The meaning of Psalm 138:2

BK, Randburg

Please could you e-mail me your Ministries’ Statement of Beliefs.

I read your Article on the names of our Heavenly Father, which I found VERY, VERY interesting – thank you. Just to add to that, I would like to share a Scripture with you, namely, Psm.138:2 (KJV) “I will worship toward Thy Holy Temple, and praise Thy Name for Thy loving-kindness and for Thy truth: for Thou has MAGNIFIED THY WORD above all Thy name

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t notice anything in your Articles that mention that Almighty
God The Father and Jesus Christ the Son and our Saviour are two separate beings. Perhaps I
missed it somewhere?


Thanks for your emails and my apologies for not responding earlier. Being part a group of believers not claiming or trying to be an “official” church, we have no official statement of beliefs – so what you can see on our website and in our articles should be a clear enough indication of what we believe (which, I hope, is no different from what is clearly taught in Scriptures). We do believe all the things that you have already picked up and mentioned in your emails, including the fact Yahweh, the Father, and Y’shua, his Son, are being revealed as two separate beings. This is being touched upon more than once, but especially in our Resource article, “Relating to the Father and the Son” (October 2005).

You may also have noticed that it is a clear conviction of ours, based on Scriptures as a complete unit, and not merely one or two texts, that there is immense importance in the true Names of the Father and the Son. Even a brief overview of Scriptures will reveal how often reference is being made to “my Name”, “his Name”, and “your Name” – both with regards to the Father and the Son. The King James translation of Ps 138:2 is almost certainly not correct (and not in line with Scriptures as a whole) and I believe that it should read something like this: “You have made great (magnified) your Word and your Name above everything.” This is confirmed in the following translations: Ou Afrikaanse Vertaling, The Scriptures, Bishops Translation, Brenton Translation, Douai Rheims Bible, English Standard Version, New International Version, German Luther Bible, and others. We feel that it is an absolute tragedy that most of the Bible translations have (almost) completely wiped out the Father’s Name and replaced it with falsifications like Lord, God, and the like. Even the so called name “Jesus” is a perverted form of the revealed Name of the Messiah and does NOT in any way convey its true meaning, which is “The salvation (Hebrew: yeshua) of Yah (or Yahweh).

Please take the time and find out for yourself if what I say is true. And if you find it to be true, do not hesitate to make it part of your life – you may find (like we have found over the past 7 years) that it makes a world of difference!