveling gear) and follow me.”

    OSE-1 MatithYAHUW 27:46
    On the ninth hour, YAHUW cried with a loud
    voice, saying, “EliYAH, EliYAHUWAH, lama
    shabachthaniYA!” That is, “Almighty YAH,
    Almighty YAHUWAH, now I will fulfill The promise
    of YA to our beloved ones”

    OSE-1 LukAH 23:34
    Looking at the soldiers, YAHUW said, “Father, let us forgive them, for these
    do not know what they are doing.” Other soldiers divided his garments
    among themselves, by casting lots. But looking upon the rulers mocking Him,
    YAHUW said, “Father, let us forgive them not, for indeed, they do know what
    they are doing.”

    One of the most used sayings by Rapha when referring to scripture is “do you think YAHUWAH would say that?” It does not take a scriptural scholar to recognize who used that phrase so many years ago and the consequences of believing it.

    In conclusion, the only evidence to support the OSE-1 where it deviates at all from the trusted texts is the word of one man. You have to believe Rapha first to believe the OSE-1 is Yah’s word. Until we see the scrolls this will be the case so rather than debating any part of the OSE-1 translation we should all be saying to Rapha:

    SHOW ME THE PAPYRI !!!!!!!

  118. Unamed says:

    The last poster has it correct.
    I’ve been hearing these webinars for 4 months.
    I’ve received huge blessings, revelations, and insight.
    But that’s because of him and his name.
    What it all boils down to is trusting the words of ONE MAN.
    Whether he can be trusted? That’s up in the air.
    Keep this in mind though, folks. MAKING THIS STORY UP WOULD INDICATE A SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL PERSON. How many mentally I’ll people do you know who are smart enough to pull off a scam like this? Honestly. That alone is not logical.

    Many seekers are asking questions, and rightly so. The attitude of defensiveness puts up red flags. Obviously people have questions. The posts on this blog are in
    fact SHOCKING. A man of Yah cursing and offering to gamble on winning souls? It’s weird. Unless there is a history between the owner of this blog and this group.
    The proof is in the fruits, though is it not? Anyone reacting in a negative way in matters of Him must make us question.
    We have to all be in LOVE. If we do not, are we really abiding in Him?
    May we all be blessed with truth in Him. And may he soon reveal the truth to those who are seeking.

  119. timothy klein says:

    Attention Unamed

    Your reply is lukewarm..
    Relatistic love is no covering for red flags…

    You forget that it is written….. Those that LOVE THE LIE will have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE..

    The power of the LIE can be LOVED for that is the FALSE serpentine seed of the fallen ONE..

    Just admit it… The second line of devil’s defense is the realm of the soul..
    And having tasted from his false ministry’s covering, i can tell you his mantle is demonic, and of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…

    Just for historical proof’s sake, here is some evidence he is not showing you..

    The ancient Britons asserted that the sun god who was the father of all mankind was called “Hu”
    Likewise the word “El”,”Al”, or “Eli”, is the title for the sun, whence the Greek word “Helios”, which is “Elion” in Canaanite, or “Eli-on”, as in “El Elyon”, “Elohim” is also a reference to the sungod.
    Also the sun god of the Mexican people was called “Na-hua”, whilst the Egyptian god of the air was called “Shu” who was the dawn god, the “first air” and “life force” emerging as a word or logos out of Ra’s mouth.

    The name YaHuWah and all those hibrid names are just names of devils from ancient pagan sun worship. All names coming from the tetrogramaton are just decietful lies.

    For religious people the declare they dont worship the heavens, as the sun is a mere inorganic ball of gas, the presence they worship is none other than the spirit of the “prince of the air”, their father Shatan, the fallen One, the Great Deceiver.
    Only honest and broken people really analyse to see whether or not it would represent the Pure Spirit of the Eternal One…

    And i decided after some raw time on my knees that it WASN”T

    I hope you are challenged by history and realise there is nothing new under the sun, for the devil has no new tricks, just old ones rehashed.


