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We have been running a Skype service with great success for a number of years now. You may now also join us in this way for our Shabbat services and even some of the feasts. Please check the calendar below for details. This service is rendered free of charge. Those who are blessed by joining us for one or more of our meetings via the internet and would like to make a donation, aiding us in this, or any of the other areas in which “Elim Ministries” is involved, may do so by going to the Banking details page.

If you are not yet on our Skype contact list, please contact us before the day on which the meeting is due to take place, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We also kindly request those who have made their booking to join us via the internet for a particular Shabbat service, to be ready and prepared by 4 pm, so that we can make the Skype call to you from this side as soon as we are all set and ready. As the slogan goes: Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

To increase the personal element in this venture, we would like to spend a minute or two to have a few words with internet participants as we begin with our Shabbat services – not to embarrass anyone but purely to establish personal contact and to allow both the local assembly and the internet participants to at least hear a voice (or voices) on the other side and to have the sensation that some sort of unity exists between these two groups of people approaching the same Elohim – simultaneously and single-mindedly, but from two different locations!

We would like to encourage visitors to our site to make their bookings for other events on our calendar, too. Some of the other events are New Moon gatherings (usually combined with a meal); Annual Feast celebrations, our bi-annual Impact Training Units and a wonderful Camp at Noordhoek during the Feast of Tabernacles. All detail are given on these Events pages and we would like to know beforehand who will be joining us!

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