Knowledge of Scriptures

For us as believers, it is essential to know Scriptures, to be able to apply Scriptures to the practical situations of our lives and to grow and advance purposefully in our knowledge of Scriptures. At Elim Ministries we are constantly on the look-out for ways to assist believers in this regard. Within the pages of our website you will hopefully find many articles and resources that will encourage you to increase your search for truth and inspire you to discover more and more of the precious and sometimes hidden treasures of the Word of Yahweh. Apart from the articles and teachings on various subjects, you may also want to try out our ten question Quiz’s on various subjects (in English) or our crossword puzzles or Wegwysers (in Afrikaans). Don’t forget the Torah reading plan (with Torah portions or Parashot) for the whole year. It is not a Scriptural requirement to read through Scriptures according to this schedule, but it truly is a great help and added motivation to build one’s life on the principles of Torah, which are also applied and reflected throughout the rest of Scriptures.


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