A Poem dedicated to Y’SHUA

This poem was written by Karen Snyman and is published here with Karen’s permission. I am sure that many readers will be touched and inspired by this wonderful testimony of belief in Yahweh and his Son, Y’shua. Please feel free to post your comments …

“Be still ye storms” – a poem dedicated to Y’shua

Heroes and heathens, followers and fishermen alike
All timidly tremble when adversity and suffering strike
Confronted by the velocity and the ruthlessness of our storm
Petrified amongst lashing waves; our terrifying nightmares form

Yet darkness and storms in our midst there inevitably will be
Some trivial, others gigantic mauling waves in a churning sea
Problems personal, people, malaise or a significant fiscal blow
Elect not to grapple unaided; engage the faith; relinquish; let it go

How typical to permit paralyzing crises, fear and mistrust to rule
When privileged, we possess grace abundant; and prayer as a tool
Specifically when anxious, confused, isolated in our fragile vessel
Debilitated by dilemmas; we oft’ choose to independently wrestle

Take comfort His people; unaccompanied, we never have to suffer
He will beat our battles, His supremacy, power sufficient to buffer
First port of call ought never to be man, mortal, frivolous, feeble
But to Yahweh Almighty, Heavenly, omnipotent, eternal and stable

Reflect on His grace; recall His mercy in your turbulent history
When you knelt down in dire conditions; tasted unqualified victory
Titanic waves, worries, sadness and sorrows try to bring us down
Just be tactical, cry out: “Abba Father”, instead of opting to drown

When one obliges and pray, we often stare perplexed, in wonder
How effortlessly Yahweh with: “Be still” quiets threatening thunder
Choose prayer, peace; forego the fearing doubt, imagination gory
And let His Almight conquer your fight – praise; to Yah be the glory

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