  120. Anna-Marie says:


    Baie geskok na ek die blog gelees het – ek het nie verwag dat Deborah mense so sal aanval nie. Ek het ‘n paar keer met haar op die telefoon gepraat, en sy was elke keer so aangenaam. Ek het op aanvraag van my pa met haar kontak gemaak oor The Kings Covenant. Sy het hulle op ‘n stadium op haar onkoste laat invoer en het dit gratis versprei – sy het vir my 6 afskrifte gestuur wat ek uitgedeel het onder die kinders en my pa, maar ek is nog redelik nuut in die gebruik van Yahuwah en Yahusha se name en wet onderhouding en verbond met Yahuwah. Ek persoonlik verkies die Besorah, ek verstaan daar is ook die Halelu Yah scriptures wat redelik akkuraat is, word nou ook oor vertaal in Afrikaans, ek self het nie ‘n probleem om eng te lees nie maar die familie sukkel om dit te verstaan. Ek het onlangs met iemand gepraat wat in daai vergadering gesit het en hy sê toe hy daar weg ry was hy baie bedroef oor die dinge wat gesê is. Een persoon het reguit na Rapha toe gegaan en hom gevra of hy hom wat Rapha is kan vertrou en Rapha het reguit gesê nee jy kan nie. Deborah het vir my gesê dat die plek in Pta wat die Kings Covenant gedruk het nie meer druk nie – hulle het uitgevind dit was ‘n man en vrou wat erken het dat hulle vir S A intelegensie werk. Deborah het een van die printers gekoop en druk nou self die Kings Covenant twee goed wat ek opgetel het: die gebooie, hulle het ‘n dertiende een wat wat sê jy mag net Yahuwans lief he. Ek het met ‘n kenner gepraat wat teachings op fb doen en hy sê ook nee dis nie reg nie. Die ander ding is die bybel praat van nege vrugte van die gees en hulle het net sewe ek het die Besorah en die Kings in pdf vir die wat dalk wil hê ek moet dit vir hulle stuur.

  121. Jeff says:

    First, I would like to say Thank You. Your deep research has solidified my feelings, thoughts, and concerns regarding this “translation” a term I will use loose.

    My wife found an interesting “Blogs” just the other day [URL not working any longer – JW]
    and also ( to paraphrase a bit the writer has claimed the “Original Scripture” Manuscript findings may be a total HOAX. I would invite you to read these two blogs for further confirmation.

    I had purchased the E1 about 2 years ago. After a short read, my spirit was unsettled. In further review and prayer, I determined that I would not share it with our gathering. One of our members found it and shared it with another member. They both latched on to it and denounced the King James Version to be lies. I have also found many strange “Slants” and views that contradict themselves.

    I have also witnessed an over sensitivity on the behalf of the two members when asked questions about the E1. One gets very angry and the other breaks down into tears. I find this very odd in its self.

    The way that these manuscripts had been dug up, in the cover of darkness sixty feet in the desert sand under a tent? Digging a hole in the sand even one foot deep is hard to do. How big or what diameter would the top of the hole have to be to reach six feet in depth without it caving in? Maybe fifty or sixty feet, depending on moisture.

    Please read the two blogs and let me know what you think.


  122. Patrick Van Den Noortgaete says:

    Shalom to all,

    An interesting outcome… It really was to great to be true…
    They should come with a PPT on Youtube, which will be rather difficult, I guess…

    Just as Yeshua showed his perforated hands to Thomas…
    Our Messiah also came up with hard evidence!

    Chag Sameach Pesach to all

    Patrick from Mexico.

  123. Yahuwnathan says:

    So I’ve kept up with the webinars and read from the OSE1. For a while, it was great, and I guess you refer back to my last comment I made on here. After that, I wanted a second witness to the scrolls. For the past 10 years, it seems, since the beginning, there has only been one man to bear a first-hand witness. That would be Ralph. Since I found that out, I’ve gone back to the church Bibles yet retaining Yahuwah in my worship. I can’t find textual evidence for Yahuw (Son), only in the scrolls that no one has seen and may not exist. In a way, it was disappointing, but in a way a relief.

    Anyway, if anyone has any comments on my essay about the tetragrammaton (found at WordPress) let me know.

  124. Kephah says:

    Dear Brethren:
    When I wrote the first post I was still in denial.
    The postcard with the image of the ROS text ended up being a hoax.
    Raphah or better his real name Ralph Bethea is a deceiver. It took me almost 8 months to figure it out and countless hours translating his inventions. Shame on me, for not following the scriptures that say “by the mouth of two or three every issue should be established.”
    I am sorry for what I wrote supporting this nonsense.
    Here is the link where the deception is fully exposed:

  125. Larry says:

    Greetings John and all contributors:
    This is something we have been led to do for a while. We may be able to give difrerent
    perspective on all the discussion of OSE1, which may be of help to others.

    We received our copy from my daughter a few months ago. We had not heard of all the
    problems mentioned above, until about our second reading through. So, we could read
    the scripture with a clean, pure outlook, of a very sincere seeker of thruth.

    We as all seekers, were thrilled to hear of a major scripture discovery. And admit were
    after reading the introductory pages, somewhat sceptical of the whole story. It seemed
    kinda far-fetched, and to just mention, all the ” Yah wouldn’t do , wouldn’t do’s”, you all,
    if you have read the book should know what we mean, on and on. BUT! !

