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Die Kat in die Duiwehok

Daar is deesdae ‘n hernude en uiters venynige poging om gelowiges wat erns maak met die Torah, in diskrediet te bring. Dis eintlik niks nuuts dat lidmate van kerke en selgroepe (van die kansels af en op ander maniere) gewaarsku word om so ver as moontlik weg te bly van die sogenaamde Hebrew Roots Beweging … Continue reading

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Torah for today?

There is a perception among many believers that Torah, particularly the do’s and don’ts of the first 5 books of Scriptures, cannot be viewed as normative for our lives today. Torah has served its purpose and is outdated, they say, and should not be used as a guideline for people’s conduct and behaviour in this modern … Continue reading

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