001 Woord en Getuienis

The complete Scriptures in Afrikaans with restored Names, including names of people and places. A literal translation based on the original languages with helpful introduction and comments on key verses. Examples of what this translation looks like, may be seen here.

A5 Softcover Book format - Maroon and Gold finish - professionally printed and bound (980 pages).

The basic price of Woord en Getuienis (without shipping) is R210. The catalogue below provides a quick overview of the costs of 1 to 10 copies of Woord en Getuienis (shipping via courier included) for orders within South Africa. These prices are the same as the total costs calculated by the automatic shipping calculator on the Checkout page.

  • 1 Copy : R340
  • 2 Copies : R550
  • 3 Copies : R790
  • 4 Copies : R1000
  • 5 Copies : R1240
  • 6 Copies : R1450
  • 7 Copies : R1660
  • 8 Copies : R1870
  • 9 Copies : R2080
  • 10 Copies: R2290
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Price: ZAR 210.00

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