Greetings from Kenya

KG, Kenya

Shalom John! Am fine in that holy name of our savior Yahshua the son of Yahweh the most high.I have been trying to open your website but there are some problems because i am using my samsung phone,i don’ t have a computer sometimes to access to cyber cafes i have to walk some distance but all the same i know Yahweh will do something.I am very much interested in your teaching for the little i have read from you have made me take a step and also the congregation, so may Yahweh bless you much for that.I am from kenya and the believers here are doing very well very ready to be taught about: The holy names,The sabbath, about the feasts,biblical calendar,about Torah and any other resources.I am having a very tight schedule vising most of our believers who are scattered and who needs a lot of teaching so your resources is most welcome.Send our warm messianic greetings to all and have a blessed sabbath.


I was blessed by your email! I will attach a few teachings from our website to this email. Please let me know if you were able to open the attachments. I can send some more articles in the same manner, if you like. But if it is difficult for you, please send me your physical address and I will print the articles on paper and send them to you via ordinary post.

Please extend our warmest greetings to the believers in your area. May Yahweh open new doors for you and may many more people in Kenya come to discover the wonderful hidden truths of Yahweh’s Word!