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The calendar and the Feasts

FS, Location Unknown I am curious about your teachings. My family and I observe the Sabbath as you do. I would like to keep the feasts too, but I’m not sure when to do so. Do you have a calendar for 2009/2010. Your website contains many articles concerning the feasts, but most of them only … Continue reading

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The Feasts and the Equinox

Some of you may have seen the mail from a brother in Messiah who lives in Jerusalem and wants believers in other parts of the world to rethink the method they are using to determine when a Scriptural year actually begins, in the light of the Word, but also in the light of what they … Continue reading

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Shabbat Meetings

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New Moon Meetings

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Annual Feast Days

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How to use this calendar: The days marked with a new moon are the dates on which the new moon for each month is expected to be seen (in Jerusalem).  If the new moon appears in the block of the 22nd day of a given month, it means that the new moon should be visible … Continue reading

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Die verdeling van die dag

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