    After getting through those first info pages, was DETERMINED to read the WHOLE
    BOOK through anyway, with a very necessary OPEN MIND and let RHUachQuadUsha,
    be the TEACHER, JUDGE, of it all for me. Only HE,can be the final authority in all this
    for anyone. After all, after some 50 years of reading many other versions, to be truthful,
    left still HUNGRY for something more. Some of you may also be asking yourself, “Is this
    ALL there is?” Something very, very, important (was) is MISSING in the other Bibles, what IS that SOMETHING we most, if not all, need?

    Starting with MattithYAHU, after few chapters, had to read on and on, hard to put down.
    We are now on our third time through. The difference we believe is the POWER of THE
    NAME, on every page, over and over again. Without that name, those books are just
    words on a page. We told or family Sabbath group, the difference to me was from dry
    hay, to lush green grass. Don’t knock it, till YOU try it.

    Does not mean we approve of the lack of PROOF, we have also asked the same. If he
    (they) are lying, adding to, taking from, it is of course very SINFULL. Of course this, or
    ANY OTHER scripture version, is perfect. They have ALL been tampered with, taking
    out the power of the NAME and worse REPLACED with the satanic substitutes. So,
    which is worse? Restoring or Covering, replacing? That is the BIG question, the answer
    should be easy for us all.

    You many ask would Yah use a SINNER to restore his name? Well, what ELSE does
    HE have to work with DOWN HERE, but sinners? HE has used ALL KINDS of sinners
    to perform his will throught the ages. Adulterers, Murderers, Donkey’s, Prophet of Baal,
    on and on. And am very sure he could use you, me, RalphAH, or anyone else HE could
    choose. Yes, SINNERS all

    So, even though his version, may not have every dot and tittle covered, or his Hebrew
    “grammar” may not be perfect, (whose is?) He has for me Restored the QUADusha
    name which without leaves much to be desired. Also remember, “HIS ways,or thoughts,
    are NOT OUR ways or thougths.” So, he could very well have used RalphAH to bring
    back the POWER of his word. Maybe HE didn’t wish to use the ivory tower elites on
    this project. Time will tell, AhabiAh ShalomAH to you all.

    • Yahuwnathan says:

      If you scroll through my comments on this page, you can my history and the changes I myself have undergone regarding the OSE1. At first, I believed every word that came from the mouth of Ralph because most of the information in the OSE1 regarding history, cultures, and the calendar, is very accurate and provable with multiple sources online and in reference books. This much is granted. Yes, the Name Ya-hu-wah is restored.

      However, I believe when you say, “His Hebrew is not perfect,” you greatly understate the truth. After watching the YouTube video (keyword search “Raphah Bethyah”) produced by Jeff Benner, it is obvious that Ralph only knows Hebrew root words according to the Strong’s dictionary and has no idea about inflections. For example, he does not know the difference between “I am” and “to be.” Both have the same root in the dictionary, but different inflections that one would learn from other references. His insistent claim that he “does translation work” is bogus. From this one fact, and the fact that he charged YAsarel in Africa $5 royalties for the privelege of printing the OSE1, I find him to be a fraud. Yahuwah help me if I am wrong, for this is a serious accusation.

      I am not doubting Thomas like many of the YAHUWans have accused me of being. At least he had 10 disciples and many women giving witness to him of the resurrection of Yahuwah Messiah. We only have 1 witness of the entire OSE1 – Ralph. No wordservant has ever given witness, no one has contacted me from YAsarel East, and everyone from YAsarel Africa has told me Ralph is unable to produce any evidence of any claims and have excommunicated him.

      The reason I do not read from it anymore is because if Ralph is a fraud in one area, then the whole discovery could be fraudulant, and so new doctrines in the OSE1 would be false doctrines. For example, Ralph says that the OSE1 allows for 7 year marriages. Another thing, the New Covenant calls the Savior Yahuw. Both of these things have not evidence outside the OSE1. If you are looking for the Name of the Savior, try the whole thing: Yahuwah – delete Jesus and put Yahuwah. And don’t be afraid to say it like the Talmudic council traditionalists. See my thesis on this issue: [URL not working any longer – JW].

      But I believe you have a point. Yahuwah restored is what makes it so appealing. For me, I have rid myself of the burden of proving the OSE1, and I only hold to the Covenant and His Name. Whatever else in Scripture – the church Bibles or what not – can be settled in eternity. I told Denya before I left the group, “Are you sure Yahuwah has worked in your life because of the OSE1 or despite the OSE1?” I first thought it was because of the OSE1 that He was in my life, but now I realize it was in spite of it and because of His Name!

      • DE says:

        How can you be so sure that the Fathers name sounds anything like the word that has been trampled on in “vain” by the Internet company Yahoo or one that has been said for many many decades at your local rodeo or other sporting events? The Almighty all knowing Father of all creation let us trample His glorious name in vain? Does that make any sense? If you want some backing on any subject on any side of that arguement, you can find it on the Internet. You can see that evidence in this blog.

