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Slowly but surely there is a new pattern of belief taking shape in our day: People who have previously publicly confessed their belief in Y’shua as the Messiah and have begun to appreciate Torah, are making a complete about turn, rejecting the Messiah and embracing everything Jewish, up to the point of formally converting to Judaism. Religious conviction is a complicated matter and it will be almost impossible to find out the true reasons why someone would do something like this. Is it just a change of heart? Is it because the New Testament, or Y’shua, or the apostle Shaúl is understood or perceived to be in conflict with the Torah? Is it because of the terrible things done in the past by Christians, in the Name of their Saviour? Is it because of certain doctrines in the churches that do not match up with Scriptures? Is it because these people were influenced by the wrong people, or by the things they have read on the internet – written by people who do not have a proper understanding of both the Tanach (Old Testament) and the Messianic Scriptures (New Testament)? Is it because Judaism presented them with some kind of enlightenment and fulfillment that they have never experienced when they followed the Messiah? It is quite possible that we shall never know for sure. Which make this new tendency even more sad and more difficult to understand.

Of course, we need to be honest and acknowledge that many things have been done and said in the past, in the Name of Y’shua, or against the background of Messianic belief, that could quite easily have driven people away from the Messiah. When Y’shua, who was born into this world as a man, is presented as Yahweh and as the Creator Himself, one can understand that some people may feel that this presents them with a crisis – not only with the Creator who revealed Himself as the “Echad” (“One”, as opposed to “More than one”) but also with the consistent and core message of Scriptures. When the eternal covenant of the Creator with his people, Israel, is portrayed as something that, after all, was NOT eternal and replaced (according to the so-called “Replacement Theology”) by a covenant between the Creator and a complete different group, one can understand that this causes people to question the integrity of the belief system of those who are making these claims. When those who believe in Y’shua in our day come from a history of anti-Semitism and hatred towards the Jews and even persecution of Jews who would not believe in Y’shua, like they do, one can understand that any form of belief in Y’shua is now treated with suspicion.

There is, however, one, very obvious problem here. Rejecting Y’shua, based on the mistakes made by those, throughout the modern history, who presented themselves as “followers of Y’shua”, will not put anyone in a better situation. It will not bring the fulfilment and the release that many are hoping for. These people will still have to face the universal problem with religion and the inherent shortcomings of ALL forms of religion. If they have felt a void in their lives before (the feeling that “something” was missing, or lacking), chances are that the exact same feeling will return (and even be much worse) after the initial “honeymoon” period of pursuing a new path of belief is over. The problem is not with Y’shua! He was born into this world with the backing and the approval of the Almighty and was thoroughly revealed as the promised Maschiach. Throughout history, true and honest belief in Y’shua has almost always enriched people’s lives – even when they had to admit that they did not fully understand or embrace some of the important aspects of the Word. Throughout history the message of salvation in Y’shua’s Name brought meaning and joy and peace and inner strength into people’s lives – even if they had to admit that their lives weren’t perfect and that the periods of joy and peace were sometimes interrupted by periods of darkness and despair. Having known Y’shua and then turning one’s back upon Him and upon everything associated with Him, is not only a case of leaving one’s first love (Rev 2:4) but also of beginning in the Spirit and ending in the flesh (Gal 3:3). If the inner beauty of the Torah grips one’s heart and becomes a living reality, the logical next step is NOT to reject Y’shua, because He understood Torah even better than we do and can help us to appreciate that beauty and apply Torah to the situation of everyday. If standing firm in one’s belief becomes difficult, the solution is NOT to turn one’s back on the Messiah, who knows more than anyone else what standing firm is all about. If we read or hear about the testimony of someone who claims that his or her eyes were “opened” to the beauty of Judaism (without Y’shua), we should NOT believe this testimony without the proper knowledge of Judaism, and without proceeding to that point where we have made out for ourselves if we are going to follow after a religion, or after a Person who proved to the world that He has the ability to bring all the loose ends of Scriptures together. Heb 2:3-4 How shall we escape if we neglect so great a deliverance, which first began to be spoken by the Master, and was confirmed to us by those that heard, Elohim also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles …

Watch this video on YouTube.

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