Correct way of Baptising

MP, Pretoria

I must get baptised and I want to do it in the correct manner. Please give me advice. Response


There are a number of articles on our website ( regarding baptism which you may look at. Just briefly: We believe that all true believers in Messiah should be baptised by immersion in the Name of Y’shua the Messiah (not: “in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”). Preferably the person who does the baptism (more correctly: “assist” in the process of baptism) must be a man recognised as a leader who had been baptised before in the same manner. The person who is baptised basically immerses himself / herself by crouching or kneeling downwards and allows the water to cover the body completely, after the “assistant” had declared “I baptise you in the Name of Y’shua the Messiah”. The assistant only needs to put his hand on the person’s head, pressing downwards and making sure that complete immersion takes place.

It is also advisable that the person being baptised makes an audible declaration of belief in Y’shua as Messiah, directly before being baptised. This declaration may be a personal testimony of some sorts but it needs to include at least an expression of belief in Messiah. The person does not have to say anything more than the words: “I believe that Y’shua is truly the Messiah!”

After coming out of the water it is a good idea (and in line with Scriptures) for those present to lay hands on the person being baptised and to pray specifically for him / her to be filled with the Spirit of Yahweh. The newly baptised believer will surely need the power and the presence of Yahweh in his / her life as a new and challenging journey of belief begins.