Like-minded fellowship

HH, Johannesburg

Do you have a like-minded fellowship with whom you link in Jhb?


Regretfully, we currently have no formal contact with believers in JHB. We try to identify Messianic believers in as many areas of South Africa, as possible – not to bring them under our own covering but to help them find like-minded believers in their area and to assist them with advice and materials like written and audio (CD) teachings on Scriptural subjects. We have regular contact with believers of more than 20 different places all over the country, but ironically, no one from the JHB area.

There is a great number of written teachings available on our website, as you may have noticed. If you would like to comment on any of these, please do so. It will be nice to hear from you again. Also, if you are willing to send us more details (like tel number and address, or, alternatively, the suburb where you are living) I can refer others from the JHB area to you, who may contact us in future with a similar request as yours.