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Briewe aan Kosbare Mense

My eie pad van geloof kan in baie opsigte as ‘n woestynpad beskryf word (op die 22 ste Desember 2012 was dit presies 40 jaar gelede dat ek as dertienjarige seun vir die eerste keer met groot oë hierdie pad betree het) – ‘n pad vol ontberinge en persoonlike aanpassings, maar ook ‘n pad waarin … Continue reading

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Division in our households

I have lost track of the number of conversations I have had with believers who, on the one hand, had discovered some of the neglected truths of the Hebrew Scriptures and, on the other hand, had encountered major difficulties in convincing their loved ones of the great value of their “discovery”. For some reason or … Continue reading

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Believing isn’t easy

“It has become more difficult to believe the straightforward message of the Word of Yahweh, than ever before in the history of mankind.” Some people may question a statement of this nature and may perhaps ask: “What do we know about the condition of belief during the times gone past – the time of the … Continue reading

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