Website a blessing

JJTM, Location unknown

To whom it may concern. This web site is truly a blessing from Yahweh the Father of all creation.
So far my wife amd i completely agree on all your studies. Are the articles in your language also
available in English or soon to be? Can you please tell us or guide us on how you came across the
information on the Father and Son’s true name. and the original manuscripts.
Is there a web site or documents and all that pertain to the sacred names and original manuscripts


It was a blessing to us to hear that you have been blessed by the materials on our web-site! I
hereby attach a copy of a manuscript called “Christianity in Crisis” containing a series of articles
written over a period of two or three years. Although these articles have all been written by myself,
they are really the product of extensive study of the Word of Yahweh and other reliable documents
and materials, covering a wide variety of subjects. I must add that I am a firm believer in the fact
that knowledge in itself means nothing and that it is only through the enlightening of the Spirit of
Yahweh that any of us will be able to clearly understand the Scriptures.

Are you aware of the existence of the translation called “The Scriptures” in which the original
Names of the Father and Son is used? If not, please let me know and I will inform you on how to
order this translation from the Institute for Scripture Research in South Africa.