The right Name of our Creator

UO, Nigeria:

I surfed in and found your website and I began reading the things you put on there, I found that they are interesting and I want to learn more .

Is your place far from cape town ? Have you got any ministry work in other parts of Africa? Can you make it to west Africa ?

I want to communicate with you so I can be helped to study deeply about the truth.

I believe in using the right name to worship our creator.

I am sure it is not an accident for me to get in touch with you. I still will have a lot to share with you as we get along.


My family and I live in Fish Hoek, a beautiful coastal town situated in the 10 km stretch between False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, about 30 km south of Cape Town.

As you may have noticed, our ministry is quite different from other “christian” ministries in many respects. We prefer not to engage in popular formats of ministry, just for the sake of tradition or prestige or whatever other reason there may be. Our only mandate for ministry is the supreme authority of our heavenly Father, Yahweh, through his Son, Y’shua the Messiah, and the guidelines of the written Word that the Father has preserved for us.

At present we have weekly meetings in Fish Hoek and regular (monthly) meetings at a few other places within travelling distance from Fish Hoek. We have no formal missions or missionaries in far-off places, although there are a number of people who, having previously been part of our fellowship, are now living elsewhere and are living out the truths of Yahweh’s Word and sharing them with others. We try to distribute as much literature and Audio CD’s as possible (mainly consisting of our regular Shabbat teachings) and we try to maintain at least email contact with believers living elsewhere, but these efforts are limited, due to the following: (1) Our members are predominantly Afrikaans speaking and only one Shabbat teaching per month is in English, and (2) being a small fellowship, our finances are restricted and we cannot engage in impressive projects and outreaches like many of the mainline churches do.

We believe that the Father wants us to restore the Name above all names to its rightful place – especially in the translation of the Scriptures, where most Bible translations have replaced the Name of the Father (in approx. 6800 places) and the Name of the Son with meaningless, manmade “names” like “Lord” and “Jesus”. There are Scriptures available – both in Afrikaans and English – in which these Names have been restored to the original and correct Names. Apart from the distortion of these Names, there are numerous other areas in which we feel that traditional Christianity had gone astray from the direction set forth in Scriptures. It is our desire to send out a wake-up call to turn back to the ways of Yahweh to all ministries and fellowships who claim to be faithful to Scriptures, but do not seem to take seriously what Scriptures teach. This, in short, is what Elim Ministries is all about.

May Yahweh bless you abundantly, according to your desire to follow in His ways.