        The Father is going to give a White Stone with a new name written to all that overcome. A new name that no man knoweth saving he that receives it. Who’s name is that? Do you think that new name is the name of the person that receives the stone it do you think it’s the Fathers name? First, what’s the sense In it being the name of the recipient, how will others get your attention if they don’t know your name?

        If Ralph lied about any of it, he is not credible in any of it.

        • Yahuwnathan says:

          What did it for me regarding the name of the Creator was the Native American Indian pronunciation of the Great Spirit’s name, Yah Wah. According to James Adair, a Protestant minister who wrote a 400 page journal on why they are Hebrews, and according to other ministers like Jonathan Edwards. Only the Greeks called Him Yahweh. All other civilizations with the name have ended it in AH, from Asia to America.

  126. SadiYA says:

    I love the OSE 1 it a step closer then any word that has been printed so far.. enjoy the love of YAHUWAH throughout it .. it only bring you closer to the Father YAHUWAH .. and to our great MeoschiYAach
    Much Ahabi to all

  127. D.E. says:

    Dear UNNAMED,

    I have to question your philosophy or “logic”, “MAKING THIS STORY UP WOULD INDICATE A SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL PERSON. How many mentally I’ll people do you know who are smart enough to pull off a scam like this? Honestly. That alone is not logical.”

    Really? There are alot of very mentally ill people that have the intelligence to pull this off. Jeffery Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Ted Bundy to name just a few. Granted some of which have been caught, so the truth always comes out and a rat is exposed. If you don’t know these individuals, look them up. I would say by text book deffinition, they are flipping mental.

    The claims made by Ralph are quite romantic and have NOT been backed up with any sort of evidence. Even The Messiah gave evidence, EVERY DAY I may add in his ministry. Ralph calls people doubting Thomas, but Yahshuah told Thomas to put his finger in his wounds, FOR PROOF!

    Where is the proof Ralphie?

  128. Larry says:

    ShalomAH to you all,
    Yes, we need THE WITNESS most of all. Yahu, sent us THE WITNESS as HE
    promised. And if OSE1 is not feeding, blessing, encouraging you, DON’T read it,
    put it away from you. If OSE1 is not the book you pick-up in your scripture time,
    go “back” to the NO-name, WRONG name, RUINED name, book. I know Ralphah,
    interpreted some passages, with different verberage. But for me, most of the time,
    these clarified the passage.

    The thought came to me, that YAHUAH would put HIS STAMP on His creation, by
    putting His NAME on it, same as the prophets & nations, and that is what FEEDS our
    Spirit, soul, and body, as we read. Without His witness, just words on a page, for me,
    if not for you, go to plan B.

    As stated in original post, we began without knowing the problems. So we didn’t begin
    with a negative, or critical eye. Without that hinderance, the RhuWHach QuadUWsha
    could bless me freely. Bottom line, the whole purpose, is it drawing one closer to our
    Creator and Savior? Is it leading one to be immersed and filled with His QuadUWsha
    NAME? Yah ooo ahhhhh

    Finally will just mention all the other wonderful information, ChanUWk solar calendar,
    against lunar lie we inherited and taught in the “other” scriptures. Thus restoring the
    true Yearly festivals of Yahuah, an much more

    HosannAH to all,


  129. Larry says:

    ShalomAH again,
    If we may, a few words about the correct spelling, speaking, THE NAME.
    (Y)od (H)ay (U)ah (H)ay
    Above are the (4) letters Yah wrote with His finger on the tables of stone. The scribes
    when writing these sacred letters, prayed, washed their hands, prayed again, wrote
    very carefully and continued on, until the Name came again, & repeated the process.
    This is the reverent care they took with His name.

    (4) letters or (5) ?
    You will note we use no (W) as many well meaning, sincere, believers. The reasons:

    First: would not Yahuah, have written it thusly? Y H U W H if he thought necessary?

    Second: Abrah/paleo Hebrew aleph-beth did not have the letter W, and did not exist
    anywhere until circa 1350 ay. The letter evolved from UU VV by the Romans,
    French, and Germans. The English also adopted the W later.
    (By the way the letter E did not exist either so, no W or E, what does that say about

    Third: Josephus notes that the Gold Crown designed by Mosah, for High Priest’s
    Mitre, had the name of the Most High written in (4) letters Y H U H again no W, why?
    Josephus, and later authors attest that gold crown was still in existence at that time.
    (Wars of Jews pg. 556)

    Fourth: Ancient homeland of AbrAHam located in Iraq, still bears it’s ancient name:
    Al Yahudiyah, Iraq (google map) Note: the beautiful o-o-o sound, without “adding” W.

