The calendar and the Feasts

FS, Location Unknown

I am curious about your teachings. My family and I observe the Sabbath as you do. I would like to keep the feasts too, but I’m not sure when to do so. Do you have a calendar for 2009/2010. Your website contains many articles concerning the feasts, but most of them only speak of why one should keep them, and not really how and when one should observe them.


There is a calendar on our website, under “Upcoming events”. It only covers the Greg. year of 2009, but we are are hoping to post a calendar for 2010 within a month or two. Our own emphasis with regards to the feasts is not so much on the HOW , but most definitely on the WHY and the WHEN. We understand that the Scriptural pattern of HOW the feasts were to be celebrated, cannot be copied in all respects today (e.g. we do not have a temple or an offering system anymore, and would not go to modern day Jerusalem to celebrate a feast). For this reason we try to include and obey as much as possible of the Scriptural commands concerning the feasts, and for the rest, try to establish a pattern (and festive tradition/custom) that is neither against the Scriptural commandments, nor rigid or “unchangeable”.