Messianic Movement

GB, Gauteng

It seems that God has led me to questions the basics of the Bible as it is taught to us in church. I stumbled over your website, I’ve read some of the essays. It was a shock to me that the Sabbath should be on Saturday instead of Sunday, and that Y’shua’s name was so wrongly taught. I’m very interested in the Messianic movement, and I’d like to know if there is such a group in my area …


Thanks for your e-mail. I believe the Spirit of Yahweh has opened your eyes – on the one hand to start seeing some of the most essential truths revealed to us in Scriptures and on the other hand to see the deception that has slowly but surely crept into the doctrines of almost all recognized churches. It is quite clear that you have come to a point in time where you need to make a few very important decisions. I can only encourage you to trust Yahweh to direct you very clearly in this regard and to reveal to you even more of the hidden treasures of his Word.

A word of caution: Not all groups claiming to be “Messianic” are consistent in their efforts to pursue the truth. I would look for a group or a fellowship that is serious about restoring the Name of the Messiah AS WELL AS THE NAME OF YAHWEH, THE ALMIGHTY. Futhermore would I advise you to look into what one may call the “continued significance” of the Scriptural feasts described in a chapter like Lev 23. These are pictured in Scriptures as “annual Sabbaths” and are considered to be just as important as the weekly Sabbath. Try to find a fellowship that not only TALK about these feasts or the weekly Sabbath (in an almost “romantic” way) but actually KEEP them – like the Messiah and his disciples did and like Sha’ul (Paul) and the early believers did.

A fellowship that is claiming to be faithful to Scriptures should also be serious about living a life of obedience to the commandments of Yahweh. Be careful for groups that are adding manmade doctrines to the Scriptural commandments (like the Pharisees) but be equally careful for groups that are telling you (in a nicely formulated way) that you don’t need to keep the commandments. They are going directly against what the Messiah and the rest of Scripures teach (see for example Matt 5:17-19 and 1 John 2:3-4).

I am not so sure if it will be easy to find a group like this in your area. But please, wait until you have found the right fellowship. Don’t expose yourself to any group or church that is only continuing in the wrong paths of our forefathers. Remember, even if you know only one other person sharing your sentiments in this regard, you can come together and have fellowship in the Messiah. If you are interested, I will put your name on an email list and let you receive some of our teachings on a regular base. Just let me know if I may include teachings in Afrikaans as well.