    There are other reasons, as: Redunduncy and Clutter, UW, and the fact that the
    corrct pronunciation would be ‘handed down” from generation to geneation. Just like
    our correct spellings and pronuciations are handed down to us. Just see Webster’s
    Dictionary for that.

    Well, those are our reasons. What are yours?



  130. D.E. says:


    I have a few questions for you and anyone else that supports the OSE1.

    first, have you seen any evidence for these scrolls?

    Second, could you read them if they did exist?

    Thirdly, Would the Almighty Father need to or would he have His “true name” or His “true word” come out in a lie?

    Four, How does a person believe a man when his whole doctrine is based off of these so called scrolls, which to date are not available to any but Ralph?

    Fifth, How can you claim with so much certainty that you are using the correct name?

    Sixth, As far as the “solar calendar” what do you have to back that up, when the only thing I can find on the matter are based off of the Book of Enoch and the followers of Ralph.

    Number Seven, How can you be so sure that this book of Enoch was not tampered with?

    Eighth, wouldn’t the feast days always fall on the same day every year, and wouldn’t that change a lot of what is already known, such as the death and resurrection of our Messiah? You know, the whole in the belly of the fish, and in the tomb for three days and three nights thing? Wouldn’t that put in line with the Pagan “Good Friday” thing and sun worship?

    Shalom D.E.

  131. D.E. says:

    The time is at hand when the DECEIVER is hard at work, but it looks as though he doesn’t need to work to hard with this one. Some of these people are feeding out of the trough of lies, and will not look up when the truth is tugging them by the shirt. WOW! The support behind this is almost comical. I have some beach front properties for sale in Alabama.

  132. Larry says:

    Shalomah DE and ALL,
    Evidently you need to re-read our posts again, we do not condone the lack of PROOF
    in all of this. ALL,repeat ALL versions have many, many LIES. LORD, Jesus, Adoni,
    Cross, New MOONS, Deleated books, on & on, are ALL LIES. What then do we do? should we throw them all away? Did not Yahuah KNOW that this would happen before
    returning? He, PLANNED IT this way did He not? otherwise you can be sure, it would
    NOT be this way. Again, (HIS ways, not OUR ways.) So what did He do to protect His
    people from the LIES? What did Yahu tell us? ” I will send the Comforter, the Spirit of
    TRUTH, HE will guide you into ALLTRUTH.” This is His HELP, and protection for US.
    Without which, we would be all DOOMED.This WORLD is FULL of LIES, by the father
    of them all.

    This is the WITNESS we spoke of above. So, again, if you are not blessed and fed by
    OSE1, go to another book of LIES. But don’t expect your spirit to be nourished, and
    blessed, if we are FULL a condemning, judgemental, critical spirit, such as we see in
    your posts. Am quite sure the RHUach QadUWsha, has not abdicated his duties to
    you DE, or anyone else. This WORLD is full of lies, by the father of them all. With-
    out our HELPER we would all be lost. Also, the whisperer, accuser, is also a COND-
    EMNER of the people. Do we wish to be as he? or as Yahu, who NEVER threw a
    sincere person UNDER THE BUS, so to speak. He had COMPASSION for them ALL.
    Maybe we should ALL take a lesson, just as HE said, “Learn of ME”. Just think of how
    how wonderful that would (WILL) be. Amaniah

    Shalomah to all,


  133. mnave says:

    Just came upon this site……and it’s “interesting” to say the least. I feel stupid when reading some of this because so many of my brothers and sisters are so knowledgeable far beyond my small pea brain (at least that’s how it feels). What I wanted to contribute is that I know Ralph personally. Well actually it’s more truthful to say that I was acquainted with him many years ago when he was the preacher at our church. Early in our marriage, Ralph did the dedication ceremony on Mother’s Day of our first child. Year’s later, we were at the funeral of his beloved wife Linda. We love him as scripture commands.

    All of this has been very enlightening and we actually reconnected with Ralph a couple of years ago on facebook. We only messaged a couple of times but he did remember us from almost 30 years ago.

    We had no idea that Ralph was involved in this kind of undertaking. I had been looking around for a new bible and came upon his video promoting OSE-1. Then I came across everything else being written about him. Yesterday, I sent Ralph a message. It was very kind, no accusations, no insinuations. I asked him to not allow any fear of anything (theft, government, jail) stand in the way of proving an authentic, real, document that is from YHWH. (not sure now if this is even the correct way to write His Name…lol) Afterall, a preserved Word is a gift to the world, not to any one person.

