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If you have landed here by accident and are really looking for our Home Page, click here. Welcome to the most interactive area of our site! This is our Blog area where, from time to time, we shall post contributions on various key topics or some events of particular interest. This is also where you … Continue reading

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Beauty around us …

This gallery contains 15 photos.

In a world in which our minds are often flooded with pictures of despair, corruption and sorrow, it is just so refreshing, from time to time, to look at a picture depicting the splendour of our Father’s creation. In this post we shall regularly upload pictures reflecting this kind of unblemished beauty. Please feel free … Continue reading

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Psalm 51 en die maand van Elul

Die sesde maand, of die maand van Elul, wat normaalweg uit 29 of 30 dae binne ons maande van Augustus en September bestaan, is ‘n maand wat hom uitstekend daartoe leen om te fokus op die aspekte van skuldbelydenis, vergifnis en herstel in ons verhouding met Yahweh, ons hemelse Vader. Hierdie kort studie is gebaseer … Continue reading

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Who came in the flesh?

It seems that the belief and conviction that Y’shua has come in the flesh is quite an important one. In the first letter of Yahuchanan, chapter 4, verses 2 and 3 the following statement is made: “Every spirit that confesses that Y’shua Messiah has come in the flesh is of Elohim, and every spirit that … Continue reading

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The ongoing Name debate

Anyone reading through some of the articles on this site will soon notice that we are trying to acknowledge and revere the Name of the Almighty and that we give preference to pronouncing the Name as “Yahweh”. We are aware of the fact that over the years groups and individuals have come up with a … Continue reading

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The slaughtering of the Passover lamb

There are believers in Y’shua Messiah who are convinced that we should continue to slaughter a Pesach or Passover lamb, every year, as per the instructions for the original Passover in Exodus 12. Others are having serious doubts as to the proper Scriptural directives in this regard. This brief study is an effort to bring … Continue reading

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Van die verdeling van die Dag tot die verdeling van die Liggaam van die Messias

Die saak waaroor dit hier gaan is die onsekerheid oor die presiese periode waarin “spesiale” dae soos die Sabbat en die Skriftuurlike feesdae gevier behoort te word. Moet die Sabbat van die aand van die sesde dag tot die aand van die sewende dag gevier word, of van die oggend van die sewende dag tot … Continue reading

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Die Kat in die Duiwehok

Daar is deesdae ‘n hernude en uiters venynige poging om gelowiges wat erns maak met die Torah, in diskrediet te bring. Dis eintlik niks nuuts dat lidmate van kerke en selgroepe (van die kansels af en op ander maniere) gewaarsku word om so ver as moontlik weg te bly van die sogenaamde Hebrew Roots Beweging … Continue reading

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How is “Woord en Getuienis” different from other Translations?

There is a significant number of verses in Woord en Getuienis that are translated slightly differently when compared with the majority of translations that are available today. This is over and above the more stylistic changes like changes in the names of people and places and other proper names (in order to reflect the original … Continue reading

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The quest for the Original Scriptures

There’s a new translation of the “Original Scriptures” of the New (or Renewed) Covenant being circulated among Messianic and Torah observant believers. It is called “The Word of Yah – the King’s Covenant”, also referred to as OSE1 and the compilers claim that this work is translated, among others, from 1st century manuscripts called Restoration … Continue reading

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Torah Study Groups

There is little doubt that we are currently witnessing a world-wide phenomenon of Torah-loving and Torah-studying groups, coming into existence at a rate and a scale that is truly astonishing. In South Africa alone, there is hardly a town or a city or a municipal area where one will not find at least one such … Continue reading

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The Hebrew mindset of Scriptures

In our posts so far, and the comments on these posts, it has become clear, within a very short period of time, that there is a genuine need among Messianic believers to start talking (and BLOGGING!) about the things that have now become a new priority in their lives. I am truly excited about this! … Continue reading

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Questions, questions…!

