The process of Unlearning

It was once said by Mark Twain, “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.”   It seems that this lesser known art of “unlearning” is something that is much needed among believers in Messiah who are serious about reshaping their lives and convictions back to the Scriptural pattern.  I can think of quite a number of areas in which some degree of unlearning is needed and I am sure many more may be added:

  1. We need to unlearn many of the names and titles that we have previously used to refer to, and call on the Name of the Almighty, whereby we have (perhaps unwittingly) shown disrespect and brought the Name above all names to naught (which, in my understanding,  is a direct violation of the Third Commandment).
  2. We need to unlearn the unscriptural customs that we have inherited from “our fathers” like Christmas, Easter, the promotion of Sunday as a substitute for Shabbat and the reverence of the cross symbol as a so-called “essential element” of belief in Y’shua as Messiah.
  3. We need to unlearn certain unscriptural doctrines, like the doctrine of the “Trinity”, the doctrine of “Grace at all costs”, the doctrine of “Eternal heavenly bliss at the moment of death” and the doctrine of the so-called “Rapture”.

Maybe, some of you have a couple of things that you would like to add to this list …

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