    I have not heard back from him but I hope too. Quite frankly, after reading some of these posts, I may not get an answer. But what troubled us the most about Ralph’s comments (we have not read OSE-1) was what someone spoke about earlier in this thread. “Would YHWH really say………?” I have many deeply spiritual friends who struggle with this same thing. It is often difficult to reconcile some things we read in the first covenant with the One who we read is “love”. BUT…….we must always realize that the standard for human reasoning is certainly not His standard. So we must define “love” according to ALL that is in His Word. And the foundation for this communication to man is really only the desire for His “elect” to be saved anyway. I know that is not a popular subject and some of you may choose to turn away from the rest of this post. Believe me, I know it is a subject that is hard to get our heads around. But I also know that if I decided to create a universe and a people to call MINE and wanted to “test” (for lack of a better word) their love an loyalty, I would also have to have an antagonist. I would have to create a people whom I would never call mine. Before you accuse me of the very thing I said was not so (subjecting the Creator to human reasoning), I believe this reasoning is stated in scripture and therefore, it’s His reasoning not just my opinion. So it does not offend me to believe in predestination and election. And frankly, when we accept that Truth, so many other issues in scripture that bother Ralph, and bother so many others, can be reconciled. (capitol punishment of women, children, etc.)

    In fact, even things in the renewed covenant make more sense like the way the gospel was shared after pentecost, boldly, bluntly, with accusations, etc. It also explains the commands to “shake the dust from your feet”. Only the elect are going to be saved. Only the elect are going to respond. Only the elect will experience life….no second death.

    My post is too short to say everything I want to say but I didn’t want to keep rambling. I offered to send some fantastic teaching on this subject to Ralph if he desires to hear. Hopefully, he will answer soon and I can share what he says. What I know is that if he cannot prove what he’s said, he is just a sinner like you and like me. He will need restoration after repentance from “those who are spiritual”. Let’s all please remember that if YHWH looks upon any of us apart from the blood of Messiah, we look just like Ralph.

  134. Yahuwnathan says:


    I am thankful for and encouraged by your very gracious message concerning Ralph, especially since I was not so forgiving with him. But you have demonstrated a great thing: “Let’s all please remember that if YHWH looks upon any of us apart from the blood of Messiah, we look just like Ralph.” Thank you for putting everything in perspective.

    Since going into and coming out of the group that he has online, I have come to understand we do not need a new Bible in order to know the truth of His name. His name will stand forever, either now by our choice, or later by just law. What I did after putting down the bible that he sold me is take up the normal Bible that we all have and begin reading it fervently from OT to NT looking for His name. In the Old Testament, I found that His name and His Messiah’s name are the same: YHWH. If you carry the name YHWH into the New Testament rather than the Greek “Jesus” or the Greek-Hebrew equivelants of “Joshua,” everything makes sense. If you accept both YHWH and Jesus (or any form of Jesus), you have two names for salvation, not one, and nothing makes sense. That’s the very basic thing I have been learning the past 2 years.

    Hosea 12:5, Isaiah 42:8, Isaiah 44:6-8, Isaiah 45:18-25, Jeremiah 23:5-6, Zechariah 12:8-11, Zechariah 14:3-4, Matthew 28:19, Luke 24:47, Acts 4:12, John 5:43, John 17:11-12, Revelation 22:3-4.

    These verses state that (1) YHWH is the only name for Deity/Elohim (2) The Messiah is YHWH (2) There is only one name for salvation / one name to accept

  135. mnave says:

    I’m not sure I’m adequate to debate with any scholars about some of these topics but I do have a question about what you just said. I think you are drawing a conclusion that there is just ONE name for salvation, YHUH (or YHWH) right? I guess I can see how that might be true pre-crucifixtion. We do know that many of our forefathers were/are saved by faith and without knowing the actual “name” of Yeshua. But……………..why did Yeshua have another name to begin with? Wouldn’t it have been just as easy for the angel to tell Mary to name her son YHUH? AND………why did Yeshua’s name have such power associated with it during His ministry and why did He Himself, declare that same message? Why another name if all was needed was YHUH? And really, isn’t the faith that saved our forefathers, the same faith that saves us? Aren’t we both calling on the Messiah that was prophesied; they- before His sacrifice; us-after His sacrifice? And doesn’t that “Annointed One” have a different name than His Father?
    Maybe I’m being too dogmatic. When I pray, I have always prayed to the Father even though it is by Yeshua that I can come into the Throne Room and by His Ruah that I hear Him. Yeshua prayed to His Father as well. He did not pray to the Ruah. Yeshua is the means by which we come to the Father. So when the dust is all settled, I can see your point that we’re all needing reconciliation to the Father. But HE is the one who determined there would be a Son and a Spirit, not us. Who are we to ignore that, lessen their importance their name or change/delete/substitute/disregard etc, a different name?
    Just wondering……
    btw, I have a new bible. It’s the Halleluyah Scriptures and it’s quite an amazing story itself. You should all do some research.

