CR, Cape Town

I am looking for a Messianic Jewish congregation. I saw your website and unfortunately at the present moment I am not in Cape Town but will be back soon.

May you kindly elaborate on the following as to the standpoint of your fellowship:

-Yehoshua: what is your standpoint with regards to the trinity as God?

-Tounges: Is speaking in tongues taken as the evidence of Holy Spirit.


You are welcome to have a good look at our website, where our views on various subjects may be seen.

Just briefly, with regards to your two questions:

We do not believe Y’shua to be part of a so-called Trinity. In his own understanding, and that of his immediate followers, He was (and is) subordinate to his heavenly Father and throughout Scriptures a clear distinction is drawn between Y’shua and Yahweh, the one and only Almighty, Creator of everything we know.

We believe that speaking in tongues is the supernatural ability to speak in languages other than one own’s and that this is by far not a “requirement”, or the only evidence of the presence of the Spirit of Yahweh in one’s life.