Submission in Marriage

SD, Yzerfontein

Does submission to my husband and recognising his authority mean I should never be parted from him, even if it is only temporarily and for the sake of my own emotional healing?


Your question about submission is not easy to answer. The bottom line is: Should wives submit to their husbands? The answer according to Scriptures is Yes. But were there not circumstances, even in Biblical times, which made it necessary for husbands and wives to be parted for an indefinite period of time? I think the answer is also Yes. A wife who chooses to be away from “home” temporarily for her own sake and her children’s sake, for reasons not relating to unfaithfulness and with her husband being fully informed about the situation, may not necessarily be unsubmissive towards her husband. There is, however, another consideration that needs to be taken into account, which may even be more important than submission. I am referring to the aspects of loyalty and commitment (between husbands and wives) based on the vows and promises of marriage (solemnly sworn to each other, before Yahweh, within the context of a covenant). My suggestion is that you make out for yourself (and discuss with your husband, if possible) if this commitment is still honoured, should you decide to remain parted from each other for an extended period of time. I know I am not offering an easy solution at all and wish you all the best, and much wisdom from above, in the process of making the right decision.