  136. Gloria says:

    It’s hard to find educated people in this particular topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  137. Andre Malan says:

    I am impressed and glad for finding YAHUWAHans in SA. I like your site.
    However why do you use the term “Elohim” which means “foreign gods”? Please correct me, with facts, if I am wrong.
    Andre Malan

  138. Vernit says:

    Shalom after a long absence.The publishers of OSE1 have admitted to using the ASV & World English Bible as an underLYING source text… suddenly they come clean & act as if they have never lied about it… as if it was common knowledge. “…we honor hundreds of good pre-YAn secondary manuscript english translators by lawfully using the excellent word-for-word ASV (1901) and its revision WEB (in progress)…” (Ralph C. Bethea Jr.) – And his knowledge of Hebrew is refuted here: Website:

    Youtube: Shalom

  139. John says:

    André, I am glad that you like the Elim Website.  The word “Elohim” means “mighty one” or “mighty ones” and is used in Scriptures both with reference to the Almighty (singular) and to the foreign mighty ones (plural) of other nations.  I see no reason for us not to use the word with reference to the Almighty, when the very same word was used in this manner in the majority of the books of the Pre-messianic Scriptures, and has been used in a similar manner in the subsequent writings based upon Scriptures, over the centuries, up till this day.

    Vernit, I agree with you that believers all over the world deserve a clear and unambiguous apology for being introduced with the so-called Original Scriptures, only to find out that these claims were, in fact, very far from true and that the “translation” in question was polluted with blatant human error and countless completely unacceptable occurrences of Scriptures being twisted to fit in with human doctrine.

  140. sotero barrinuevo says:

    Hi Sir Shalom ,What is the different YAHUWAH and YAHUAH YAHUWSHUA and YAHUSHA ,please answer.

    • John says:

      Hi Sotero. Without trying to comment on the correctness (or not) of each of these names, it is my understanding that Yahuwah and Yahuah are just two different efforts of transliterating the Name of the Almighty, while Yahuwshua and Yahusha are two different efforts of transliterating the Name of Y’shua, the Messiah.

      • RaphAH says:

        Dear John and fellow seekers of El YAH,

        I am RaphAH, a secondary editor of The Word of YAH. I am so sorry it has not blessed you. I take the responsibility in sharing it too soon. It was translated to solve the confusion caused by Jews, Christians and Messianics. Our loving Father YAH preserved it only for those lovers of YAHUWsha hungry for more. Please forgive me for making it available to so many without a more gentle introduction. We are preparing the 140 year old NISB which will do exactly that. Blessings to you all. We YAHUWdi do love you very much!

        Shalom, RaphAH



      • RaphAH says:

        The Word of YAH is translated from YAHUWdi, not Greek texts. It will not agree with texts which hide YAHUWAH’s and YAHUW’s saving Name and so freely change YAH’s Original Word, as you have criticized it with. Blessings and Ahabi

  141. RaphAH says:

    Hi beloved,

    The ROS text do not agree with the Jewish Torah in several ways. First, YAHUWAH nevers breaks His own Word! Murder is always sin (6th Covenant Law). El YAH never murders. He never commanded us to wipe out a whole town because of one unbeliever as in Dt 13. He never told YAsarel to kill women and children and animals when taking back their land. He never drowned all the world’s infants in Noah’s flood. YAHUWsha the Son gave His life for sinners. Children are accountable at 20 yrs old from conception but only rarely does El YAH intervene and bring a judgment of death upon  sinners before  their natural death. He desires all to be saved. He never said to murder your child if he disobeys you! Look into your heart for El YAH’s primary innate Word on murder being wrong, especially with women and children. Do you worship a Father and Savior who murders children as the Jews and their Torah teach? That’s Islamic terrorism. YAHUWAH is not the author of the Quran or the Mishnah. Enough religious and race wars justifying “godly murder”! If you agree that murder (not righteous judgment) is always sin, then repent of following every religion that teaches murder is ok. Otherwise, you break the Covenant of YAHUWAH, right?

    This will leave you with only the Original Scriptures and “those called by His Name”, the “YAHUWda”!

    Blessings to you precious seekers and thousands of “silent YAHUWda.”


  142. RaphAH says:

    BTW, dear friends,

    Why do so many criticize The Word of YAH yet have no “original Scriptures” themselves? Is their “god” not able to preserve his word? YAHUWAH created the whole universe and promised through YAHUWsha (MtYAHUW 5:18) to preserve perfectly His Word on earth, didn’t He? So if The ROS and MurasUW texts are not preserved by our Father, then which ones are?