Nobody should doubt the fact that scores of people are turning their heads nowadays to have a look, at least, at what the new buzz about the “Messiah”, the “Shabbat” and the “Torah” is all about.  And a significant percentage of these are not only turning their heads.  They’ve already made a complete turn about, back to the … Continue reading

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The Feasts and the Equinox

Some of you may have seen the mail from a brother in Messiah who lives in Jerusalem and wants believers in other parts of the world to rethink the method they are using to determine when a Scriptural year actually begins, in the light of the Word, but also in the light of what they … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Note

Those with a fair knowledge of the church scene in South Africa, will have come across the word “celebration”, somewhere along the way. It is a loaded word that somehow grips the imagination of action-loving people. A quick search of the internet proves just how popular this concept of celebration has become. A celebration of … Continue reading

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Can it be fixed?

Came home from work early yesterday afternoon, tried to pick up on some loose ends here and there and ended up in my study in front of the computer, feeling just a little restless and out of sorts.  At that very moment my son, Johan, was undergoing a fairly complicated knee operation, similar to, but … Continue reading

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Briewe aan Kosbare Mense

My eie pad van geloof kan in baie opsigte as ‘n woestynpad beskryf word (op die 22 ste Desember 2012 was dit presies 40 jaar gelede dat ek as dertienjarige seun vir die eerste keer met groot oë hierdie pad betree het) – ‘n pad vol ontberinge en persoonlike aanpassings, maar ook ‘n pad waarin … Continue reading

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Voorbereiding vir Yom Kippur

Die tien dae tussen Yom Teruah (ook bekend as die Trompettefees) en Yom Kippur (of Dag van Versoening) staan in sommige kringe bekend as “The Ten Days of Awe”. Die bedoeling is om jouself op die gepaste manier vir Yom Kippur voor te berei. Dit gebeur onder meer deur selfondersoek, in die lig van die … Continue reading

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Division in our households

I have lost track of the number of conversations I have had with believers who, on the one hand, had discovered some of the neglected truths of the Hebrew Scriptures and, on the other hand, had encountered major difficulties in convincing their loved ones of the great value of their “discovery”. For some reason or … Continue reading

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Believing isn’t easy

“It has become more difficult to believe the straightforward message of the Word of Yahweh, than ever before in the history of mankind.” Some people may question a statement of this nature and may perhaps ask: “What do we know about the condition of belief during the times gone past – the time of the … Continue reading

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‘n Blog in diens van die Koninkryk

Ek het groot waardering vir die bydraes en kommentaar wat tot dusver op elkeen van die onderwerpe van bespreking gelewer is, veral die goeie gesindheid waarin daar deelgeneem word.  Dankie vir elkeen se woorde van bemoediging – teenoor mededeelnemers, maar ook lof wat soms na hierdie kant toe laat val word, waarvan ek sommer dadelik … Continue reading

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The process of Unlearning

It was once said by Mark Twain, “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.”   It seems that this lesser known art of “unlearning” is something that is much needed among believers in Messiah who are serious about reshaping their lives and convictions back to the Scriptural pattern.  I can think of quite a number of … Continue reading

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Torah for today?

There is a perception among many believers that Torah, particularly the do’s and don’ts of the first 5 books of Scriptures, cannot be viewed as normative for our lives today. Torah has served its purpose and is outdated, they say, and should not be used as a guideline for people’s conduct and behaviour in this modern … Continue reading

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General rules for blogging

From time to time, we shall post contributions on various key topics or some events of particular interest. You are encouraged to post your own comments and take an active part in the discussion thread of your choice. A friendly request: Please stick to the subject and try, as far as possible, not to get … Continue reading

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New Moon: Visible or Invisible?

Many believers seem to have questions concerning the correct way of determining the day of the new moon.  Should one look for the physical appearance of the (first crescent of the) new moon or is it more correct to do one’s calculations based on the point of conjunction (i.e. the exact moment each month when … Continue reading

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