No connection with Dogter van Sion

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Good to see the Truth being published in English in a predominately Afrikaans way of thought in SA! One usually only finds English articles oversees.

It seems that there is a bit of an influence in your website/teachings that originates from ‘Dogter van Sion”, am I correct in this? (The way certain names and places have been written) I ask this as I have had dealings with them in the past.

The translation of the Scriptures: your work or also from DVS? I ask this as a small group of us have also been translating the Scriptures for a number of years and are still far from finished, being careful not to allow personal feelings a beliefs to enter into the translation.


We have no connection with Dogter van Sion whatsoever, nor any agreement with their teachings or their views concerning the “Boerevolk” and the so-called superiority of white people.

Woord en Getuienis is an independent, literal and, as far as humanly possible, neutral translation of the Scriptures, with the primary purpose of restoring certain aspects that we feel have been neglected in the Afrikaans translations that are available in the market (especially regarding the names of the Father and his Son).