NM, Namibia

I praise our Father, Who is our praise, for all Elim Ministries is doing for His Kingdom.

I do so appreciate Shabbat messages and all the understanding that comes through, but may I ask questions on e-mail when I do not understand? I do not understand this birthday announcements.

I do not even want my birthday acknowledged, Yahshua being our main example, did not even have his birthday documented. Can you please help me on this one.


I don’t think we should ignore birthdays altogether. That’s not what happened in Scriptural times, for the ages of people have been carefully documented. It was also part of the lifestyle of Scriptural believers to offer praises to Yahweh for his protection and blessings and favour bestowed over any period of time. Also to pray regularly for blessings and protection and Yahweh’s favour with regards to the future. To do this AT LEAST once a year upon the commemoration of someone’s birth is not the same as following paganistic birthday rituals or partaking in the world’s pattern of celebrating. For us, it is purely an opportunity to focus on each individual at least once a year – to thank Yahweh (together with fellow believers) for His hand upon that individual and to pray for His continuous blessings upon that person. And if you would like to visit this brother or sister on the day of his or her birthday, or send an email or sms, to convey this message to him or her personally, I, for one, do not see anything wrong with that.

What we are trying to achieve in the path of belief that we have chosen, among other things, is to turn our backs upon the pagan practices of the past. The pagan practices are about certain birthday rituals and traditions, NOT about remembering the day of our birth and honouring Yahweh for that!