Jewish believers in Messiah

RL, Gauteng

I am a Jewish believer in Messiah – is that what you are too?


It is great to hear from you and that as a Jew you have accepted Y’shua as the Messiah! Although hardly anyone of our own fellowship is Jewish or from Jewish descent, it is our deepest desire, not only to embrace the Hebrew roots of the belief, but also to pray, come into contact and share our belief in Y’shua with Jews. As a group, we have visited Israel on a number of occasions in the past. We also feel the need as a group to take a fresh (and even critical) look into the traditional doctrines of Christianity – especially those aspects that come pretty close to being “anti-Old Testament”, “anti-Jewish”, even “anti-Semitic”, and therefore unscriptural. We believe in this regard that we are on the verge of a new reformation and a radical return to the form of belief of the First Century followers of Y’shua of Nazareth.