Is accepting Y’shua enough?


Dear Sir,
I came across your website on the internet, and had some questions concerning your beliefs.
1.Do you believe it is ever correct to refer to Yahweh by the term G-O-D?
2.Do you believe that Yahweh is the Creator, or did Y’shua do the creating?
3.Do you believe that a person who supposedly has accepted Y’shua, but continues to knowingly
break Yahweh’s law will attain eternal life?
Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for your mail. I shall try to answer your questions briefly.

1. I do not want to be judgmental towards those who use the term G-O-D to address, or refer to, the Almighty. Knowing that this term originates from the name of a pagan deity and that practically all the mighty ones (and idols) of the religions of this world are referred to by this title (sometimes in a way that creates the impression that they have no other name), has convinced us that it is improper to use it at all in connection

with the One who stated clearly that He is the Set-apart One and does not even wish to be mentioned in the same context together with pagan deities.

2. I believe that Yahweh is the Creator. Scriptures seem to indicate that when He created the universe (by means of creative words and deeds) He did this through the One who is called his Word and his Arm. This means that Y’shua was very much involved in creation, as a messenger and an instrument in the hands of the Almighty Creator. The same principle is followed in the process of salvation. Yahweh is the only Redeemer of his people. But Y’shua, the Son, had come, and will come again, to be instrumental in accomplishing and fulfilling this redemption.

3. Once again, I cannot say whether such a person will attain eternal life or not. What I clearly read in Scriptures, however, is that the reason Y’shua came to this world, was to bring restoration to a situation in which people had broken the law, not to introduce a new way to side-step or ignore the law. The coming of the Messiah is in direct fulfilment of the prophesies that spoke of a time when Yahweh will write (or put) his law in people’s hearts. When I look at the majority of Christians today, I notice that they are more concerned about being “under the law”, than about being obedient to the law, or having the law written in their hearts. A very old and established tradition of false teaching, originating from the time of the early Christian fathers when everything “Jewish” was considered evil, is one of the main causes of this state of affairs.

The questions you have asked are some of the most relevant questions in the religious arena of our day. May our Creator and Father, Yahweh, grant us all the wisdom and understanding to hear properly and to see clearly what is on His heart and how He chooses to be honoured and served in these trying times.