    Also many just accept blindly Yahweh, Isaiah, Jesus or Yeshua. You criticise the simple proofs of AHleleUU-YAH, YAHUWdAH and YeshaYAHUW as YAH’s simple guides to calling upon Him. Instead, you blindly accept many Jewish traditions as from YAH, the same ones our Savior rebuked the Pharisee’s for. Read the Word of YAH and ask YAHUWAH for His Wisdom. He will tell you! He is love, honestness and permanency. He never changes and He is sending Truth to you today!


    RaphAH (“The Healer is YAH’s Love”)

  143. I have a few comments on The Word of YAH – The King’s Covenant – The Original Scriptures E1, which I humbly submit for your consideration.

    First, in “How to Know Your Creator through Science” (pgs 4-6) I get the impression that the authors believe in the “day-age” theory, which combines some tenets of evolution (the Big Bang, each day of Creation must be thousands or millions of years) with the Genesis account of Creation. This theory is in direct violation of Genesis 1, which clearly states that the Creation was accomplished in six days, and the seventh day, God “rested.”  It even defines “day” as “evening and morning.” It also states that the Creation began from the dark, cold, empty (formless and void) “waters”, over which the Spirit of God “brooded.” God never said, “Let there be a big bang.” He did say, “Let there be light.” This was clearly the point at which Yashua (who is the Light of the World) stepped into His universe, giving form, structure, and energy to the dark waters. This is also the point at which all “natural law” began, and why the Scripture says “all things were created IN Him (Christ – Col. 1:16)” . It happened on “the first day”, leaving no room for the millions of years that natural evolution requires.

    Second, though I agree with many of the things mentioned above, there is one thing that nobody seems to be mentioning. It was GOD Himself who confused the languages. (Gen. 11:6-8; Isa. 28:11) And it will eventually be God who will straighten them out (Isa. 33:19; Zeph. 3:9 ff) This last passage is very interesting. It essentially says, “ALL the earth will be devoured by the fire of My zeal. For THEN I will change to the peoples a clear lip (removes the curse of Bable) so that ALL of them may call on the (correct) name of YHWH.”

    Obviously, this has not yet happened. Thus, it seems to me that we are stuck with languages and translations until it does. Then there is that famous passage in Hebrews 9:8-12. Then, we won’t have to “teach everyone his brother saying, ‘Know YHWH’, for ALL shall know Me from the least to the greatest of them.”

    Therefore, though The Word of YAH does have some interesting and thought-provoking points, I believe they are pushing the wrong cart. NOBODY knows the original language from before the Tower of Babel, and there are no extant manuscripts that old. To try to reconstruct the original language among a people (like myself) raised on American English is pushing something that will never happen. It was a struggle to read even the simplest paragraphs, dotted as they were with unpronounceable names. That is not how you win people to your cause! You build bridges, and make it as easy as possible for the reader to make the transition.

    Yes, the way is narrow and few there be that find it. The many-membered Bride of Christ will be relatively small. But I would like all people to at least have a chance at hearing and understanding the Gospel, and artificially limiting it to those who can pronounce the Savior’s name in a foreign language seems to me a rather backwards way to start.

    On the other hand, I have spent over 20 years seeking and asking the Holy Spirit for an acceptable way to address our Savior. For the first decade, I was comfortable with “The Lord Jesus Christ.” Then I learned a little modern Hebrew and started using “Yeshua ha Maschiach.” That later changed to “Yashua,” with the emphasis on the first syllable out of honor to YHWH, which is what I still use. But of course I am totally happy with the right of each believer to seek and find for him/herself the pronunciation of ‘the ineffable name, above all names” however the Holy Spirit has led him/her so far. As I said, none of us knows for sure how it should be pronounced in ancient Hebrew. We are all learning / growing.

    As near as I can trace, Arphaxad son of Shem son of Noah brought the original ancient Hebrew with him when he came down from Aratta and settled in Ur, (site of the burned out Tower of Babel). He named it “Ur Kasday” after his youngest son Kesed (well before the Chaldeans took over). The ancient Hebrew language came to be called “Kasdan”. It was known at that time by all the Magi, and gave them power, as it was the only language which could actually be understood by most people. However, when the Magi died out after the time of Daniel, Kasdan was completely lost. I don’t believe it will be restored until the “new heavens and the new earth” when “all things shall be restored.”

    So here is my suggestion for the authors of The Word of YAH. Take out all the ancient and unpronounceable names and put them in a list at the back. Use the correct English (or whatever language you are writing in) version of the name, so the common people can actually read your work. Perhaps make some suggestions on the possible pronunciation and spelling of “the Name above all Names”, but don’t be dogmatic about it. Give each believer the freedom to seek the Savior for how He would prefer to be addressed.

    And don’t try to combine godless evolution with the Creation story. The Word of God has far more power than any of us can comprehend.

    Thank you for listening.

    Paul Lindberg




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